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mm L>ilVERSITY =11 







Frederick Bauer 
Sue Cambaccini I''"''' 51'imple 

Carl Erickson 
Myron Lunine 

lames McCralh 
William Converse 

Rtchard Dunn 
William Stephen; 
Robert I. White 


STRUCTURE! It is most 
commonly called the "Ad- 
ministration." It is responsi- 
ble for the operation of a uni- 
versity of over 20,000 stu- 
dents and several thousand 
faculty members, hundreds 
of non-academic employees, 
a police department, a fleet 
of trucks, a small post office, 
a health center and a catering 

They come from every cor- 
ner of the nation. Among 
them they hold 15 doctoral, 
18 masters and 24 baccalau- 

reate degrees. 

These men and women 
will answer more than 2,000 
phone calls, write more than 
500 letters, consume a half 
ton of paper and use over 100 
pencils each working day. 

Exact salary figures for 
these administrators is a se- 
cret but a fair guess would be 
that the total is over a half 
million dollars. It is also a fair 
guess that less than 10% of 
the student population even 
knows all their names, much 
ess recognizes their faces. 

Geneva Wood 

Guy Marco C. S. Corey 

Richard Edwards 

I Frieze, direcl 

"Quantity or quality" says the old maxim, but 
is it true? 

One student year passes and all the milk stu- 
dents drink would fill Memorial and Wills 
swimming pools. Can you imagine the Tri- 
Towers pit filled to overflowing with peanut 

And that spaghetti — how about 400 miles of 

-it? And we could feed the entire Akron-Canton 

population five times with the hamburgers and 

hotdogs coR^^ed on campus. 

Lines that^ver end? If you took the lines 

that wait in the cafeterias and totaled them, you 
would reachiMinneapolis, Minn. And wouldn't 
the 225 cem|nt mixers of raised dough make a 
substantial foundation for any growing univer- 
sity studentf 

How muc|i vitamin C is there in 10,000 gallon 
of orange jfice? 

Of course there are problems of consump-, 
tion that dclnot deal directly with food staples.! 
The tableware "light-fingered" by students] 
would set^ table for 425 families of 4 for 

/ , ^ / 
«-/^f seei> or tU^t wljxcl^ wiW be. 

— M. Aurelius 


III ^m m ^H ^^^V 





iisiii:^^ l;:^h 

f 1 



,^<«^V%iS'rr * 


Students We Are 

Probing, absorbing, analyzing, 
dissecting - hitting the books. So 
many ways to attain knowledge. 
Memorizing, scanning, reviewing, 
burning the midnight oil - cram- 
ming. So many ways to just get by. 

Students we are. We come in all 
shapes and sizes and can be found 
in all nooks and crannies on cam- 
pus. We study alone in a quiet room 

- to learn. We study on steps, on 
benches or in corners — to cram and 
maybe pass. We study in twos - just 
to be together. We study in groups 

- to reduce the tension and ex- 
change bits of wisdom. And, despite 
all else, students we are. 





It began with the Oakland police force . . . 
and ended with an embarrassed administration. 
In between came a sit-in and a walk-out; a 
teach-in and a boycott. Black United Students 
cried "racial prejudice" and Students for a 
Democratic Society seized the opportunity to 
spread their philosophy. The administration 
said anyone had a right to recruit on campus - 
including the Oakland police force. BUS said by 
allowing the "racist" force on campus the uni- 
versity was condoning racial discrimination. So 
BUS linked arms to sit-in and SDS gave their 
black brothers and sisters support via pickets, 
posters and proclamations. Dean Matson im- 
plied possible arrests and BUS flew into a rage. 
With clenched fists and raised arms BUS 

walked-out while cries of Amnesty were heard 
across the campus. A week of disorder ensued 
with rumors and counter rumors, fist fights and 
understanding. Then the administration admit- 
ted it had no basis for charges, BUS came back, 
SDS put their posters away and the campus re- 
turned to some semblance of normality. 

The year was marked with student unrest. 
Protests against the draft; heckling the men in 
ROTC as they marched on the commons; a 
black coffin signifying that the national presi- 
dential election really offered no choice — just 
as death offers no choice. The student voice 
was raised loud and clear at KSU . . . perhaps 
someone listened. 









HOT TOWN — ^„^„c 1 



D\G \T ' 



'The Arts Reach Out' 

Unique! This is a very adequate description for 
the Creative Arts "reach out." 

It was a week of panel discussions, continuous 
film showings, class lectures and dramatic "hap- 
penings." Elizabeth Hardwick served as hostess for 
the festival. A noted author and critic, she lead off 
the week's events. 

During the week there were many bright spots. 
Karl Shapiro, Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry, gave 
readings of his work for classes and students in 
open readings. 

Shirley Clarke had many of her films shown and 

discussed. Her "Portrait of Jason" was one of the 
outstanding showings. 

There was an unusual experience when talent 
was combined to make a student film. Ellen Stewart 
and Miss Clarke combined their talents in an un- 
usual experience. Miss Stewart directed her noted 
traveling repertory company while Miss Clarke con- 
ducted the filming of the actors. 

lames Tenney conducted some of his pieces and 
entertained as well as instructed the students in 
music composition. 

It was a week that was! 




Photo Story by |im Cm 

"Sopranos have to pick up their 

Clayton Krehbiel, director of the 
Cleveland Orchestra Choruses, 
pointed to the distaff side of a large 
chorus which nearly filled the prac- 
tice room in Music and Speech on a 
hot July morning. 

"Come on, girls." 

The chorus and those enrolled in 
the instrumental program composed 
the membership of the initial Blos- 
som Festival School of the Cleveland 
Orchestra and Kent State University. 

Soon they would join the world- 
famous Cleveland Orchestra in a 
performance at Blossom Music Cen- 
ter, the orchestra's new summer 
home in Northampton Township, 14 
miles from main campus. 

The school, under George Szell's 

direction, lasted from July 15 through 
August 25, concurrent with the Cen- 
ter's inaugural season. Enrollment 
was 109 students from 22 states and 
five foreign countries. 

Classes were held at M&S, but 
eventually practice and performance 
facilities and small dormitories will 
be built on the 37 acres of land 
owned by the University adjacent to 
the Center's 526 acres. 

In conjunction with the music 

program, Kent sponsored an art pro- 
gram, under Harold Kitner's direc- 
tion, with op artist, Richard Anusz- 
kiewicz, a Kent graduate, as artist- 

There was also an international 
sculpture invitational exhibition at 
Blossom. Works by Alexander Cal- 
der, Seymour Lipton and other 
prominent sculptors were settled on 
a hillside overlooking the mammoth 
performing shell. 



University Theatre, known to most students as UT has 
again provided the students with a variety of plays; from 
the ancient to the modern. 

Summer's repertoire included "The Maids" and "The 
Dumbwaiters," "The Fantastiks," "The Odd Couple" 
and finally "Peter Pan." 

Fall quarter '68, the theatre opened with the successful 
"Marat-Sade" directed by Dr. Bedford Thurman and was 
followed by Mr. Curtis' production of "Dylan." 

The sell-out production of "Romeo and Juliet" direct- 
ed by Dr. William Zucchero began the winter quarter. 
Following that, the Repertory company performed the 
"Beggar's Opera Revisited" before taking it on the road 
to high schools in the state of Ohio. Directors of the 
company were Dr. Erdman, Dr. Zucchero, and Mr. Curtis. 
Spring quarter the stage was filled with "The Rivals" and 
"Heartbreak House." 

Also this year SAB put on "Oh Dad Poor Dad, Mama's 
Hung You In The Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad." 















\ ^^^H 1 

'fl m i ^ '£ 

MmH 1 ^# 1 


\ ■■% 


V* W^ 

Oh Dad, Poor Dad 



Mock GOP at KSU 

Photo Slory by lefl Sallot and Richard Margolis 

The political fever began here when the Mock 
GOP convention convened on Saturday morning 
with high hopes and determined delegates: By 6:30 
a.m. on Sunday morning, however, a wearied sixth 
ballot took New York Governor Nelson A. Rocke- 
feller over the top. 

A hurried balloting named Illinois Senator 
Charles Percy as his running mate. 

The late hours and lack of sleep were remem- 
bered, however, only as the convention adjourned. 
An early deadlock between former Vice-President 
Richard Nixon and Governor Rockefeller was bro- 
ken only when the "Percy for president" delegates 
conceded votes to Rocky followers. The voting was 
still close with Rocky only tolling three votes over 
the needed 667 votes. 

The long session began with such dignitaries as 
Ohio State Auditor Roger Cloud and Attorney Gen- 
eral William Saxbe serving as guest chairmen. 

The long night held many interesting side-lights. 
A request from "Confederate States" that the Unit- 
ed States flag be placed in its proper position, elev- 
ated above the state flag was promptly carried out. 

The Massachusetts delegation announced that 
they had received a telegram from their governor 
and 'favorite son' candidate, John Voipe, and he re- 
quested that the delegates withdraw his name from 
the list of candidates. 

The name of George Wallace kept being submit- 
ted as a candidate but the credentials committee 
would not accept his name as a nominee. 

Mrs. Shirley Temple Black was nominated but re- 
ceived no seconding. 

The delegation from one of the eastern states was 
found to be a little lost as their state designation on 
the floor was mis-spelled "Deleware." Or is that 
how they say it in that part of the country? 






f) r 





HHH Stops at KSU 

Memorial Gym was overflowing as more than 
10,000 people waited to see the Vice-President. 
The general din seemed almost like one big si- 
lence; that and stifling heat numbed the brain till 
you began to wonder what it was all about. 
Suddenly the band took on a new sound and 
Humphrey walked in — then you knew. 

After the usual political banter, the V.P. 
launched into his speech, urging students to 
work to improve the conditions of the poor. He 
suggested that instead of demonstrating and har- 
assing a university president, students use their 
energy to help clean up the slums and ghettos. 
He drew wild applause and cheers by an an- 
nouncement that peace talks with Vietnam were 
soon to begin in Paris. It looked as if all would go 
well for the Vice-President. 

Apparently, however, some had not come just 
to listen. Towards the end of the speech about 
100 students from the KCEVW and 30 members of 
the Black United Students walked out amid the 
boos of the rest of the audience and under the 
eyes of the national television networks. 

it was the day Campaign '68 came to Kent. 


Confrontation: Chicago 
August 28, 1 968 


In the darkness with a great bundle of grief 

the people march. 
In the night, and overhead a shovel of stars for keeps, 

the people march: j 

"Where to? what next?" 

From: The People, Yes 
by Carl Sandburg 

«^ ij 














Aaron and "Freddie" (below) 

The First Edition (above) 

Pat Mocks at KSU 

Offering to "paint everyone a shade of off- 
white," Pat Paulsen offerecd his hat for the presi(den- 
tial ring as a cancdidate for the STAG (Straight Talk- 
ing American Government) party. 

Talking of the currency standard, he proposed to 
change the standard to lead, "then maybe more 
people would think twice before firing a bullet." 
Though the straight-faced humor continued 
throughout his performance, you felt that here was 
a man dealing with realities the only way you could 
bear it — humorously. 


fy^t .V 

* -.F 


:-^^^v *» 



It's commonly called 

(among those in the know) 

"Doin' it the hard way" 

That is 

being a student and a spouse, too 

It means 


housing problems 

financial worries 

a lot of last-minute cramming 

sometimes children 

and just generally a great deal 
In fact, 

Some wouldn't call it 
much of a living at all 
But for this twosome 
marriage means sharing 

a his-and-her-room camper 
fully equipped 
with wall-to-wall harp 

a shelf cramped with service 
for eight 

a bunk for a bookcase — LP rack 

just barely enough room for 
company to take off coats 

a lot of laughs 

a baby in September 

and the best possible insulation 
against the cold . . . love 
all-the-time or anytime 
And Dan and Lucky are the luckiest 
for having found all this so soon 

And now won't ABC be surprised to hear 
that KSU has its own version 
of the Newlywed Game? 

■3 M-m mm mm 



THE BUST IS ON, and here is why. 
In the basement of Williams Hall is 
the Bureau of Criminal investigation 
for the northeastern part of Ohio. 
Founded in T967 as an experiment, 
this lab has been a success in investi- 
gating crimes from all over this sec- 
tion of the state. 

Allen Shoaff, Henry Dombroski, 
and George Ozga work as a team to 
investigate the evidence that is sent 
to them from police departments. 
Then, if necessary, they go to court to 
testify about their findings. 

As is shown in the photographs, 
these men deal with everything from 
murder weapons, to fingerprints, to 

drugs. They are sent these exhibits 
from the police stations and they an- 
alyze them and report their findings. 
According to Mr. Schoaff, over 50% 
of their cases have to do with drugs. 
Some of the cases that these men 
investigate have to do with murders 
and burglary. Ballistics tests can be 
run in the labs to check on bullets 
and powder Blood tests can also be 
run on things that come in with 
blood on them, to establish whether 
the blood is from an animal or a 
human, and if from a human, what 
type it is. Finally, the lab does work 
with the police on drug comparisons 

and the relative strength of them. 
These drugs are sent from the BUSTS 
that are made in the northeastern 
section of the state. 

This was the first of these labs that 
was set up in this state. Since the es- 
tablishment of this lab, there have 
been two more set up in the western 
and southern parts of the state. Ac- 
cording to Shoaff, these labs have 
been very successful in speeding up 
the investigations of crimes. They 
now have two men that have their 
degrees in Chemistry and the third 
man will graduate in )une with a de- 
gree in Law Enforcement. 


Campus Day: Rain 

Kent State came through Campus Day despite the 
cold and rain, in "a Tribute to Walt Disney." After 
the crowning of the queen on the basketball court, 
a few hardy souls huddled together to watch the 
parade whiz by, minus the marchers and bands. It 
seemed that the contest was for the most colorful 
glob of water-soaked crepe paper. The climax of a 
beautiful afternoon came when Songfest filled the 
auditorium with melodius harmony, scaring the 
mice half to death. 

Then night fell on Mudville. It had been a misera- 
ble day and it seemed as if it were turning into a 
lousy evening. The gym was hot and stuffy and the 
comedian wasn't very funny. 

Then Buddy Rich appeared and you began to for- 
get the rain. The sound was good and a little beyond 
that — approaching perfection. You did more than 
sit and listen — you moved with it; it became a part 
of you. 

Tony Bennett emerged from the darkness — the 
master perfectionist, the singing man's singer — and 
that night he was all that and more. He threw back 
his shoulders, tucked in his elbows and purred, ca- 
joled and lamented as only he could. 

Campus Day hadn't been a waste after all. 

=-p— ^^«> 




r-' U 

^ ril 



Harris, right, trades blows with Mohamed Murili of Uganda in the second round of their quarter-final bout in Mex- 
ico City. 

Ron Harris Wins Gold at Olympics 

Out of the rioting, protesting and 
excitation of the 1968 Mexico Olynn- 
pics came a Kent State University 
Gold medal winner — Ronnie Harris 
of the Canton branch. The first 
American to win a boxing title since 
1960, the sophomore southpaw did it 
the hard way, defeating the favored 
defending champ, Josef Grudzien of 

Harris accepted his gold medal 
from Avery Brundage, president of 
the International Olympic Commit- 

tee, without any expressions of pro- 
test which a few of the black athletes 
had previously displayed. It was the 
second Olympic medal won by the 
Canton native, having won the 
Bronze in the 1964 Tokyo games. 

As a high schooler, Harris was dis- 
couraged from playing football at 
Canton McKinley. The coach natu- 
rally feared for the lad's 115-pound 
frame. Another sport was suggested 
as an alternative. The KSU hero had a 

fine trainer nearby in his father, Wil- 

Coming home from "south of the 
border" in October was a little dif- 
ferent also. Vice-president Hum- 
phrey invited Ronnie to fly into Can- 
ton with him. 

An offer to turn professional for 
$500 was quietly rejected by the 
lightweight champ. He did accept an 
offer to continue his education on 
main campus this coming year. 

United Press International Photos 

The upraised arm of victory for Harris after he beat Jozef Grudzien of Poland in an 
upset bout that gave him his gold medal. 

Harris accepts congratulations from Calistrat Cutov, Rumanian Bronze medal winner. To Harris' left is |osef Grud- 
zien, Silver winner and to the extreme right is Avonimir Vujin, Bronze medalist from Yugoslavia. 


KSU Branches Out 

Through its Division of University Branches, 
Kent State operates branches and academic cen- 
ters in nine locations in northeastern Ohio: Ash- 
tabula, East Liverpool, Geauga County, Orrville, 
Salem, Stark County, Trumbull County, Tuscara- 
was County and Wadsworth. These branches and 
centers fulfill the University's philosophy of mak- 
ing a college education available to as many stu- 
dents as possible. 

Historically, the division has moved through 
three distinct phases of development, precipitat- 
ed by an increasing demand for service. These 
are: "the extension center phase," where classes 
were held off-campus but administered and 
taught by on-campus personnel; "the academic 
center phase," where administrative staff and 
some faculty members resided in the community, 
and "the university branch phase," which in- 
volves permanent buildings and facilities, a resi- 
dent administrative staff, a resident faculty and 
many student services and student activities. 

Three branches are currently operating from 
newly-constructed, multi-purpose buildings 
which form the nucleus for future expansion. 
These are the Ashtabula, Stark County and Tus- 

carawas County Branches. Buildings are also 
being constructed for the Trumbull Branch and 
two for the Columbiana County Branch — Salem 
and East Liverpool. 

Each branch and center has its own student ac- 
tivities program. Though the extent of these pro- 
grams depends upon the size of the branch, most 
have student government, athletics, publica- 
tions, clubs and drama. 

The Division of University Branches is directed 
towards offering freshman and sophomore level 
course work and to serve as a feeder system to the 
central campus. Course offerings are identical to 
those of the central campus and taught from the 
same prescriptions. Kent State's only Associate 
Degrees are offered in the branches in six special 
programs: civil, electrical, mechanical and indus- 
trial engineering at Salem, and office administra- 
tion and nursing at Ashtabula. 

Some day perhaps, most freshmen and sopho- 
mores will attend branches rather than the main 
campus. Already over 7,000 students attend 
branches and over 150 full-time, resident faculty 
members are employed. 


Tuscarawas County 





'~.r^ >' ^^'^^ f^; : !* 

^^.i''^^^- %^^-'^': 

^t-? • -- — ^ - .*- 







: see. .^ ." t.*:^.^ ■ 

, She dida't, always walt^afi'-black*kjy,n shine, 
"k)ui a-c^jjj^p^dd eye tii seise caught up-^rti^it) ^ 
. bSw^wli^nf she was thirteen ve.*?^' old« -, 
Bel ng^ bJ ind carlTsfo\K' ctc>\^ an^xtrovert 
like farbriasryeaf shfe, Paula and'^^f'jordan 
(.tha-Wi^d married stud.ents) .eWei^taij^^'at^ • 
Pork Barrel/Sbe-anr^ounceSi'tHe^'^^'vs' and'i^ 
•^weatTier ever^m'ghi. on WKSLf'-AM and has 
hef- -oV^R: 'classical .r^usid ^^ogr»cn -orl 
vyKSU-FjM. Grad^^^^a^Marcl^,.she hopes - - 
to WM'te co.mmercTals'and would like to pres- 
ent theni herSelf. 

Barbara Werfimei; is a normal sped^ she has 

■.lots of recoifis, plays the guitar7d^es, hides a 

guinea, pig in her'jopnn .and love^ animals. 

The only "thing is - het, rainbows arei black. 



Not the way you see me 

but I see you nevertheless 

While you merely hear. I see your voice 

While you might just feel, I see your touch 

And I even see your scent 

For, wiih the loss of one 

my remaining senses merge to 

create collective portraits 

of you, he, they, we and even I 

But there is no room for pity 

And, without color, no prejudice 

My blackness is neither beautiful nor ugly 

It only is. 

"The air got a little cooler and fresher as I walked far- 
ther from town, and the crickets sang in the weeds along 
the way. It was one of those clear, summery nights, when 
the moon is almost full, and the breeze has just a little 
nip of night in it and smells like wet grass. Even the rail- 
road yards looked beautiful, with the moon shining 
down on the wet weeds and making them look like they 
had little diamonds on them. And the breeze would 
make the weeds move so that the diamonds sparkled. 
The sky was so clear and black, so you could tell it went 
on and on, and I got to wondering how God was so great 
to make all this . . . the breeze cut with a dark, damp 
chill, and smelled musty. The chirping of the crickets 
gave me that creepy feeling I remember, as a kid, walking 
through the graveyard on the other side of town, and the 
shadows looked like ghosts. Then I felt sad, for the night 
wasn't pretty any more, and I just stood there staring — 
and staring." 

Monologue by 
Barbara Wemmer 

Eat It 

Mass Mess 

That's right, dummy 

plunk down papa's $194 

for one chance in a millenium 

of winning 

the graduate 

in-12-easy-quarters prize 

while you and the rat 

stroll hand-in-hand through 

the administrator's maze 

(the whole headache reeks 

of a psych experiment) 

bleary-eyed and teary-eyed 

you emerge defeated again 

from too much table-hopping 

and somehow the feeling 

you were taken 

always traps your heel as you 

trip through the door 

And, for the survivors 

next week's lame games include 

drop and add . . . 





"^ •* J 

In 1962, Mary Ann Scherr was commissioned 
by U.S. Steel to make 19 pieces of jewelry from 
stainless steel. Since then she has designed a 
unique collection of original work. This project 
demanded heavier equipment and new tech- 
niques. She became the first known artist to 
combine stainless steel with gold, ebony wood 
and precious and semi-precious stones. Her 
creations are constantly on exhibit in such di- 
verse places as Czechoslovakia and Bath, Ohio. 



"I wander back into history looking at jewel- 
ry from people long gone. 

"For me jewelry-making is the link between 
the artist's need to mold a material and the hu- 
manist's need to be part of the people around 
him — in that order, I might add. Furthermore, I 
find few other art forms are so instantly respon- 
sive or instinctively right as working with met- 

"Stainless steel brings the challenge of a con- 
temporary metal for people today. This strong 
and stubborn material defies all traditional craft 
techniques and demands a discipline not en- 
countered in other materials. I believe I have 
found the precious qualities of stainless steel. I 
see this architectural — utilitarian material 
transformed into a new dimension of beauty." 

Mary Ann Scherr 






The sounds of lyrics and laughter bounced 
from bleacher to bleacher as Homecoming 
Concert '68 left the ground via Dionne War- 
wick's opening "Up, Up and Away." 

Though six months on her way to a miracle, 
the undisputed mistress of song proved herself 
once again. Her performance, ranging from, a 
group attempt at "Walk on By" to "What the 
World Needs Now," was climaxed by her then 
latest hit, "Promises, Promises." 

And, since only another sovereign could fol- 
low Miss Warwick, Master of Comedy Bob 
Hope predictably brought down the house as 
he sauntered assuredly toward the stage. 

Nothing remained sacred - from "greasy 
Mickey Rooney" Onassis to our fair neighbor 
Ravenna - he stabbed and jabbed at any-all, 
drawing uproarious approval with each at- 

And, as the show drew to its close, all we 
could do was thank him for these memories as 
he strolled triumphantly from our sight. 

Ok girls, on your feet now and watch 

so you get it the first time right 

No! No! No! 

Curve your whole arm and think graceful 

Now stretch to the ceiling 


Now, take 5 

But remember; PracticeMakesPerfect 

And this, too, shall pass 

on your way to womanhood. 

Through the heavy shroud of smoke comes 
the pulsating throb of SOUND. It lashes out 
and slaps you in the face; it inflames your soul. 
The smoke congeals and seals the flame fes- 
tering within. As the barbarian beat bangs your 
body, the drink detaches. Voluptuous colors of 
man-made night merge and torment. And still 
comes the ever-throbbing SOUND. You and 
environment are one. You chose it and it 
belongs to you only. Downtown - the electric 

, ,/.■••/ 

"Let school-masters puzzle 

their brain 
With grammar, and nonsense 

and learning; 
Good liquor, I stoutly maintain 

Gives genus a better discerning." 

- Oliver Goldsmith 

The sounds of "Wonderful, Wonderful" 
and "Chances Are" filled Memorial Gym 
as johnny Mathis brought an evening of 
his smooth mellow magic for Winter 

Traveling with him were the Craig 
Hundley Trio, a teenage jazz group which 
showed a highly polished, professional 
style. Their repertoire ranged from Beatles' 
hits to classical variety. 

Slappy White provided the Comedy. 
After a routine of ethnic and off-color 
jokes, he ended with a touching plea for 
racial understanding. 

Mathis closed his show with a medley of 
songs from "The Man of LaMancha." The 
audience sat breathlessly enthralled and 
showered with starry lights as he conclud- 
ed with "The Impossible Dream.' 

The night before, the Rotary Connection 
turned on a Wills Gym Audience. The 
group's female vocalist, Minnie Ripperton, 
stood stage center and hit precisely her 
ear-splitting notes. 

The Box Tops were up next, and a bit dis- 
appointing, but they had a tough act to fol- 


^*^ -'"SKJjtJ^^' ,^ 


V -<i«!(r^ 

.^ '^^ 

Walks and Rocks 

Story and photos by |on Werner 

Mud, snow, cold weather, slippery rocks 
and a great time were the orders of the day 
for 360 students participating in a geology 
160 field trip. 

The army of students, led by the coura- 
geous Prof. Glenn W. Frank, dressed in every- 
thing from knee-high boots and ski jackets to 
loafers and car coats. They assaulted the 
wilds of the Cuyahoga Falls Gorge Park and 
the gorge at the Brecksville Park in an at- 
tempt to apply the material they learned in 
class to the rock formations and fossils they 

In spite of ripped pants, muddy bottoms 
and wet feet (for which the slippery rocks of 
the Cuyahoga River can be blamed), the 
notes and practical knowledge obtained 
made the outing a success. 


;t,, '''■"■;:!■ ,':; 

We U^ot^ . . . tU^t the cd/ov c^f tL 
^kivi is vca:^v^c^ tv? the vhicvi di 

Charles Darwin 







»v^« t» (.< »^.'c« t*. *«* (.»f^i.s« 1^ ^^ ^€i>, ^v,> *»v^« »^l?*r ^to^lt vv«r« 
vMc^vi to vn* for tht s^»vi« i-f^sovi. 

>£>»,% Uo»^ ^>^t£l U»«r t^t ti^ot* *l;o«f "^•^y' ^* '''"' 1"^''' 

- Malcolm Boyd's 
Book of Days 


Folk Fest 

With a trilogy of concerts, Student Activi- 
ties Board sponsored a highly successful Sec- 
ond Annual Folk Festival. 

The legendary Doc Watson lead off Fri- 
day's program with his son, Merle, providing 
the background for a history of blues forms. 
The New Lost City Ramblers wrapped up the 
first night's show with their large repertoire 
of Scotch tunes. 

A five-hour program of student folksters 
filled Saturday's agenda. Performers came 
from as far as Michigan to offer their individ- 
ual fare ranging from some not-so-good orig- 
inal works to standards. Perhaps best-known 
and best-loved of the lot was the Tiny Alice 
Jug Band. The group literally broke up the 
show (for intermission) with "A Lot More of 
Jesus and a Lot Less Rock 'n Roll." 

Sunday night's concert was, understand- 
ably, the best-attended, for Canadian Gor- 
don Lightfoot and the famed Judy Collins 
provided the entertainment. 

Lightfoot's offering, mostly ballads, took a 
twist at the end as he sang a Kentucky-type 
tune, twang and all. But Miss Collins stole the 
show from the moment she strode on stage 
until she left victorious - V-sign included. 
Her most memorable number . . . "Both 
Sides Now." 






the Canadian Indian 



and you half-expected her 

with the cornsilk hair 

to fly away 

So many things I would've done 

But clouds got in nny way . . . 

With duo sets of strings 

she did pause 

long enough 

to yield her self-reflections 

And if you care don't let them know 

Don't give yourself away . . . 

And with seeing 

only one side 

we gave our collective heart 


It's life's illusions I recall 

I really don't know life at all . . . 

But don't despair, miss 

you aren't alone 

And you can bet 

when the magic of 


is uttered around here 

the first name 

ever gentle on our mind 

isn't exactly Tom . . . 


To dance 

to move 

the body 


rhythmatically and ordinarily 

to music 

to glide 

lightly and gaily 


to perform 

as leaves in a wind 

to stir and 

to be stirred 

to participate in 


to dance 

1200 was a magic number to the School of Art 
this year, for early in March protest petitions 
with that number of signatures were presented 
to Louis K. Harris, vice president and provost. 

Why all the fuss? Simply, art faculty and stu- 
dents alike were fed up with unbearable facili- 
ties spread out over nooks and crannies in not 
less than nine buildings, one of which is locat- 
ed downtown; and poor scheduling, so that 
courses needed for graduation were not of- 
fered often enough. 

However, the straw that broke the students' 
backs, according to Dr. Harris, was when Gov. 
lames A. Rhodes favored allocations for new art 
facilities while the Board of Regents favored a 
new building for the School of Business. 

So, art students banded together for a depart- 
mental demonstration on the Commons and as 
a further catalyst, the majority of the art faculty 
agreed to withold their contracts for the 
1969-70 school year until a promise for new 
facilities was made. 

The evening of the following day, though, 
the nine art centers were reduced to eight as a 
timely fire in West Hall, converted army bar- 
racks built for "temporary" use some 20 years 
ago, gutted both floors of the frame structure. 
As could be expected, the fire was of "undeter- 
mined origin." 

But several art students made a joint state- 
ment that they could not and would not con- 
done any extreme action, such as arson, in the 
name of their cause. 

However, all events, connected or not, did 
encourage some administrative action. More of 
the required academic sections were promised 
to be offered spring quarter; the possibility of 
using pre-fabricated buildings for temporary art 
facilities was discussed and KSU President Rob- 
ert I. White stated he had strong forces in 
Washington at work to obtain funds, that defi- 
nite plans for permanent facilities could yet be 
initiated in this biennium. 

But, no matter what the outcome, if it's any 
consolation, art students, we can't think of one 
department which has as much as it would like. 


: v'\^/' n 

on war as all glory, ., bur boys, it' is all hell. 
. -Gen. William. T. Sherman 

Address, 1880 

»• ■ - »iS-- - 


A Mock War 

Pholo Slory by George Dielz 

The Field Training Exercise occurred during the 
rain and cold of early May. 

The FTX experiment included field problems 
where an aggressor team, composed of the Pershing 
Rifle drill team, defended a position under attack by 
the ROTC juniors. 

The meals were regular C-rations but there was 
moral support for the wet weary soldiers — Coed 
Cadets, a voluntary female drill organization of KSU 
Army detachment. 

Night operations included application of char- 
coal black and a four-hour attack - in pouring rain. 

The cadets returned Sunday afternoon after carry- 
ing out small unit operations, manuevers and 
deployment of troops. And the sun did come out — 
on the way home. 


5^ '■ ■>-,.(■ 



•^..^•^ " 









KSU Baseball '68 


It was the year of the broken record tor the 1968 edi- 
tion of the Kent State varsity baseball squad as 25 team or 
individual records were broken or tied. Even with the 
record setting performances by the squad, which includ- 
ed the second-best record (16-9 overall), Kent finished 
fourth in the Mid-American conference with a 5-5 rec- 

The Flashes entered the season with a dark horse 
chance of winning the title on the strength of their hit- 
ting and the home schedule, which featured Western 
Michigan, the defending MAC champ. 

Kent, however, suffered three losses in the four games 
against the top two teams in the MAC on successive 
weekends. The only Kent win came on a 5-1 victory by 
junior righthander Steve Stone in the first Western Mich- 
igan game. 

Leading the Flashes was junior catcher Thurman Mun- 
son, who accounted for eight new or tied marks. Mun- 
son, a native of Canton, broke the records for runs- 
batted-in (30), total bases (67, most walks (24), and ca- 
reer triples (11). He tied marks for hits, season triples, 
season doubles and fewest number of strikeouts. 

Munson also became the first Kent baseball player to 
be named first team All-America in District 4 and only 
the third athlete in the school's history to be so honored. 
He was also selected to the MAC's all-league team for 
the second straight year, joining Al Cariss and Steve 

Leading a thin pitching staff were juniors Marty Lift 
and Stone. Stone compiled a 5-3 mark with a 2.32 earned 
run average. Liff set a mark with 14 appearances for a 2-0 
mark and ERA of 3.19. 


BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1 : P. Redhead, M. Fiorentino, S, Krivonak, R. Macks, co-captain, T, Aljancic, co-captain, M, Phelan, T, Munson, B. McCowan Row 2: D Lowe, trainer, S. Stone, R. Limoncelli, A. Cariss, D. 
Rango, K, Ceiselman, C. Mullman, E, Corrigan, B. Cole, P. Cilhousen, D. Ray, C. Zahniser. A. Nappi, A. Lieberman, D, Slironek, M. Remesch, M Liff, coach D, Paskert. 


Nine individual and team records were set by 
Kent's 1968 soccer team as it battled through a 
rugged schedule for a 4-7-1 slate during its 
fourth varsity season. Bill Swettenham set four 
marks: 172 career shots, 9 career assists, 27 ca- 
reer points and 13 shots in one match. Another 
career standard, 19 goals, was established by 
Daile VanPatten. Goalie Nick DiGrino saved a 
record 31 scoring attempts against nationally 
respected Denver. He and Mike Fernella set a 
team mark of 249 saves. Two other team norms 
were tied this year: two consecutive wins and 
two shutouts. Swettenham led the Golden 
Flashes with 10 points on five goals and five as- 
sists. Tied with six points were VanPatten, Dave 
Meeson and Namik Sarp. One measure of the 
effectiveness of Rudy Bachna's squad was in 
goal attempts where KSU outshot its oppo- 
nents 296-278. 
















Denver (OT) 



Ohio U. 


Ohio State 



Bowling Green 



Toledo (OT) 





Cleveland State 






SOCCER TEAM: Row 1: |. Doeberling, T. Hufler. P. Ciersch, N Digrino. T Coennng, D VanPalten, M. Fernella, I Dunican, B Swellenham, L Longo Row 2 R Warner. K. Morgenslern, M. McNamara, T, Pastoric, D. 
Becker, C Tighe, D. Meeson.C Giel, N. Sarp. T Cray. Row 3: A- Herreta, assl. coach; I Ross, manager, M. Wideman, manager, I Coleman, I. Morris, L. Pittman, L, Larson, |. Castellana, C. Weigle, D. Daffmer, R. Singer, 
headman; C Hauser, trainer; R, Bachna, head coach. 


GOLF TEAM: Row 1: R. Meeker, B Barlo Row 2: I- Mrus. L Horner, caplam. Coach I Fischer, B AusI 


MAC Champs 

Kent State's pride and joy in the sports world in 1968 was 
the golf team, which captured top prize — the Mid- 
American Championship. 

Host of the 22nd Annual spring championships, Kent 
shot out to an early lead and finished with a nine stroke 
victory over defending champ Ohio U. 

Two-year letterman Rick Meeker totaled 209 over the 
36-hole event, including a competitive record 63 second 
round. Captain Larry Horner, the only senior on Coach Jay 
Fischer's squad, followed with a 210 as the Flashes placed 
four men in the top 15 finishers. 

Dale Drusoe's 212, Bob Barto's 213, Ron Everhart's 214 
and Jon Mrus's 215 enabled KSU to win its first golf crown 
and only the second undisputed title for Kent sports. 

Season medalist for the linkers was Barto with a 74.3 
mark. Overall team average was close behind with a 76.3 

Second year lettermen Bob Austin and George Eisen- 
trout completed the varsity team roster, which finished the 
season with an 8-6-1 record. 

Further honor was presented the squad when it was se- 
lected to participate in the NCAA golf championships in 
Las Cruces, New Mexico. Competing against the country's 
finest talent, Kent was unable to walk off with the top priz- 

Coach Fischer also decided to go out with a winner, an- 
nouncing his retirement from coaching duties. He is suc- 
ceeded by Jim Brown, an OSU grad. 



Cape Coral Invitational 


out of 22 

Ohio University 



Eastern Michigan 



Baldwin Wallace 



Ohio University 



Bowling Green 












2nd Mid-Amer. Invitational 4th 

out of 12 

Bowling Green 



Western Michigan 






Central Michigan 






Ashland Invitational 


d out of 8 







Mid-Amer. Championsh 




Hand-to-Hand Combat in the Line 

"We play in the violent part of the game. Most fans don't 
even know what the linemen are doing, few even care." 

Dave Puddington, returning to his alma 
mater at the helm of its varsity football squad, 
found the sailing rough and floundered 
through a 1-9 initial season. 

Having to adapt to a new run-and-shoot sys- 
tem, the team's problems were compounded 
by several crippling injuries during the long, 
long season. 

One of the busiest performers for the Flashes 
was Larry Cella who was forced to punt 59 times 
for 2323 yards, including a 10 for 44 effort 

against Louisville, all four marks setting records. 
During a mid-season scoring drought, the jun- 
ior from Niles was tied for the team touchdown 
lead with two from his linebacking position. 

Steve Trustdorf, backed by Tom Mokros, set 
several passing marks: first downs (51), at- 
tempts (200), completions (88), and intercep- 
tions (24). 

Top ground-gainers for KSU were Don Not- 
tingham (727), Garland Wilson (304) and Jerry 
Williams (186). 


"You play with the little hurts. You have to. A back may 
not be touched once during a series of downs, but you are 
either hitting someone or being hit on every play." 

Net Even Season 

With three seniors gone from a team that produced a 
11-5 mark the season before, the Kent State tennis squad, 
dominated by juniors and sophomores, rallied in the final 
part of the season to finish with a l-l record. 

The netters, coached by Karl Chestnutt, defeated five of 
their last six opponents. Chestnutt celebrated his 21st sea- 
son at the helm of the netters. 

Sophomore John Tingley led the Flashes with a 9-4 rec- 
ord to be one of the bright spots for Kent. Tingley, a trans- 
fer from the Tuscarawas Branch, was one of two sopho- 
mores in the starting six. The other was Rick Barker. 

Denny Zamberlan was captain of the squad with Karl 
Heinselman, Joel Schackne, Steve Ludick, Jim Lahl com- 
posing the remainder of the squad. 

Kent finished fifth in the Mid-American conference 
championships with three points. Tingley was the only 
singles player to advance beyond the first round before he 
was defeated by John Sartore of Western Michigan. Sartore 
finished second in the number two singles play. 

Heinselman and Schackne won their first round match 
in doubles before being defeated by eventual champion 

In regular season play, the netters defeated MAC oppo- 
nents Miami (6-3) and Marshall (9-0). One of the big wins 
of the season was a 6-3 nod over usually tough Kenyon in 
the season's finale. 


TENNIS TEAM: Row 1 |. Tingley, |. Schackne, D. Zamberlan, captain, 5, Ludick. Row 2: L Marias, 

R Barker, A Travis, K Heinselman, C Ericson, |. Lahl, 




■ ^'Mr 


'Si.t^ .-M 

-i :^:^:-:, 

^'A- ;:-v-.; 

^, 5i|jjfe^^p 


;^v CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Row T B Bixensleine, I. 

y* Cdrllon, A. Cooledge. Row 2 T Dowling, E. Norns. R. 
i Geiger, I. MtDonough, coach. 


An All-American, a lack of depth and a case of mononu- 
cleosis marked the season for coach Doug Raymond and 
his cross country squad. 

The harriers failed to win any triangle meets during the 
year and split in their two dual meets with the Cleveland 
Road Runners. 

The squad finished fourth in the Mid-American Confer- 
ence championships, third in the All-Ohio Cross Country 
Championships and third in the Notre Dame Invitational 
during the season. 

Art Coolidge won All-America honors for himself with a 
seventh place finish in the NCAA Championships at Van 
Cortland Park in New York City at the end of the season. Ed 
Norris missed the championships as he came down with 
the dreaded "mono" after the All-Ohio meet. 

Coolidge's best performance was a second place finish 
in the conference championships while Norris finished 

Norris, a junior from Brockton, Mass., finished second in 
the All-Ohio and third in the Notre Dame meet. Coolidge, 
from Scotia, N. Y., placed third and seventh in the two 

His seventh place finish in the NCAA meet put him with 
Pete Lorandeau and Sam Bair as cross country All- 
Americans for the harriers. 

Tom, Dowling, Jerry Carlton and Rollie Gieger made up 
the first string for the harriers along with Coolidge and 



w^9^ ^^ 



-^ .V; ' ' . 

■/ ^. 


»7 - 


There was a little of the old but a lot of the new in the 
golden anniversary of Kent State University basketball. 
Frank Truitt led the troops through a golden year as the 
Flashes finished with the first winning season in 17 years. 
Although special mention should be made of a few indi- 
viduals, the fact that 10 players scored in double figures 
during the season proves the squad's depth. 

Compiling a 14-10 slate and 6-6 MAC mark, the blue 
and gold dropped its first four league games by a total of 
seven points. 

Captain Doug Grayson closed out a brilliant career 
with 1124 points, finishing first on the all-time scoring 
list. He finished his senior year as the number two scorer 
and rebounder, with 15.8 and 6.3 respectively. Tom 
Lagodich was the team's top scorer at a 16.0 mark and for 
the second straight year the best rebounder with 7.5 per 
outing. Bruce Burden, somehow escaping serious injury 
on the court, found enough tape to play and contributed 
12 points a game. 



An experienced gyn^nastics club made Rudy Bachna's 
tenth year as coach a happy one by bringing home the 
top prize, the first annual MAC championship. Ham- 
pered by its club status which prohibits scholarships, the 
Golden Flashes performed admirably against the best 
varsity teams in the midwest, compiling a 8-3 mark and 
going undefeated in the league. The club gains varsity 
status this September. 

Leading the men this season were co-captains Brain 
Gallagher and Phil Naukam, who held the same posi- 
tions last year. 

The women gymnasts were more suprising, winning 
all ten of its meets. Providing the most pleasant surprise 
for the squad was freshman Pam Badeaux, everyone's 
choice as the best all-around performer during the cam- 



Failure of a referee to remember a rule on stalling cost 
the 1969 wrestling team its chance to become the eighth 
undefeated squad in Kent history. 

As a result, Toledo upset the grapplers in the final 
match of the year, 18-16, and Kent finished with a 9-1 
record for the year overall and 5-1 in Mid-American 
competition. The loss also snapped a string of 15 straight 
wins for Kent. 

A wrestler who is penalized or is warned for stalling 
four times during a match must forfeit; thereby giving 
the opposing team five points. Kent got three points for 
the eventual decision in the heavyweight match involv- 
ing Kent's Tom Walter and Bill AIti more of Toledo. A for- 
feit decision would have given Kent an 18-all tie. 

The grapplers then finished the year by finishing third 
in the MAC championships with Mike Milkovich, Rick 
Piscopo and Walter winning individual championships. 

Milkovich, the fifth member of his family to wrestle 
for Begala at Kent, capped his second straight undefeat- 
ed year with the 130-pound championship. 





The magic word in swimming as well as any other 
team sport is — depth. 

With the charges of Frank Vicchy, however, it is the 
lack of depth that has characterized his teams for the 
past two years. Despite having just 10 swimmers and two 
divers (most teams have a compliment of 25), his squad 
managed to compile an 11-2. 

Kent's two losses came to Ohio U. (63-50) and to 
Miami (58-55) at Oxford — where no MAC team has won 
in the past six years. 

Kent edged Western Michigan (59-54) and clobbered 
Bowling Green (63-13) in its other two MAC meets. 

Other wins included victories over always tough Indi- 
ana State (62-50) and Notre Dame (65-48). The Irish were 
undefeated before swimming Kent. 

The Tankers finished fourth in the Mid-American 
Conference Championships with VIVi points, behind 
Ohio U., Western Michigan and Miami. 

Backstroker Les Moore was the big gun for Kent during 
the championships by winning the 100- and 200-yard 
backstroke events, both in record times. He set a new 
mark in the 100 with a time of 54.2 and then cracked his 
own MAC record in the 200, twice. His times of 2:02.3 in 
the prelims and then 1:59.9 in the final were well below 
his previous time of 2:04.5. 



' ^im:^. im*m mmm''i)i%mi w^-m^ ' 




SWIMMING TEAM Row I f Vnchv.hi 
Sleen. K Yaeger, C Lampe, K Weber. 

, L Moure, C Kilchm. j. Popoff, T Domrrel, T Leilingwell, A VVachlel, B Sullivan. Row 2: S Vicchy, asst. coach; B Pescalore. manager; D. Allekruse. D Snyder. 




KSU Trackmen 

Frustrating yet eventful might be the best way of de- 
scribing the Flashes' fortunes on the cinders in '68. 

University of Kentucky Relays provided the setting for 
the season opener in which Kent's four-mile relay won in 
16:59, the nation's fourth best time of the year. Turning the 
trick were Tom Dowling, Jerry Carlton, Ed Norris and Sam 

A week later the blue and gold representatives set three 
records at the OU Relays. Norris lapped 5000 meters in 
14:47. The distance medley team of Orin Richburg, Norris, 
Bair and Rollie Geiger performed in 9:48. And KSU's only 
astronaut, John Linta, soared 15-21/4 with the aid of a pole. 

After splitting a pair of tri-meets, Kent hosted the two- 
day Mid-American Confernce championships along with a 
rain which prevented an anticipated molestation of several 
records. Missing a few key performers, the Golden Flashes 
were blanked in 13 of 20 events and finished a dismal sixth. 
Richburg won the 100 in 9.5 and claimed second in the 220 
with a 21.2. Bair won his third MAC mile title and Norris 
won the three mile for the only other Kent firsts. 

In the All-Ohio contests at windy BG, Bair outdistanced 
the field in the 880, Richburg captured the 220 and Linta 
defended his vaulting crown with a 15-6 clearance. 


Stopher Hall 

To demonstrate a lack of adequate living 
facilities, the Slum Rats of STOPHER HALL have 
begun their tongue-in-cheek Stopher Lower 
Urban Movement or S.L.U.M. Their purpose is 
to dramatize to University officials the need for 
a waterproof roof, more than one washer for 
224 residents, silent radiators, hot showers, cold 
drinking water and a coat of paint. 

Though the building is old, it holds many tra- 
ditions; fall hayrides, beer-blasts and mixers 
with their female partners-in-crime, Olson 

They hold the all-dorm football champion- 
ship, the highest men's scholastic average, and 
have an annual Christmas party for underprivi- 
leged children. 

Row 1 R, Toye, 
Krumpe, treasurer 

• president; j. Romeo, President 

sec'y; B. D. Cox, chief )ustic 



Advance ticket sales for front row seats to the 
Lake Hall sundeck are now available. On top of 
everything, including SAC, BUS and SDS, 
JOHNSON HALL'S location on campus gives 
them ample opportunity to show their spirit. 
Outdoor flicks, guest lecturers, panty raids and 
dances with the rest of the "quad" keep their 
social calendar full. Incoming freshmen are ini- 
tiated to Frustration Week, Big Brother and 
Sunday visitation. New happenings this year in- 
clude flowers placed in the domestic facilities 
for men by last summer's coed residents. 

Does anybody know where the closet doors 

no, F Fries. Row 2 
N. Haskakis, W. Y( 
B McCann. 

I H Cauglet, L Goldberg, P Curry, I Frs 
. Korn. T Kilpalrick, B Albrillon, B. Marasco, M Coldslein, T 
Row 3: C. Leishman, j. Achutich, R Onynk, R. Waurin, E. Swit 

J, ) Kegelmyer, L, Urba- 
■aly. T Luckay, I, Cusky, 
Hunger, R. McMullen, 

Johnson Hall 

Shank, president; | Ward.vicepresidenl. 
W. Zelazny, sec'y. Row 2: W. Thome, 
chief justice; M Haughn, treasurer 


Allyn Hall 

First in spirit, athletics and the listings of the 
residence hall telephone directory are the 
women of ALLYN HALL. First place trophies in 
volleyball and softball are listed among their 
accomplishments. The girls of Allyn, as most 
coeds, live for the ring of the phone and the let- 
ter in the mailbox. This communication with 
the outside world re-orients their perspective 
on studies, grades, family and that "somebody 
special." They are active participants in Campus 
Day, Songfest, Pork Barrel and Penny Carnival. 

7" r^ 

1: A. Goddafd, T. Starkey, B 
Gordhaenier, M Fleming, E 
Prke Row 2: D Fuller, D. Sibils, 
M. Schwartz, D, Cisco, 
R Ceel, A. Rezin 

Freshmen inhabit CLARK HALL, a part of 
Eastway Complex at the south end of campus. 
Boasting the almost traditional broken elevator, 
they have been active in many campus activi- 
ties. They placed high in Pork Barrel '68, were 
intramural basketball champs and won third 
place in Campus Day competition. They also 
participate in Homecoming and Residence Hall 
Week with Allyn, their sister dorm. 

Clark Hall 


FLETCHER HALL OFFICERS Row 1 C Hille, secy, I Alden. Iceasuret, S Gabel. adm.nislrdlive vice president, 
Mrs, EllaDoran.residenldiieclor, I Myers, standards vice president Row 2 M Reeder, k Cigliotti, president, 
K, Armbrusler 


Fletcher Hall 

Situated in the "center" of the all freshman 
dorms, FLETCHER HALL has been known for its 
double life. Who else would have considered 
building a homecoming float with Manchester 
and at the same time have a Homecoming 
poster-party with Dunbar? Named after Dr. 
Mona Fletcher, their governmental structure 
duplicates that of the national government and 
is exceptionally effective in promoting spirit 
among its residents. One of the main problems 
in the dorm is keeping the elevator in operating 
order. This is one of the crusades of their dorm 
paper, "Mona's Mouth." They are also one of 
the few women's dorms to sponsor a candidate 
for Homecoming queen. 

FLETCHER HALL COUNCIL Row I H Wolin,B Davies, I Veleba,C Lima Row 2 B Laulrran.A Barham,S . 
B, Reagan, I Culberlson. R, Carvey, I Miller, C Pasiechnik, D McDonnell, S Knopp, L Marquard 

Curirs Row,! T Karr 



Conveniently corralled at MANCHESTER 
HALL are 300 energetic freshmen. Valiantly 
fighting construction dust from the nearby li- 
brary construction, they divide their time even- 
ly between schoolbooks, parties, beer blasts 
and hayrides with Fletcher hall, their sister 
dorm. The only male dorm to hold floor parties, 
they boast the motto "study, study, study." 
However, in the opinions of the residents, it 
might well be "spirit, spirit and more spirit." 

Manchester Hall 


, H. Haught. T Torsney 



CIL: Row 1 K. Zadesky, B. Cerber, K. Whit 
comb. S Shannon. Row 2 P Runnels, K 
Westlmg. I Rearick, I Ciresi 

With Main Street for a front yard, TERRACE 
HALL is one of the eye catchers of KSU. Divided 
into two wings by physical size, the residents 
unite with Moulton to compete in such activi- 
ties as Cannpus Day and Homecoming pulling a 
second and a first place, respectively. Floating 
around in the lounge will be copies of the "Ter- 
race Tattler" and in some areas you'll find small 
pools of water — notedly caused by the inade- 
quate drainage. The girls sponsor a Vietnamese 
foster child. Every quarter they have dances, 
hootenannies and jazz concerts. 

Terrace Hall 

TERRACE HALL COUNCIL Row 1 P Runnels. L Reiser, P. Wiley, C, Herzberg. Row 2: I Kerr, I Bi 
Black, M- lohnson, I Bryanl, K lones, D Seibert Row 3 M. Munyon, V Farmer,? Fuller, K. Huvler, 
quis, E. Weado, E Rader, |. Allard, B Herald, D Hensel, M. Emerson, I, Shamp, | Shmglelon. S. Sn 


MOULTO\ HALL COUNCIL Rou 1 F Mendiola, I Whitlield, M, Cacosif 

irlelslone Row 2 T Knechlges, W Tipka, B Stewart, R Phelps. 

Moulton Hall 

In it's last year as a men's dormitory, the 52 
year-old MOULTON HALL has served well as 
both a men's and women's dorm. The men of 
Moulton have attempted to make this last year 
a successful one. They participated in "friend- 
ly" competition through night raids and tug- 
of-war games between Residence Halls, and 
cleaned the front campus University Seal, 
which they hope will become a tradition. Ac- 
tivities for this year included dances and beer 
blasts with Engleman and Terrace, and held the 
successful "Night at Harold's Club." This year 
they acquired "Herbie" plus winning the Rec- 
ord Courier trophy for the 4th consecutive year. 
As the workmen slowly encroach upon their 
living space, this soon-to-be office building will 
cease to bother its new residents with its clang- 
ing pipes and faulty heating system. 


president, D Metcalf, president Row 2 A. Mipinek, sec'y; D, Schlapkohl, D Hindman, I Kozech, R Ceschke 


Dunbar Hall 

Strategically situated high atop Midway Mtn., 
the Baron, DUNBAR, surveys his domain. To 
the north lie the harems of Verder, Terrace and 
Engleman and the village of Moulton, while to 
the south and east lie the servile territories of 
Eastway and Tri-towers. They rule supreme, 
ably assisted by their equal — Prentice hall. List- 
ing his accomplishments, the Baron has taken 
the All-Dorm athletic trophy, second place 
over-all Campus Day, coed division; first in 
1967-68 all-university sports trophy, winner res- 
idence hall week and overseer of the Bowman 

The men of Dunbar, 302 strong, hold beer- 
blasts, dances, panty raids and mud, snow and 
people fights in the Baron's honor and they 
brag about it in the "Tattler." Are they conceit- 
ed? No, but proud to be number one. 

DUNBAR OFFICERS: Row 1: I. Rosenberger, 
president; P Siebel, sec'y; R Crawford, resi- 
dent director. Row 2: C. McVan, treasurer; H. 
Schrager, vice oreiiiHent. 

DUNBAR COUNCIL Row IB Burton, M Pilney, VV Dennis, W Marsh. D Becker, C. Donnelly, P. Weinberger, R. MacKenzie, S, Ingram, A. Attino. Row 2: C. Farro, |. Sidor. M Cruda.T Wolfe. 5 Stoke 
Vocca, M. Stanik, K Wiant, R Cowley, M O'Flynn. 

PRENTICE COUNCIL Row 1 I Rupert, C Butts, K Baljzs, T Cipiti, D Anderson Row 2 I Ita. I Tucker, I Wilkinson, L Winter, P Hupp, D Eiben, B Mu 


Prentice Hall 

Basically there is no difference between 
PRENTICE HALL and any other woman's dorm 
except their unique association — PDA. For two 
years Prentice has been half of a successful 
joint venture with the men's residence hall 
Dunbar. The spirit of the organization has 
helped them receive a second place in the 
Campus Day activities. They have adopted an 
extended hours program and encourage the 
cultural and scholastic side of its residents by 
including contemporary films and debates be- 
tween campus representatives. 

PRENTICE OFFICERS Row 1: B Wilkin, judrcial vice 
president; C. Takayama, treasurer; C Catalona, sec'y. 
Row 2; P Deye, president; C Gresh, administrative 
vice president. 


S. Hibdia. M Lucas, N. Schwadz, 

nant.S. Kopcsik, 1 I 
;lh. Row 4 P Polt 

an.l DeLong Row 2 L Cier, C Teleky, M Caydos, K. McBride, I Rogovin.K TayL 
z, B. Eisel, S, Anglin. M. Smuls, D Slacy. D Hadady, B Miracle, I Bogdan 

K 3; L. Franklin. P. Dumanski, S. Schv^ 

The newest residence halls on campus are: 
the all-women KOONCE HALL, named for a 
KSU student who posthumously received the 
Carnegie Medal; WRIGHT HALL, the largest 
men's dorm on campus; and LEEBRICK HALL, 
"the co-ed experiment." This "no-hours" com- 
plex is to be the last such high-rise construc- 
tion. TRI-TOWERS is connected by the Rotun- 
da, a two-story domed structure which com- 
bines both lounge and cafeteria and resembles 
a hotel foyer. 

Social events include the first annual Ax-Man 
Scare and, if one is lucky, a back-row seat in the 
T.V. room. 


LEEBRICK HOUSE COUNCIL: Row 1: Reichert, R. Andras, 

WRIGHT HOUSE COUNCIL: Row 1 R Krumel. I Cigavic, T Reynolds, Row 2 D Schaefer, R Hazelwood, C, Shaw, I Haasje 

m « 







ENCLEMAN COUNCIL Row 1 : H, Luplon. B Zielaskie 
ly, C Kilby, M, Miller, E Shuffle. |. Shepherd. 

:, C. Cupp. Row 2: F Zens, L Conrad, 

Contrary to some opinion, ENCLEMAN HALL 
has people in it and this year the 'honor dorm' is 
out to prove it. They have tied down the all- 
campus scholastic average with a 2.87 and are 
expanding their participation in campus activi- 
ties. They have organized to help WIC and AWS 
in their program for underprivileged children. 
They hold the annual art show at Homecoming 
and serve free snacks to the residents during fi- 
nals week. 

Trooping over to Terrace cafeteria every day 
for meals and promises of new drapes every 
year are quirks that residents have learned to 
live with. One of the strangest quirks that both 
residents and visitors have to contend with is 
the strange construction of the building. The 
big "W" has had many a lost person wandering 
its corridors trying to find their way out. 

Engleman Hall 


TU1\ TOWERS COUNCILS Rovs 1 P Kelle>,V Ledin. M Egan, B Friedman. B Toll, R Cappelli, Irea^urer. L Balogh, sUndardi vice president; P Sochor, P Woravka Row 2 D Campbell. M. CardiniP Keshock. 
Mce president St Barrelle secy.R Sheared. P Thwaite.T Pawlak.C Beienkamp Row 3 B Maeder, I Jenkins, ,M Miller. L Lesenson, treasurer. B Tappe, P Coleman. K Few, M. Lampus, L Noyes, Klancsurak 5 
Carlson.D \ enditti, president Row 4 B Liebman, S Weinslein. B Fnedman. adsiser. B Beukema.C Brewster. I Gabon, B KretoMCS, R Lilset.C Williams.R Wnght, I Foyer. T, Klieber, I. Vollmer. K Fay Row 5: I 
Stavana D Higgms, B Sletzlec, T Chitwood, president, L Landis. H Smith. D lohnslon. M Rogalski, V Helslem. C Tartalsky, C Roman, N Riddle, vice president 

Homecoming art displays, contemporary 
panel discussions, SDS, BUS, apple-polishers, 
films and speakers of associated kinds. Chil- 
dren's Day, Winter Formal, the 'Mug and Hang- 
er Party' and Beall Reel. TWIN TOWERS have 
been identified, almost. But it doesn't stop 
there. There is the "Twin Towers Times," song- 
fest finalists, serenades, a 24-hour lounge, the 
snak bar and library and Sunday visitations. 
BEALL-McDOWELL is all this and more. With 
water shortages and broken elevators it is indi- 
vidualism — or maybe those two special initials 
carved on the left-hand corner of the snack bar 

Tv/in Towers 


l_ '4 ' 

^^H^» \wi|hj| 

r .. _ ■'^■^'^'■- 


VERDER CHORUS Row 1 MMusick.A Hjzucha.A Dixon, N floyd. L Come, L Hodson, A Poppe, B kii 
I. Ralner, S Keck, K Greene, K. Mansfield, W Smilh, S Smith, I Winkler 

Have you ever attended a Sure Happy Its 
Thursday dance, heard of a dorm having fresh- 
man initiations or crusaded for a private dorm 
pool table? Then you must have become famil- 
iar with VERDER HALL. Although they don't 
really have a male partner they still do their 
own thing. They belong to WIC, AWS and the 
usual assorted alphabetical organizations on 
campus and they still have a standards board 
and white slips. But they manage to be out- 
standing by such activities as a "Nameless 
News," a semi-weekly publication and have 
made a name for themselves with their Verder 
Chorus and V.V. (Vitals for Vietnam). With such 
attractions residents of Verder decide that they 
like it there. 

,1 Wachtel,N Peterson, C Ziemba, K Pontius Row 2 

, K Mladek, L Hohenfeld,C DuKy, 


VERDER COUNCIL Row 1; B Todish, K Cseh. K. Gorman, C. Teminsky. Row 2: M. Bonnell, C. Carr, B. 
Ronay, R Shoham, P, Bradbury, B. Donsky, M. Schroeder, L. Corsica, D. figel, B. Bortish, C Franks. Row 3: 
H Harad, M. Grosso, C. Imobersteg, L Tomsic, |. Hoskinson, |. Baluk, M. Kelly, W. Smith, L. Rolfe, S. Ciot- 
li, G- Cook, C. Watt, C. Beutler, B. lohnson, L Felherolf. 






Heer Hall 

The suburbanites of HEER HALL have fore- 
gone the pleasures of central location for those 
of gracious living. They have finally received 
carpeted hallways, air-conditioning and a din- 
ing hall. Their small number of 120 have several 
advantages. Each resident is on a first-name 
basis with the others and they hold barbeques, 
movies, beer blasts, hayrides and off-campus 
parties with the rest of the Small Group com- 
plex. Possibly because they distribute pizzas to 
all superior scholars, they hold the Men's Resi- 
dence Hall Scholastic Award. As an added per- 
sonal touch they have portraits painted of all 
their resident counselors. This year they are 
considering adopting a war orphan and buying 
a color T.V. 


Van Campen Hall 

"Custer never had it so good." Outnumbered 
4 to 1, the coeds at Small Group I of VAN CAM- 
PEN enjoy their enviable position. Surrounded 
by Harbourt and Heer, they participated in 
Bar-B-Q's, firesides, beer-blasts and an 
"Applepolishers." They won the CancerSociety 
"Send a Mouse to College" competition, and 
the spring formal affair. They caution perspec- 
tive residents on the water shortages every now 
and then and to be on time for the bus, for it's a 
long walk to classes. 

VAN CA\1PE\ HALL OFFICERS: Row 1; N. Smith, president; C Hovanick, vice 
Row 2: I Ryckman, judicial vice preiidenl; R Zipperec, Ireasurer; Mrs Chick, 



dhr, W Schneide 

Harbourt Hall 

Like it or not, to find HARBOURT HALL one 
must purchase a roadmap. Stranded by them- 
selves, those of Small Group I don't mind since 
they have the "Joe's." That is, 2/3 of the dorm is 
occupied by Fighting Flashes. And having the 
women of Van Campen as neighbors also helps. 
Social activities include guest speakers, movies, 
beer blasts, hayrides and outdoor barbeques. 


Leon, Row 2, Sieve Waller, Frank Carson, Bruce 



Residence hall costs were going up but dorm 
dwellers still found time to celebrate the week set 
aside to honor their home away from home. 

The snow never materialized, so junk sculp- 
tures took the place of ice carvings; an ice rink 
was built on the commons; residents tried to 
identify pictures taken in the dorm in a "know- 
your-residence-halls" contest; girls sent notes to 
their secret sweeties; dorm dwellers painted win- 
dows and entered art work for competition. 

The week closed with a capacity crowd at Tri- 
Towers cafeteria where they heard the sugar- 
sweet music of the Sandpipers. 



Beaudry. judicial vice preiidenl. C 
sideni Row2 K Cuilliouma, Ireasur- 

LAKE HALL, built in 1950 and holding 310 
coed residents, makes up to 25 per cent of the 
Quad's "better half." This is the hall nicknamed 
"Grand Central Station" since everybody and 
his brother meets there after all big events held 
at Memorial Gym. They sponsor the all-hall 
booksale, a tutoring program and a recognition 
and scholarship banquet for the residents. They 
hold most of their activities with Johnson Hall 
including Kiss Dances, Homecoming and Cam- 
pus Day displays, the annual Christmas tree 
trimming and Orphan's party. Special events 
this year include a trip to the Cleveland Zoo 
and the Art Museum. 

Lake Hall 


Yojng, K, Reme 


RB HALL OFFICERS Row 1 K Bahaljk, ;ec'y, 5 Barber, judicial vice president; M. Davis, adminislralivj! 
• president. Row 2 C Hirshbecg, secy; I, Caleno, president. 

Korb Hall 

The song says, "No man is an island," but the 
women of KORB HALL have other ideas. The 
stroke of University genius that isolated them 
from the rest of the all-freshman complex has 
only served to intensify their unity and spirit, 
evidenced by their current possession of the 
"Blob." Without a recognized male dorm com- 
patriot these "frosh" find themselves in high 
demand by the male off-campus organizations. 
Evidenced by dynamic, progressive leadership, 
the coeds find time for their semi-weekly pub- 
lication "Coaction 18," dances and outdoor 
movies with Eastway complex. Coffee hours, 
talent shows, slave days with Kappa Sigma, and 
fashion shows with P&P highlight the social life 
of the "Korb Convent." 

KORB HALL COUNCIL: Row 1: S. Gamery, C, Kane, ). West, K. Schmatz, C Carr, P Kurilla, L Ball. Row 2: M. Miller, L. Neff, A, Senich, W. Dickinson, S. Ledyatd, M. Laskey, I Bayle 

OLSON HALL OFFICERS: Mn. Margaret Eshler, resident di- 
rector; D. Sohn. adminislrative vice president, D Wernet, 
treasurer; S. Worthington, president. 

Olson Hall 

OLSON HALL COUNCIL: Row 1: P. Meehan, I, Chip- 
ctiase, K. Vatty, D. Mulo. C Balizs. Row 2: N, Huston, 
S. Kormendi,L Smith, D Thomas Row 3 M Hamel, A. 
Kalonick, P Cehike, B, Hughes, S Harris, M Burrer, P 
Mraz, A Kaplan 

Here at "7th Heaven" (the nickname ac- 
quired last year), the women of OLSON HALL 
have mixed emotions about their central loca- 
tion. Though the proximity to class buildings is 
very enjoyable, the coeds of "The Smiling Lion" 
also share their lounge with commuters and 
those waiting between classes, and answer 
many questions concerning the location of any 
and all buildings on campus. 

Social activities include dances, hayrides. 
Residence Hall Week and Campus Day with 
the male dorm, Stopher. This year they placed 
3rd in Campus Day Songfest, shared first place 
in the softball competition, sponsored the 
Hump Dances, Senior Banquet, Bring a Profes- 
sor and sent paperbacks to our boys in Vietnam. 


Altman Hall 

Six inches of soft sloppy mud. The smell of 
damp concrete and plaster. No carpets. No mir- 
rors. No cafeteria. And the co-eds of ALTMAN 
HALL call it home. And the mud was covered by 
sod. And the carpeting went down in October. 
And the mirrors came for Christmas. And the caf- 
eteria opened in January. And home became or- 
ganized. The main governmental body is the 
House Council, composed of five elected officers. 
The Altman girls built a homecoming display and 
held a cultural program with Musselman Hall, 
their brother dorm. 

On the edge of campus stands the self- 
contained community of small group II, HUM- 
PHREY HALL. The dorm was just completed for 
the September opening and when the new resi- 
dents moved in they found themselves complete- 
ly isolated from the rest of the campus. But with a 
pioneer spirit and the aid of the buses, the girls 
were able to overcome most of their problems. 

On Halloween, the girls had an open house 
party at which the halls and residents alike were 
iorightly decorated. The girls of Humphrey Hall 
plan to participate in many of the future cam|Dus 
activities, and make sure that Humphrey is |Dut on 
the map. 

Humphrey Hall 

HUMPHKEYHAIL Row I S Mapp, presideni; D- Sacosy, vice pcesiclenl, L Arr 
M Emewfin 

, C, Rubinson, v.p standards board. I Sulherlaiid, L C Anderson, resident director Row 2: P. Siano, D lams, K Coombe 

Musselman Hall 

Binoculars aren't needed around the "Leper 
Colony," better known as MUSSELMAN dorm 
of Small Group II. The reason for its nickname is 
Musselman is the only men's hall in the com- 
plex. Being one of the newest dorms on cam- 
pus, the residents found themselves curtain- 
less, grassless, rugless, furnitureless, and caf- 
eterialess. But since their meager opening, they 
have since been equipped with most of the ab- 
solute necessities. Musselman is the Men's 
Honor Dorm and they plan to become #1 on 
campus in activity as well as scholastic achieve- 

The only dorm of Small Group II, equipped 
with the finer things of life is STEWART HALL. 
They are supplied with a complete set of vend- 
ing machines, newspaper distributors, a main 
desk and an unfinished cafeteria. The 66 resi- 
dents of Stewart are supplied with excellent 
study conditions along with a luxurious and 
personal atmosphere. 

Stewart Hall 

C Cdpjioblj, I. KriugLT. C, Winzuk- 

>klu[ll; D- Henry.ddrT 

B presidenl. C Daniel, S. Rololl 

■, C. Coltoii, S. Albruchl. k Bnglidin. 




■1 , 



The purpose of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of 
Student Government is to effectively represent 
the desires and opinions of the students of 
Kent. Led by the president of the student body, 
the Executive Branch takes action on student 
problems. The most prominent one this year 
was the passing of the beer bill. This was passed 
because the branch felt that a greater degree of 
student responsibility should be allowed. 

Reflecting on the past year, the Executive 
Branch brought Vice-President Humphrey to 
campus. The president of the student body has 
initiated a daily news release and a weekly col- 
umn in the Stater. He also planned some shows 
for T.V. 2. 

The Executive Branch planned a Think Week 
which ended with a student independence day. 

STUDENT SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Row!: R. Picketl, preiidenl. Row 2: I, Suber, 

Student Senate 

To promote the needs of the Student Body is 
the main purpose of the STUDENT SENATE. 
Connected with the student government, Stu- 
dent Senate sponsored the '68 Mock Republi- 
can Convention and were sponsors of the first 
annual Think Week this spring. 

STUDENT SENATE: Row 1: I. Zimmerman, B. Hendi 
Heilman, D. Hague, S. Paul, L. Simpson. 



Taking on a new look this year, HIGH 
COURT has added its first female associ- 
ate justice, Jean Hays. 

High Court, the highest judicial orga- 
nization on campus, was founded in 
1964 to hear and make decisions in cases 
concerning interpretation of the Student 
Body Constitution, the constitutionality 
of all student-created ordinances, con- 
troversies involving the Senate, Execu- 
tive Branch or two or more campus stu- 
dent organizations, and charges of fraud, 
malfeasance or illegal procedure taking 
place within any general student elec- 
tion except election of Senate members. 
It handles appeals from all student- 
staffed inferior courts and all impeach- 
ments within the framework of student 
government except members of the 

associare luslice, D Con 

Hays.i Lynch, 



Sponsoring Homecoming, Winter Weekend, 
Campus Day, Miss KSU Pageant, and all con- 
certs is the responsibility of the MAJOR EVENTS 
COMMITTEE. They have brought such top 
names to campus as Tony Bennett; Bob Hope 
and Dionne Warwick; the Animals in a special 
concert; Johnny Mathis and the Rotary 


Davis, T Lewandowski. S Ciolti, A Morse, M. Rainier Ro 
Rezm, I Thomas, B Cruise, I Weinberg, I Ziegler, L K 

'3: K.Polen, L Clas- 

lisnona, T Hatch, L Sallot, C Proclor, M Ma 
, D Khtker, L Baukema Row 4 R Rudloll, I 

Involving more students than any other orga- 
nization on campus, STUDENT ACTIVITIES 
BOARD sponsors every type of activity for the 
tastes of every student. From Rowboat Regatta 
to the classics; from the sports car rally to the 
Creative Arts Festival; from the Spring Fling to 
the new, all-university toboggan party; from 
the flicks to the folk festival; they try to cover all 
aspects of campus life. Also, they have a fashion 
show for the coeds in the spring. 


Righteous Brothers 


Spring Fling Concert 

cultural; T. Sleveni. adminislrative assl; I 
Hays, sec'y Row 2: F. Milk, treasurer, C. Low- 
nik, social: C. Harriman, hospitality; D, Bash- 
aw, special activities. Row 3: S. Beckenholdl, 

Chestnut League 

CHESTNUT LEAGUE members are a lively 
part of Kent State life. Because they are respon- 
sible for building and maintaining school spirit, 
they actively participate in sports rallies and 
make colorful signs and banners for the various 
athletic teams. Grog, their hairy mascot, has be- 
come as much a tradition as the very spirit 
Chestnut League represents. 

EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1 L Beechjng, 

Cox, M Fox. C Heinisch, C Ferrara, chairman, K Bennell, K Deames, K McBnde. K rMendiola Ri 

Henry, C Sackell, I ScotI, B bthu 

PRODUCTIONS COMMITTEE Row 1 L Link.B Montgomery, D Pasteur, T Scott, cha 


, C Benn, sec'y, M.McBritie.C Long Row 2 I Pav 


ird, L Modioli, R Krumel, C Daniel, L Dudek 



§ .£ 

K '* 




PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. N. Gale, R. Huner, M. Fox, chairman; D. Manin, M Mackoviu, M. Rainier. 

PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE: Row 1: C. Watkins, L. Knapp, S. Ferguson, C. Greene, D. Oldford, S. Sumita. P Theil, L Budai, R. Cardarelli. Row 2: K. Smykil, T. Savaslano, secy; L. Lombardi, C Youngmann, S. Kosle 
Boyer, K. Rickett, P. Cunning, K. Ruffing, K. Deames, chairman. Row 3: ]. Gilbert, G. Skorman, C Riedel, W. Sohn, P. Welch, D. Florence, N Young, L. Kame, D. Chapin 


FRESHMAN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE B Sirey, B Goldman, K Koval. K Glinski, I Cox, chairman, R T.clea, L, Moves, K Turowski, j McCr, 


. BOARD: Row 1 K Fulop, C Greene Row 2: S Harris, D Krawczyk, B Boyer, Row 3 I Ni- 

si s, hni-ider, S. Edwards, C Pepkir 


CHEERLEADERS Rem 1 R Collins, P. Himes. Row 2: K. Cotlingham, R. Myers, D. McDermott, M, Griffin, B. Fulop, captain. Row 3 K Mondrola, K Ferens, I Bennett. 

FLA5HERETTES Row 1 D, Hoffman, co-caplain; S Rus!,man, T Lyden, D Spindle, K Crosel, B, Cole. S Russell, I Kerr, C Row2 C Sutler. C Benn, C Balizs, M. Volas, K Clinski, I Courtad, 
L Letney. Row 3 I Sampson, C Schuette, P Anderson, L Bruning, V Griggs, K Hinman, S Kunan, T, Varner, |. Miller, V, Greguric, Row 4 D Funk. I, Samsa, S. Ciotti. A Vondra, C Daniel, C Hazard, L Kandrac 

*'.»'. f ■ t 

Robm. O Koger, R kabin, S Wvall, 

, K Barry, S Miles, P ColtJsbury, M Bal 
Vaughn, B Williams, M D'AI 

Pan Hel 

The PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, better known 
as Pan Hel, is the speaking forum of all sorori- 
ties. A co-ordinating body rather than an exec- 
utive board, Pan Hel provides ample opportu- 
nity for discussion on any topic a member wish- 
es to discuss. They present annual awards for 
the outstanding senior sorority woman, out- 
standing fraternity award and scholarship 
awards for the highest pledge class and active 
chapter. They have sponsored the afternoon 
tea for Miss Universe and will host the Mid- 
American Conference. 

PANHELLENIC OFFICERS Row 1 C McBroom, president Row 2 S Alsledl. 
cording sec'y Row 3; M Kitko, corresponding sec'y 

! president, M Brickel, 


INTFR-FRATEKNITY OFFICERS Row I: C. Soehner, gradualc aisl, A. 
Whilehouse, presidenl; Dean R Paulsen, advisee Row 2; C Schor- 
sten, administrative vice president; C Ahlert. treasurer; R Ross, ex- 
ecutive vice president, |. Mussey, sec'y Row 3. 1- Dante, L. Papalas, S 
Ballou, D, Lewis, 

As the ranking body of all fraternities, the 
direct the plans of all fraternities to worthwhile 
goals. By working with its opposite and corre- 
sponding organization, Panhellenic Council, 
IFC maintains the standards to which all the 
Greeks on campus must recognize as the au- 
thority typifying their membership. They are 
leaders in helping the Greek community plan 
such activities as Greek Week and the May Day 



, L Zoley, R Baringer Row 2: I Dante, R, Elan, M. Wideman, G Haden, R. Ross Row 3: L. 


Aimed at the woman in today's society, the 
ized to include all the women students at Kent. 
Meeting every month, they govern the coeds of 
KSU and try to provide programs aimed at 
keeping them informed of the woman's role. A 
national service organization, AWS sponsors 
many activities on campus throughout the year. 
There is senior women's banquet; Penny Night, 
for those not on no hours; Mother's weekend; 
Little Sis weekend and Pork Barrel. They spon- 
sored the first 'Woman's Week' called "Focus 
on Women" at KSU this last fall. 


treasurer; B Todaro, vice president; C Stem, prt 
idenl; S, Babeaux, sec'y Row 2: C. McBroom, R 
Rudd, S, Swinney, B Maynor Row 3 S Maslrovit 
P Deye, P Keshock. D Venditti, S Worlhingtot 
L Csernotta Row 4 E Canson, I Galena, K Ci( 
lioiti, N Hansen. A. Hazucha 

ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS: Row 1 K Treckel, N Hansen, chairman; K Koukol, sec'y; L Coppins Row 2 R Weinrieb, S, Shannon, I Nelsen, D Mack, ) Sheperd, K. Kre|cier, B Zwick Row 3: D. Rumenik, K. 
Baldwin, C, Duniel, C. Vilanlonio, S. Harris, C Bavender, L Noyes, S, Pahner, 


Bogo, sec'y; D, Salay, treasurer; D Con- 
roe, president; G. Hoogenboom, vice 
president Row 2 R Brandt, 1 Romeo, I 
Campbell, L Neuvitth, D Rucker, R. 
Shark, M Barricelli. Row 3: E Cobett, T. 
lung, H Schrager, K. Riccardi, |. Kozich, 
R Klepcyk, M Stewart, L. DeVos, I. 
Lynch. Row 4: |. Lough, S. Pollock, S. 
Buck, N, Haskakis, I, Oliver, R. Furney, D, 
Penrod, S. Weinstein, D. Metcalf, R. 

The primary legislative body of all the men's 
residence halls is MEN'S INTERHALL COUN- 
CIL. MIC is composed of the Executive Board 
and one member from each hall. Together they 
determine the "policies and regulations which 
are of common concern to all." In this manner 
each living unit is co-ordinated with the others 
and, through MIC, is able to present its needs as 
a united block comparable to any other student 
representative body. 


Sliney, I Tucker, I Bailey, C Hemming, D Saroiy, B Hen- 
drix. I DeLong Row 2: S. Smeltz, C lohnson, R Tirlea, C 
Hovanick, S. Cabel, L Dinerstein, D. Vendilli, P Keshock, 
R Shearey, L Hoyer Row 3. D Thomas, M. lakowlew, D 
Henry, C Winzeler, |, Krieger, P, Deye, P. Caydos, K Whil- 
comb, B Maynor, N, McCormick, K. Faber Row 4; S 
Worthinglon, | Galena, K Ciglioiti, B Melzler, A. Hazu- 
cha, R Klepcyk, R Conover, I Samsa, C Gresh, D Sohn, K 
Dailey, B Parker. 


Keeping good relations and communications 
between the University Food Service and the 
female students living in residence halls is only 
one of the purposes of WOMEN'S INTERHALL 
COUNCIL. The main purpose is to represent 
the desires of all coeds living in residence halls, 
and to try to find solutions for them. Together 
with their "brothers" of MIC, they sponsor 
Residence Hall Week, and other events for the 

BLUE KEY; Row 1: D. 
Reicosky, president 
Row 2: R, Picked, cor- 
responding sec'y; 5. 
Beckenholdt, treasur- 
er, I, Zink Row 3: |. 
Joyce, I Anderson, D. 
Conroe, vice presi- 

Blue Key 

A blue cane is the symbol of the BLUE KEY 
National Honor Society at Kent State. In recog- 
nition of their achievements, new pledges are 
required to carry a blue cane with them until 
activation. The organization's purpose is to rec- 
ognize outstanding student leaders. A tradi- 
tional Penny Carnival is sponsored each year by 
Blue Key and their sister sorority, the Cardinal 


Cardinal Key 

CARDINAL KEY is the national women's ac- 
tivity honorary, recognizing achievements of 
coeds in scholarship and extra-curricular activi- 
ties. The group strives to advance religion, pa- 
triotism and service by the application of the 
cardinal virtues of living. Cardinal Key sponsors 
a Christmas service project, the Penny Carnival, 
morning events for Campus Day and ushering 
for commencement. 

, D. Taylof, O Koger, C. Ha 

ch,K,Covey,vicepresident;M.Balotla.Row 2: M. Leech, P. Opelt, M. Schmitt. S. Ma' 


Daily Kent Stater 

"You could hear the wedding bells a hundred 
miles." And so the Mock Wedding took place. 
The DAILY KENT STATER has grown these past 
months with Perspective, sit-ins and walk-offs, 
Mumblefrump Expository, Peanuts, B.C. and 
Kukia vs. Sallot in a battle of wits. Two new ad- 
visers were broken-in to the pain and agony of 
the daily race with deadlines and classes. It was 
a successful year. 

DAILY KENT STATER (left to right): B. Fuller, P, Stone, C. Bliss, |. 
Stewart, S. Rigby, L, Henzel, R. Zitrin, S. Daniels, M. Chastain, spring 
editor; S. Krawetz, winter editor; D. Sapier, R. Kukling, H. 
Creenberg, fall editor; T. Oblander; B. Armstrong, C. Moyer, F, Hay 
mond, R. Mines, M. Kukia, B. Lenk, |, Sallot, C, McDaniels, B. Lazarus, 
I. Karretz, B. Sayle, K. Fredrickson, M. Swander, D, Pallagi, W, Smol- 

THETA SIGMA PHI: Row 1 S Young, vice president: R Evans, president: P Moore, sec'y: I Zilles, treasurer Row 2 R Boehm, L Sallol, N Stephens, K Fcedenksen Row 3 P Miles. C Moyer. 

Theta Sigma Phi 

THETA SIGMA PHI Is engaged In uniting 
women engaged In all fields of journalism and 
communication and to work for a free and re- 
sponsible press. Every year they sponsor a Ma- 
trix Table where students and professional 
journalists meet for a banquet. 

SIGMA DELTA CHI is a professional society 
engaged in preparing journalists for a compe- 
tent entry in the field of journalism. During 
spring of 1968 the SDX representative to the na- 
tional convention, Jim Strang, won first place in 
the news writing contest. They also sponsor 
and conduct the annual NOSPA day here at 
KSU. They serve the student body by helping 
reserve and distribute the Chestnut Burr. 

Sigma Delta Chi 

SIGMA DELTA CHI: Row 1: 5. Daniels, treasurer: R Hines, president, D. McDetmott, secy, D Plunl<ett. vice president Row 2 I Sallot, R Zitrin, F Hayn 
Basar, H. Creenberg, M. Etzkin. Row 4. C, Mkandavyire, T. Oblander, T, Nighswander, |. Strang, R. Margolis, D Markovich 



Law Enforcement Association 

LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSN Row 1 : L. Addington, T Walton 
Strom, K Spahr, C Heritage, K, Hodar, B. Morley. Row 3- G. 

Rekaibah, D Dokhail,M Heard, M Ayed, 
irnes, president, | Cogan, sec'y; B Hamer, 

aini, T, Kudia, C. McDougall. Row 2 F Keithley, S Obra, T r 
n, I. Myers, D, Boll, C Patten, T. Brown, B Paplinski, W Lil 

an, H Ferares, T Cald« 
reasurer; I. Swegan, 

was founded in Fall of 1968. One of the newest 
organizations on campus, it is to serve prospec- 
tive law enforcement officers. They try to keep 
their members informed on current issues and 
open up job opportunities. They bring speakers 
and discuss such issues as inner-city problems 
and inter-personal relations. They try to apply 
what they learn to the problems faced in 
smaller cities as Kent. 


The Pit 

Organized to inspire spirit and action on 
Kent Campus, THE MOBOBRIOUS PIT, is an 
'underground' organization that was formed in 
1966. They participate in activities such as Cam- 
pus Day by sponsoring a queen candidate. They 
boast of the fact that they are one of a kind on 

MOBOBRIOUS PIT Rowl Kent Cop S Metyk M Kocinski,S Nowlm.C Alcorn, M Clouler.M Bonnell.C Nagel.A Litrica B Braunmg.T Sterregard Row 2 M Slratman.K Kozelka, I Wollet, L Arkis. M Egan.M 
Martonchick.C lenewem, K Haller, I Fitzgerald, T P Walerhouse, D Bender. I Lezan, C M,lner, M Bennett, K Bonzanto, D McCoo Row 3 I Pottmeyec, B kehnec, I Rhodes, I Kapek,R Liebecman,M Bode, S 


GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA: Row 1: I. Weber. |. Tucke 
viser; C Abel. Row 3: P Brady, F, Rataiczak, L. Ya 

llo, P. Franzen, E Tellep, I. Markwalder, R. Cardarelli Row 2: M Miner, M. Yerman, P. Rakusin, H Harad, M Brady, L. Warofka, P. Annett, Mrs T Cole, ad^ 
ick. Donna Knapp, Diana Knapp, B. Kinzel, K Koukol. Row 4: C Gauer, S Manner, C Yarlan, M. Protus, M. Beck, P Zarlengo, G Gollner, B Kraley 

In the spirit of service to the university, the 
community and the nation, the colony of 
GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA is progressively build- 
ing tradition and earning recognition as the first 
service sorority on campus. Originally the Girls 
Service Sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma has ush- 
ered for commencement, held a party for resi- 
dents of the Summit County Old Age Home 
and worked with the Hattie Larlam Foundation. 

Koukol, vice president; B. Kraley, president; P. Annett, > 
president. Row 2: |. Markwalder, treasurer; M. Yerman, co 
sponding sec'y; S. Manner, M. Miner, alumnae sec'y, C Ga 
corresponding sec'y; P. Brady. 

Gamma Sigma 


Leadership, friendship, and service are the 
three key words for the national service frater- 
nity ALPHA PHI OMEGA. Founded in 1947, 
these men sponsor the Toys for Tots campaign 
at Christmas, help with the Red Cross Blood 
Drive and will prepare scout camps for the 
summer sessions. Slated for this spring was an 
annual "service day picnic." The group is also 
noted in that it has the responsibility of bring- 
ing the victory bell to the university athletic 

Alpha Phi Omega 

ALPHA PHI OMEGA Row 1 T, Sulhenn, K, Smith, ). Evancho, |. Doeberling, ). Bowen, Row 2 |. Brown, V. Miles, D, Moore, j Karr 
Cirolamo, D Evert 

Polack, A Rasletler Row 3: 1 Ward, W Brandau, R Phelps, C lacobsen, D, De- 


ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS, Row 1. C. lohnson, presidenl. Row 2: T Lodge, 2nd vice president, S. Turnbull, l5t vice president Row 3; E, 
Cox, treasurer. 

ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Row 1 ) Weinberg, R. Rabe, |. Portolos, W Dennis, M Cohen Row 2 I Hunger, M Anthony, adviser, D Taylor, R Kunsl, D Frank, A Doeberling Row 3 D Harns, adviser; R Dotien, adviser; G 
Barns, P Tople, H. Soss, I. Cusky, R Smurthwaite 


Spring brings tapping new members of LAU- 
RELS, the senior women's honorary. Members 
are selected on the basis of scholarship, leader- 
ship and service. They offer honorary awards, 
the President's Medal for Scholarship and usher 
the annual Artist Lecture Series. The group is 
looking forward to a possible affiliation with 
Mortar Board, a national scholastic honor so- 

LAURELS Rowl D Telk, M Leechvice presulenl, k Hull',, presideni, I Vuknavich, sec'y, S Masiruvits. Ireasufec, B Hendnx, corresponding sec'v. Row 2: C, Shahdn, K, Mlddek, M, Schmill, E. Davis. N Cassidy, K, 
Deames Row 3 P Moore, S Voong, C Ference, 8 beilried, M DAIIorio. M fancher, L foil 



Omicron Delta 

OMICRON DELTA KAPPA recognizes men 
who have attained a high standard of efficiency 
in collegiate activities and inspires others to 
strive for conspicuous achievements along 
similar lines. Their main goal is to encourage and 
increase leadership in all areas of college life at 
KSU. Since its founding on campus three years 
ago, the group has established a traditional 
Man of the Year Award, a Leadership Banquet, 
and the ODK Campus Day Breakfast. Omicron 
Delta Kappa is a member of the Association of 
College Honor Societies and an associate mem- 
ber of the American Council on Education. 

OMICROS DELTA kAPPA Row 1: R. Pickelt, R Hill, pi 



An unique group on campus, KENT INTER- 
NATIONALS strive to achieve international un- 
derstanding. Open to all students, faculty and 
citizens of the community, the organization 
helps familiarize foreign students with Ameri- 
can customs while encouraging American 
members to learn about foreign cultures. They 
sponsor the annual Winter International Festi- 
val and the Embassy Ball. 

KENT INTERNATIONALS: Row 1: V. Ametewee, R. Loomba, 5, Obra, A. Nvalta, president, E Taylor, C. Halldike, In 
as. A- Mozaini 

, S. Moqaddam, T. Lewi, Row 2: A. Faraidy, I. Fawaz, R, Brookson, Z. Moshi, S, Sagnia, |, Tho 


Pi Kappa Delta 

As the only local organization promoting 
speech events, PI KAPPA DELTA serves also 
to honor those who participate in forensics. 
Kent's chapter of this national honorary at- 
tends tournaments every weekend and hosts 
the Buckeye Invitational in early February 
and the quarterly Hyde Park Forum. Trophies 
have been won from colleges such as Arizona 
and Geneva and are being sought from such 
places as Redlands, California; Tucson, New 
York, New Hampshire and Atlanta. 

Campus-wide activities include a women's 
and an individual events tourney and an oral 
interpretion festival. As part of their program. 
Pi Kappa Delta also provides speakers for 
area groups and clubs through the Speaker's 

president; M. McCoy, se 

C. Joseph, L. DeVos Row 2 5 Lanpoll, L Ken 
:y; C Morgan, vice president 

DELTA OMICRON: M D'Agostino, president; \ lohnston, sec'y; K. Riley, vice president; M Cochr, 
dlinger, I. Messina. Row 4: M Kirstead, S. Shafer, Mrs, I- Ayers, adviser; P. Keener, A Berry 

B president Row 2 S Massie, C, Filgate, B. Anderson, L Harner, Row 3: C Williams, L, fan 

Delta Omicron 

Receiving the national campus service 
award, DELTA OMICRON continues to foster 
its ideals of fellowship among women musi- 
cians. The national women's music honorary 
and service fraternity sent representatives to 
the Triennial Conference held at Eastern Ken- 
tucky University last summer. They aid the 
music department by ushering at recitals and 
tutoring music classes for non-majors. 


Association for 
Childhood Education 

To work tor the benetit ot children is the 
underlying purpose of the ASSOCIATION FOR 
munity their activities include a Christmas party 
for welfare children in Kent, an Easter egg play 
day at a local public school and working one 
Saturday per month at the Larlham Foundation. 
The future teachers participating in the service 
activities have the opportunity to learn more 
about their profession and to work with chil- 

ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Row 1 D Clover, K Hinman, T Matlle. I Caudio, L Slanley, I Delewski Row 2 R Brown, S. Swigarl. S Crr.l/.r li An, k j sharkus s Dylew-k.. D Fox Row! k 
Frew.) Franklrn, L While, L Henry, K Percenli, B Driver, C Vilanlonio, K Strieker, S Koehler Row 4 K White, I lenkms, F Humphries, S Stevens, I McCeary, D Cordon, T Mitlen. D School, D Cackowski, K. 
Lynch, L Brunst 

ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Row 1 M Holy, B Black, C Overlow, president. W Sohn, secy; B Phillips, R Stueber, vice president, Mrs Bayless, co-adviser Row 2: P Deye, R. Gale, B Barnes, S. 
Billman, M. Baluch, M. Horn, L Stephenson, R Suleski, B Brandt, I Halderman, B Shabra, S Cougler, 

ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Row 1 S Hunston, D Owen, |. Stanley, N Shankman, C Morton, K. Backman, M Whitely, K Chociei. C Spahn, C Heyl, K., Koukol, L. Eisenberg, Row 2 N Nowak, 
D Brandt, C Kane, K, Walker, L Philabaum, K Borovitcky, M. Shankman, K. Watkins, I. Chapin, K. Braidic, |, Skraba, C, Takayama, Row 3 P Lansinger, K, Rickett. M Koss, N. Vasilenko, |, Westerfeld, K Craulich, L, 
lavilch, M. Hercik, S. Chase. |, Halversladt, L, Noma, C. Wilkes. B. Braniger. 

STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSN: Row 1 M Mole, M Burrer, B Cox, E Pillenger, S Gallagher, I. Troyan, S Shook, L Levengood, L Klein, I Rummsky, P Gillespie ROW 2: D Sohn, S Levme, S Worthmglon, 
A, Hartman, T Sklena/, L Brunst, B. Braniger, P fearer, C Reese, M Merilla, E Slantz, L Landgraf Row 3: D Stadnik, C Kail, M Hamillon, C Breiding, I Paylmac, R. Cerrick, B Zeidwig, L, lohnson, W Voung, S Baird, 
I. Kama, I, Wianl 

STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSN: Row 1: S Carpenter, treasurer, H Rosenstein, sec'y,. A, Kalonick, vice president; N Cop, president Row 2: I. Franklin. D, Teichman, P. Leuser, L Knapp, T Cipiti, M Dn 
mond. P Catalano, M. Thannum, K Hertel, C Rinda, |. Chipchase, N, Keith Row 3: M, Cohen, M. Ryan, K. Heeberg, P. Mraz, I Gary, E, Durk, K O'Bnen, C Sadlier, C Thomas, C Winyard, K Dailey, K Sutton, S Pag( 
Row 4: L. Stone, L. Zaccaro, D. Wernet, M. Rosenberg, P Lansinger, |. Bednarik, T. Yourst, R. Strauss, C. Bricker. C Przybyla, S, Kormendi, M Fahringer. 

Winning the state award for achievement, 
CIATION hopes to continue to encourage pro- 
fessional growth and develop an understanding 
of the teaching profession. The only profes- 
sional group for educational majors, they spon- 
sored the ETA Day for surrounding high schools 
and the spring regional meeting of SNEA. 



AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS: Row 1:1 Newcomer, vice chairman; T. Hardulak, secy; D Karlan, chairman; A Ion 
Muth, R, Rhode, W. Broos, W. Blind, D Keeney, T Arora Row 3 D Akel, C Ashby, I Maryo. D Whiting, B Taylor, C Rue, D Stell, R Fairbanks 

; R Rautenslrauch, advis^ 

American Institute 

of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics 

TICS and ASTRONAUTICS Is a national honor- 
ary founded to aid those who are in the field of 
astronautics and aerospace. Every year they 
sponsor a banquet and this year are receiving a 
Bendix National competition award for a flying 
sub. The technical nature of the organization 
benefits the members in their professional field 
of endeavor. 


A professional organization established for 
the purposeof familiarizing students in the col- 
lege of Business Administration with business- 
world situations from other than an academic 
approach, is the purposeof the SOCIETY for the 
the SAM theme, "Individual action is the key to 
progress," they aim to prepare each member for 
responsible business leadership. Speakers rang- 
ing from representatives of the Federal Media- 
tion and Conciliation service to Labor Relations 
personnel; from Ford Motor Company to a rep- 
resentative of the Federal Reserve Bank system 
have been adding to members participation in 
the business world. 

Loveland, E, Fazekas, V, Morrison Row 3 C Schorsten, |. Cowan, G Fanti 

iurer; D- Rickard, presidenl; C Pyers, sec'y; R. Kleinberg, adviser, L. Playko. Row 2: E. Wil 
ub, I, Thomas Row 4 I Schackne, K. Potokar, R. Crocker, R. Tappe, B. Imhoff. 


Advancing the science of Marketing is the 
SOCIATION. They were organized to encour- 
age individuals interested in professional 
growth. Last spring they sponsored the Nation- 
al Marketing Management Simulation Game 
here on campus which acquaints members 
with the procedures involved in management. 

lor, treasurer; K Curio, sec'y Row 2: H Lanzer, vice 
president; D Snyder Row 3 I Cocozzo, president; L. 

COLLEGIATE MARKETING: Row 1 : D. Snyder, director; K, Curcio, secy; K. Mclnorney, H. Lanzer, vice president; Dr. R, Skinner, adviser; D Taylor, treasurer; V Hoehn, S, Hamilton. Row 2: P. Cailey, E Williams, N. 
Loveland, D Billson, I. Moss, M. Fancher, I Stavana, T. Rigsby, R Kolas Row 3: F. Mills, D. Keener, G Buck, L Bernet, I Tibbils, G lohnson, D Maczak, N Dwyer, C, Spnng Row 4: D. Rickard, I Grove, C Bourgeois, R. 
Fackler, H Adkins, D. Zukerman, R. Anderson, D. Youngblood, T. Ondrejko, L. Lisowski. 


Ro« 3 P Rudick. I Pelers, I Carlson, C Peli 

I Anion, presidenl, C Sharp, secy; I Morbilo a 
R Thomas, R Chrislner, S Cohen Row 4 C 

>r, N Eichorn, Ireasurer R. 
, C Rustay, R Cearhard, 

^2 C Crocker, W Kramer, N 
Sleller, I Eckblad, D Vanbia 

ico, W Reyilock, M Kondo, P lohn, K Kovach. 
, I Thomas, D Hayward, D Wozniak, 

A national service organization, The AMERI- 
ter an appreciation and understanding of ideas 
and objects. It also promotes the professional 
rather than the social aspects of the students 
activities on campus. 



Home Economics 

As the first social organization of KSU, the 
can Home Economics Association was estab- 
lished to encourage professional growth in 
home management. The group joins Kappa 
Omicron Phi, the Home Ec honorary, to spon- 
sor service projects such as sending cookies to 
servicemen in Vietnam. Among the chapter's 
annual activities are a brunch for graduating 
senior members, a Cost Supper, a Founder's 
Day banquet, and a Continuing Education Day. 

HOME ECONOMICS CHAPTER; OFFICERS; Row 1 ; L. Meluch, recording s 
C. Cauer, M. Kapenekas, asst. adviser; F Millard, corresponding sec'y 

■; L Mendiola, treasurer; M, Vinmgs, S Zeck, C Mam 
/ 3; P, Lullner, president; L Schill, vice president. 

E Medved, adv 

HOME ECONOMICS CHAPTER; Row 1; P. Catalano, E. Kindsvater, N Schwartz, K Thomas, L Wilson, S. Reed, M. Wymer, N. Wellington Row 2; C Sadeski, I Currey, R. Thorr 
insky, L. Proudfoot,D. Haberkost, L. Sobczak,J. Doll. Row 3; S. RanftI, D. Barone, j. Armbruster, B. Dutter, S. Sipe, N. Kuhn, |. Ziegler, C Loudon, C Scott, D Nemeth, L. Dapa 
son, B. Beckmann, D. Casior, L. Conte, |. Becka, K. Puleo, M. Cardini, R. lohnston, L. Greene, M. McPherson, D. Stacy. D. Bures 

., M Cool, L Reiser, L Conrad, P. Kam- 
le, H. Daniels Row 4 S. |udy, C lohn- 


Epsilon Delta Rho 

I Carlson, president. T Cri 

Row 2, R Schneider, D Birskovich, D Bun 

/ 3 R Liltle, K. Daly, W, 

Promoting and acknowledging the achieve- 
ments in the field of architecture is the purpose 
of EPSILON DELTA RHO. The local architecture 
honorary sponsors speakers from various uni- 
versity departments and presents projects such 
as a display of the outstanding architecture in 
Ohio. Every pledge must carry a "T" square or 
be subject to a fine. 

Delta Psi Kappa 

DELTA PSI KAPPA Row 1 S Cray. A Hazueha, sec'y, I Walker, president, S Scott, vice president; I Kn^' 
3: L, Wilcox, adviser, L Mams, I Valenti, C Smith, D Cendroski, E, Ganson, |. Werner 

To recognize worthwhile achievements of 
women in physical education, to develop an in- 
terest and to promote greater fellowship 
among women in physical education is the aim 
of DELTA PSI KAPPA. An honorary service orga- 
nization, they have created a loan fund to help 
majors in the field of physical education. 

k. treasurer Row 2 S, Bennett, graduate asst; M Flaherty, C Brandby,S Stelfen,] Maruszan, B McVey. Row 


Phi Gamma Nu 

, K Slillisano, vice preside 
cker, L, Teritaj, P. Linehai 

:'y;M. Natlnanson.lfi 

Knapp, H Widmer, L, Stahler, L Spilios, S. Lawry, M. 

PHI GAMMA NU has been promoting the 
study of business at Kent since 1951. Having 
twelve active members and five honorary 
members, it ranks scholastically among the top 
three of the thirty-one national chapters. This 
year they had a Founders Day Banquet, a 
Christmas party and a spring reception for grad- 
uating seniors. They contribute to the national 
project of supporting a foster daughter in Korea 
and to a Student Loan Fund from which any un- 
dergraduate member may receive aid in order 
to complete their education. 


Pi Mu Epsiion 

PIMUEP51LON Rowl T Poller, presideni, L Frye, vice president; C Gibson 
Eiben, P Cehike, D OWIord, W Mease, D, Hunslon Row 4 R Shark, C, 

To promote scholarly activity in mathematics 
is the main purpose of PI MU EPSILON, the na- 
tional mathematics honorary. Members are 
elected on an honorary basis according to their 
proficiency in mathematics. Traditionally, the 
organization sponsors an initiation dinner and 
a student-faculty tea. All members must have a 
3.00 over-all average, a 3.25 average in mathe- 
matics and completed mathematics 295 (calcu- 
lus sequence). 


Sigma Alpha Eta 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA: Row V C. Hnida, vice 
presidenl; P Ivavulla, president; S. Hoskin, 
5ec'y Row 2: T Hura, C. Bauer, R. lohnson, 
M Mason, C. Romanelli. Row 3: K. Slaven, V. 
Farmer, I Baker, L Cluck, D. Robinson. 

The national speech pathology and audiolo- 
gy honorary, SIGMA ALPHA ETA, tries to en- 
courage professionalism among its members. 
They try to provide service within the speech 
and hearing clinic; provide speakers for the 
county heart association and other organiza- 
tions. They have a 'fall fling,' a caroling and 
Christmas party; a winter toboggan party and a 
spring banquet. Trying to make their pledge pe- 
riods worthwhile, they require their pledges to 
complete two service projects within the clinic. 

Established at Kent in 1950, PI SIGMA ALPHA 
provides an insight into the world of govern- 
ment. They bring nationally known political 
scientists to campus to help stimulate produc- 
tive scholarship and intelligent interest in the 
field of political science. Every quarter they 
hold a banquet and initiate new members. 

PI SIGMA ALPHA Row 1 : 1 Bohr, sec'y 
L. EINlhorp, M. Shapiro, P Boos, R Ha 
May, R Crimmell, D Sharma 

;| Ellilhorp, presidenl.C. Shahan, vice president. Row 2 
; 3: R Mandel, L Schurr, K Baldwin. Row 4: D Kuhn, A 

Pi Sigma Alpha 


Alpha Lambda 

A higher standard of learning and the promo- 
tion of intelligent living are the aims of ALPHA 
LAMBDA DELTA, freshman women's honorary. 
Special emphasis is placed on scholastic 
achievement and one of the requirements is a 
3.5 accumulative average at the end of the 
freshman year. Alpha Lambda Delta holds a tea 
each fall for the freshman women attending 
Kent on scholarships. During the winter quar- 
ter, there is a tea for girls who were on the 
Dean's list for the fall quarter. They sponsor a 
tutoring program for anyone who needs their 
assistance which also promotes good will on 

ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Row 1 C Deenng, |unior adviser, D Marquart, treasurer. M Fahringer 
Brand, C Kolula,S Magyar, D LoCiero, A. Spiga, E. Cheng. Row 3 T Smilh, L Copppns, M Leining 
M Week, I Wallie, C Senula, I Hugh, R. Bellan, D. Cridith. S Miller 

^ice president, L Shiflet, president, P Rakusin, K George Row 2 I. Stankus, K Clinski, D Orlowe, S Koldrck L 
.M Likar.C Smith, L Graham, K Smith, K Hertel, 5 Stankowski.C Landoll Row 4 L Szaraz, B Nowak,| Shamp. 


Beta Beta Beta 

Service to the campus and community per- 
taining to a biological pursuit is the purpose of 
TRI-BETA, national biology honorary. The or- 
ganization sponsors lectures, quarterly field 
trips and has arranged out-of-state trips lasting 
one week during spring break. A "get to know 
the gang" party and a get-together with the 
Hiram Tri-Beta were among the honorary's '68- 
'69 social activities. Last November Tri-Beta 
participated in the dedication of Cunningham 
Hall, the new biological science building, with 
members serving as special tour guides. 

Promoting scholarship in business education 
and fostering ethical standards in business 
teaching, PI OMEGA PI business education 
honorary has received the Certificate of Merit 
from the national fraternity headquarters. They 
won this award five times since 1960. Every year 
they sponsor an annual spring banquet. Mem- 
bers of the Honorary are also members of the 
Association of College Honor Societies. 

Pi Omega Pi 

PI OMEGA PI: Row 1: H. Adkins, president; M. Colllieb, R. koren, |. Logan, T, Davidson, 

Row 2: I. Strefelec, S. Kormendi, S. Loucks, L. Milchell, L. lohnson, M. Schnur, C Walbun 



ORCHESIS Row 1 B Wenger, presiuenl, E. 
Szymanski, vice president, L Conover, sec'y. 
Row 2 K Huzvar, D Sweeney, D Orlowe. 
Row 3 M Chaft, C Shingleton, P Walton, C 

The dance honorary on campus, ORCHESIS, 
has a two-fold purpose: to achieve an inner sat- 
isfaction from working together and participate 
in dance as a form of art expression. They also 
work to create a favorable environment for the 
creation of dances for the enjoyment and edu- 
cation of others. They have appeared at the 
Sagamore Hills Children's Hospital and at the 
Canton Jewish Center. They also sponsor an an- 
nual dance concert and a spring picnic. 

Cooking, cleaning and appreciating the sanc- 
tity of the home are the main purposes of 
KAPPA OMICRON PHI, the national home ec- 
onomics honorary. The national service project, 
'aid to Crossnore', is a school for underprivi- 
leged children. As a local project, the chapter 
helped plan a senior brunch to honor outstand- 
ing home economics majors. Hoping to grow 
from six members, the organization's main in- 
terest is promoting higher ideals of sane living 
among women. 

KAPPA OMICRON PH I Row 1 . C Johnson, presi- 
dent Row 2 M, Ziska, treasurer, D Lipton, P Lutt- 
ner, vice president. Row 3: L, Proudfoot, L Conte 
L Meluch, L Greene, 

Kappa Omicron Phi 


Sponsoring a yearly school of music dinner- 
dance and award banquet, KAPPA KAPPA PSI 
and TAU BETA SIGMA men's and women's 
honoraries try to promote the best in music. 
The groups are affiliated with the national 
headquarters and carry on the efforts to culti- 
vate growth of interest in music. 

Tau Beta Sigma 

TAU BETA SIGMA: Row 1:C. Beier, K. Riley, correspond! ng sec'y, 
K Leovic, B. Norrick Row 3: I Blinkie, N. Neidlinger, L Regul, 

■rkshire, recording sec'y; M Newell, president, S, Fraltaroli, tr( 
"inderson. D. Arick, C. Kemper, S Chipukits Row 4 C Fil 

_awrence, vice president. Row 2: M. Pound, L. Harner, N. Hall. K. Mille 
M kierslead, S Shaler, S Wood, C. Clegg, A Kacecski, A Berry 

KAPPA KAPPA PSI Row 1 : C. Schiesser, treasurer. W, Westover, vice president; F. loseph, president, D Kaminski, secy Row 2: R, Carlton, M, Schroeder, T McFadden. C Baldy, R Cole, B Hunsicker Row 3 L Dicket- 
hoff. D, Baldwin. I Adkins. D Waite, I. Sousa, R Ctiiemingo 

Kappa Kappa Psi 


■ ■aWIMBWWfc ., --. 






ALPHA PSI OMEGA Row 1 N Kindelan, C Thoma-., I Rittle.W Zu 
Hollensmilh, B Kisielewski. B Beuck, I Wait, M Carr, T, Engsir 

). I Beck. I Slephenson, R Karsl.T Peebles, presidenl. I Browne, se< 
Hines, S Randolph, C Cunmgham Slanding R Rohcbough, B kau( 

M Sample, 5. Wincenciak, S. Barkalow. Row 2: 1 Bnllain, D 
K Burns, |. DescJlner, vice president, I, Barilla. 

Alpha Psi Omega 

The first honorary to be chartered at KSU, 
ALPHA PSI OMEGA has as their founder the 
co-founder of the national organization; the 
theatre is also named after him, E. Turner 
Stump. The group tries to provide an honor so- 
ciety for those doing a high standard of work in 
dramatics and provide a wider fellowship for 
those interested in college theatre. Every year 
they sponsor the annual Spring Awards Ban- 
quet. They are members of the largest dramatic 
honorary in the world. 


AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS A5SN: Row 1 A. Ifft, vice president, I Ro«elti. piesident; R Mohan, E, Kenlner, secy; I Contant, 
Cray, M. Bilderback. Row 3: R Waltz, M Bridge, D Young, L Neff, S Sharp, D Eastman, C. Smith, M. Cooper, Row 4 M Miday, R 

isurer Row 2' K lohnson, N, Herzog, R Borner, R Tenney, I. Farkas, R Adduci, C 
artin, T Landers, G Skorman, ISetar, R, Franklin, R Strauss, R Powell, D Erelh, R 

American Industrial 
Arts Association 

ATION is concerned with the future. Its major 
objective is to prepare its members for teaching 
in the field of industrial arts and to profession- 
alize the technical and social activities of the lA 
education majors. The AIAA is the only national 
association established solely for the promo- 
tion of industrial arts. Bi-weekly meetings are 
held throughout the year and an annual Indus- 
trial Arts Show is presented in spring in the Van 
Deusen Gallery. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

The men's HPE honorary, PHI EPSILON 
KAPPA, aids sports and recreation by helping 
during gymnastic meets and Sharks Shows. The 
group has also participated in community func- 
tions, such as sponsoring a Toys for Tots drive. 
Phi Epsilon Kappa is the only professional HPE 
fraternity in the country. 

PHI EPSILON KAPPA: Row 1: T, Nappi, vice president; R. Rango, president; R. Schuiz, treasuri 
2: A. Dow, I, Garrison, |. Dombos. Row 3: D. Puddington, D. Paskert, R. Bachna, adviser 


FLYING CLUB R Paskey, presideni, R Sitler, D Slevatis, li 

Flying Club 

Sponsoring an annual public 'fly-in- 
breakfast', the KSU FLYING CLUB hopes to pro- 
mote interest in flying. A social organization, 
they encourage and promote an interst in avia- 
tion and intercollegiate flying competition. 
They own a Cessna 172 and a Sky Hawk. They 
also display new planes and Goodyear Tire and 
Rubber aircraft brakes and tires. 


Ski Club 

One of the largest ski clubs in the U.S., the 
KSU SKI CLUB is only eight years old. Started in 
1961 with 30 members, the group now has a 
membership of 350. The club makes several 
out-of-state trips each year in addition to spon- 
soring weekly skiing parties. Other events in- 
clude October Fest and the Ski Fair Canoe Trip. 

SKI CLUB OFFICERS Row 1: I Novak, N Phillips, A Ti 

T Haynes, president; D. Servos, 



COUSTEAUNAUTS Row 1 K Pickard. B. lenkins. M Milli 
McNeill Row 2 M lahnke. B Cillel. R Rohrich, P Zol 
treasurer. B Sigman, F Bemhacdi.M Weiss, W Osella R 
S. Swope. E Joyce. I Mobby, presideni; W lenkins Divin 

n,C Boyle, vice president. T Izzo.M Coopei 

, P Sarce. I Laubacher. D Scotl. I. Bible, se 

li D Wills. M Tatz.S Weitz.S Niksa. T Pali 

ird A lones.D Kerr, R Si 

KSU COUSTEAUNAUTS, though a relatively 
new organization on campus (started in spring 
'67), is gaining much support. The group was 
organized to assemble all persons having an in- 
terest in scuba and skin diving and to further 
educate its members in the fundamentals and 
techniques of these sports. The group is distin- 
guished in having 14 members certified by the 
Portage County Rescue Unit. Social outings in- 
clude freshwater dives, ice dives, and an annual 
salt water dive during spring break. Scuba certi- 
fication may be obtained through the club. 


\mm/ ▼ 


NEW STUDENT PROGRAM: Row 1 VV Kabicek.C Picking, B Callon.C Bananno, T Bake 
C Harriman, C Bensley, L Dudek, R Nadeau, chairman; I Romano 

,. Row2;M. Cox.D Taylo 

Row 3 T Slephan, 

Take 5089 unsuspecting freshmen expose 
them to 40-odd campus organizations, let 340 
poly-unsaturated group leaders lead them 
around for the 40,000 miles a day they will walk, 
distribute 4500 buttons to keep up the interest, 
dazzle everybody with 3456 ballons and a fire- 
works display — all for the minimal cost of 
$7500, the cooperation a few recalcitrant deans 
and cram it into62 hours of fun-filled entertain- 
ment for the whole family- entitled NEW STU- 

Nevf Student Program 
Kappa Alpha Mu 

Reactivation was the key word to members 
of Beta Chapter of KAPPA ALPHA MU, national 
photojournalism honorary, this year. After a 
lapse of nearly 10 years, Kent's charter was rein- 
stated during initiation at the KAM convention 
at OU last March. A photo show of advanced 
techniques headed the chapter's list of activi- 

KAPPA ALPHA MU: R Margolis, presideni, S Rigbv. L Henzel, P Tople 

c ^•^. 


. D Pallagi, A King, L Sallol, 

D Arthrell, I Sallol, I We 


Beta Alpha Psi 

Founded in 1964, BETA ALPHA PSI promotes 
scholarship and high ethical standards in the 
field of accounting. The honorary offers an ac- 
counting tutorial workshop to help students in 
the business field. They aim to recognize scho- 
lastic and professional excellence achieved by 

Row 2 P Capalch, laculty 
w 3 R Bender, vice presid 

BETA ALPHA PSI Row 1 W Hahl. R Lewis. M Bracken, C Healy, C Pyers, I Virgili, F Collins, B Colbo' 
miller, E, Kuna.M Shapiro, D Harlman.C Schalferl Row 3 D Daywalt, I Long, M Smilh, T Picc. 

8 North Row 2 C lacobsen, R Creenbank, T Walsh, M Braun, R Johnson, R Domer, D Low- 
Wood, K Thomas, T Pleifer,A Darner, D Beaver Row 4 G Berkslresser, C Donnelly, D. Baker. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

KAPPA DELTA PI: Row 1 K Mladek, president. Row 2: D. Krawczyk, sec'y: E. 
Davis, vice prpsident. Row 3 M. Holy, treasurer. 

KAPPA DELTA PI is the National Honor Soci- 
ety in Education. The society pursues high 
ideals for the teaching profession and works on 
a local and national level in order to promote 
teaching. Kappa Delta Pi strives to further en- 
rich their knowledge of education. A formal in- 
itiation ceremony and banquet takes place 
every quarter and a lecture is given to update 
the society on today's education. Members 
consist of outstanding students, graduates and 
faculty members in the College of Eduation. 

Mu Iota Sigma 

Children who are handicapped by deafness 
need special care and training. The MU IOTA 
SIGMA honor fraternity at Kent is interested in 
seeing that these children get the attention 
they need. The organization is an honorary for 
teachers in the field of oral education of deaf 
children. Annual events sponsored by the 
group include a faculty tea and a traditional 
deaf children's Christmas party. 

-1U IOTA SIGMA RowliD Brewer, president Row 2 E Burke, treasurer, D Liske. Row 3- Mrs M Caskey. 


WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSN Row 1 Mrs B Gibson, adviser, P Vidis, vice president; C Telisman, president;! Slapleton, sec'y Row 2; C Cook, S Lewis, D. Ru 
lik, C Baglio, D Martin, S Donnelly, D McDonnell Row 3 K Cotlingham, L lones, D Cendroski, S Anglin, M Flaherty, A Castanian, S Ledyard. 

To further athletic interest and activities for 
women according to the highest and soundest 
standards of sports and recreation is the pur- 
TION. Founded for KSU coeds as a means of 
physical recreation, WRA sponsors all inter- 
dorm and inter-organization competition, and 
opens gyms and swimming pools to the coeds 
in the evenings. They held a meeting of the 
Athletic Recreation Association of Ohio col- 
lege women and the Playday for all Ohio High 


COED CADETTE5: Row 1 R, Hansen, E Davis, S Belts. 
C Deering, I. Dehm, M McCoy, I. Rybar. A Haren, 

n, treasurer; K McBride, recording sec'y. Row 2: P Lilley, M Leech, B Levy, M Nalhanson, M Rybar, 
Row 4; L Leeper, B. Seifried, C. Huffman, M, D'Allorio, K. Martens, C CtiurcLi, D, Taylor 

"Hostesses" of the KSU Army ROTC, the 
COED CADETTES promote friendship and co- 
operation between the military and the rest of 
the student body. While presently a local chap- 
ter, they have initiated procedures to become 
nationally affiliated. The Cadettes usher many 
of the campus activities, help with the annual 
blood drive and work closely with Pershing 
Rifles and Scabbard & Blade, Though primarily 
a service organization, the Military Ball is one of 
their main social activities. Pam Martin was 
chosen queen of the ball last fall. 

Coed Cadettes 


D Hull, I LHommedieu. adviser, T Sengpiel- Row 2 V Mallock, P, 

Pershing Rifles 

Strenuous physical and mental exercise de- 
plete the ranks of the projected candidates 
until only the best remain. The "elite" corps of 
ROTC cadets are an element of the national 
PERSHING RIFLES, founded in 1898. Function- 
ing strictly on a military basis, their self- 
enforced discipline and fraternal spirit should 
help them in the United States Army. They as- 
pire to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival held 
in the nation's capitol, Washington D.C, They 
have an annual Cord Ball and Pershing rifle pic- 
nic. Advanced cadets also participate in the 
rugged FTX "Mock War" during spring quarter. 

PERSHING RIFLES: Row 1 8 Yamall. warranl olficer Row 2: S Wolle, H Hueslon, P. Carroll. C Larg, M. Simon, T Conry, C Duncan, T Ciannanlonio, D. Ru5l. Row 3 D MtCluggage, R Ray, M Rulhenberg, C, 
Li-nti. P Hunler. M, Chamberlain. K. McCluggage, R, Richardson, Row 4 R. Rodon, M KrejCi, |. Warnemenl. T. Hall D. Murray, D, Saxe, S, Euse, G. Cenlry, C. Cirard 


SCABBARD & BLADE is a national military 
honorary composed of ROTC cadets. The KSU 
chapter, founded in 1949, tries to further pro- 
fessional understanding of the military system. 
They aim to instill a high standard of perform- 
ance among the cadets and raise the standards 
of military education in American colleges and 
universities. They sponsor the Winter Formal 
and co-sponsor the Military Ball. They have also 
been called upon to serve as escorts for military 
weddings and march in local parades with their 
female counterparts, the Coed Cadettes. 

Scabbard & Blade 


Angel Flight 

ANCELFLICHT Row 1 k Durly.L Cnsak, cxeculive ollicer; D Ka^arda. adminislralive service officer; U koger.comman 
hut, K.DeMarco.N, Turner, S Samples, C Fitzpalrick,S, Combs, D Tefrick, Row 3 V VanHorn, K Polen, C Manners, L No 
son, 5. Stockdale, S Null, C Cleveland, B Mclnfyne, W Louden, D Friese 

, K Tunrwski, S Burd, complrollec, 5 Rodgers, Ma|or D Gibson, adviser Row 
ny.T Clark, K McDonough,M Kawai,C Mallelf Row4 C Bensley, I Yukna 

ANGEL FLIGHT is an honorary organization 
of dedicated college women who have the in- 
terest of the LJnited States Air Force, the Air 
Force Reserve Officers training program, the 
Arnold Air Society and the University at heart. 
They try to further the cause of the USAF by 
promoting special projects such as a Christmas 
party for needy children, ushering at Honors 
Day, working with the Arnold Air Society for 
the Hattie Larlam Foundation and sending 
tapes to their adopted squadron in Vietnam. 

The AFROTC flight instruction program has 
one purpose - to fly. Under the auspices of the 
United States Air Force, in conjunction with the 
Dept. of Aerospace Technology, AFROTC sen- 
iors have currently qualified for the program 
after passing rigid physical and mental examin- 
ations. They must complete 35 hours of flying 
time and one year of classroom work to receive 
their private license. By flying Cessna ISO's at 
100 miles non-stop, the cadets will gain their 
cadet wings. 

Row ! E Thacker, A Rosenberg, C Rose. 


ck, WCraig Row 2 Mapr R Lyfle, adv 


AF CROUP STAFF Row!: Major R, Lylle, adviser, M. Cailfe. M. 
Lee, group commander; |, Parker. Row 2: L. Deacon, R. Burns, D. 
Stevens, C Johnson. Row 3: |, Guess, I. Armslrong, D. Hall, D. 

Arnold Air Society 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is the Air Force pro- 
fessional honorary. For those cadets who wish 
to involve themselves in greater depth with the 
Air Force program. Comprised chiefly of POC 
cadets, they participate as liaison between the 
civilian community and the USAF. They try to 
develop a sense of responsibility which they 
will use as Air Force officers. They participate in 
fund-raising and service projects for the FHattie 
Larlam Foundation for handicapped children. 
They also co-sponsor the Military Ball and 
Armed Forces Day. 

Easily distinguishable in their blue uniforms, 
the 630th AFROTC CADET WING group is rep- 
resented by 210 cadets. Involving more than fa- 
miliar cadet marching, they are trained in prac- 
tical leadership situations to obtain experience 
for their roles as future officers. They study 
aerospace theory of Air Force organization and 
structure. AFROTC Cadet Wing activities in- 
clude the Military Ball in Akron and participat- 
ing in ROTC Day. They also compete with the 
Army and have come out victorious five times 
in the last six meets. 

Cadet Wing 

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Rowl: R. Burleigh, I Parker, A. Rasteller, C Pel 
Speidel, W. Sinnger, M. Engel. Row -1: C. Henry, A. Rosenberg, C loh 


KAPPA PHI Row 1 M Moulton, 
Rhynard. S McClam Row i M 

:S Gingrich, 2ncK ice presic 
B Myers. B Linger, S Will 

It, S Hunslon, 1st vice president, L Bamhouse Row 2 A Dearborn 
ch, C Koynok, W Flasher, R Skrielts 

Kappa Phi 

To unite girls in friendship and a common 
search for the highest spiritual values is the goal 
of Kent's ALPHA LAMBDA chapter of KAPPA 
PHI Club. For the past twenty years, members 
of the club have worked together to develop 
social, cultural and religious leadership in the 
community. Each year the organization spon- 
sors a winter formal, a Rose Tea for prospective 
members and a service project. During the '68 
spring quarter, the girls captured first places in 
independent Songfest and float competition, in 
conjunction with the Wesley Foundation. 

KAPPA PHI Row I D Brys.S Cougler, L Ciln 
Daub, L Chamberlain, D Mace, L Sedlak 

D, Semple, L Wilkir 

i. Watts, S Homola Row 3 L Kendel, I Schreck,C Su 


Sigma Theta 

Founded in 1965, SIGMA THETA EPSILON 
fraternity aims to develop a wholesome broth- 
erhood. During spring quarter they sponsor an 
orphan party, work on Opportunity Park. They 
also sponsor a Founder's Day Banquet, Alumni 
banquet and winter formal with Kappa Phi, 
their sister sorority. They traveled to the Na- 
tional conclave at Thanksgiving in Oklahoma. 
They have won first place in the independent 
division in Pork Barrel for the past three years. 

Slalny, R, Myeis, E Andr 

; C. Hogan, C. West, pre;idenl; R Pall 

, Dugan, D. Czehul Row 2: B Fuller, j Taylor, D Kimball, R, Bond, C. Condley Row 3; R Cladigan, 


spending sec'v Row J C Lent; 

Newman Center 

The NEWMAN CENTER parish council exam- 
ines parish needs and services through self- 
study, renewal and dialogue. Serving both 
Catholics and non-Catholics, the student group 
concerns itself with the social and civic realities 
of the campus community. The Council has 
sponsored a Kent welfare food collection and a 
visitation program at a retarded children's 
home. Their social activities include an all- 
university mixer, the Spring Film Festival, 
Mom-me weekend smorgasbord and parish 


'The World's Greatest Revolutionist" 

Campus Crusade 
for Christ 

A new group on campus, CAMPUS CRU- 
SADE FOR CHRIST, is aimed at presenting a 
knowledge of Jesus Christ and Biblical Christi- 
anity among the students of KSU. They have no 
pledge periods and the organization is open to 
all students. The organization, although new, 
has attended three state retreats. 

One of the newest organizations on campus, 
ized a year ago to increase communication and 
interaction among the veterans of Kent State 
and encourage interest in student affairs. They 
have sponsored a spaghetti dinner at the begin- 
ning of finals week and planned acultural week 
with guest lecturers and movies from foreign 

KSU Veterans 

, I. Kobe,vicepresiden[;R. Carpenter, corresponding sec'y, B. Walson Row2;R, Berry, T. Bussell, B. Bernstein, I Ceiger, T Lakso Kovv J K VVuod. L. 


jrer, C Pinkerton, 

! president Row 2 I Corcigall, D Zamberia 

Varsity K 

VARSITY 'K' was founded as a service organi- 
zation to promote fellowship among athletes. 
Some of their projects are ushering at basket- 
ball games and helping at Dad's day in the fall. 
Each spring they hold an outing with members 
and coaches. 

VARSITY K;Rowl:R.Smger,|.Fair,S Ludick.A Ca 
Fleming, I. Kavcar, |. Corrigall, C Hazen. S Holl 

L Carber, R Fechler, N Zu|, Row 4;T. 


Little Sisters of the • • • 

organized to promote the name of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon. In order to do this the girls visited an 
orphanage with the brothers and served at 
smokers. Activities designed especially tor their 
"little brothers" include a strong pledge pro- 
gram, parties and special help, the annual 
Christmas party and in the future, work ses- 
sions. The girls also sponsor parties and softball 
games for the entire fraternity. Formal rush is 
planned for the future, although they will con- 
tinue taking independent as well as sorority 

Golden Heart 

a new organization on campus. It was founded 
in the spring of 1968 and the sisters have been 
planning and organizing projects and activities 
for their big brothers, the men of Phi Kappa 
Theta fraternity. The organization has a consti- 
tution and have organized such activities as a 
Halloween party for their brothers, singing 
"pumpkin carols," and giving cookies to needy 
brothers. They began to establish a traditional 
Christmas party which their brothers will help. 
They also help their brothers by serving as host- 
esses for their smokers. 

Ruby and Gold 

aUsso, sec'v, D Morelli, presidenl, B VVilkin, vice presidenl, E Dans, Iceasurer, P Leek Row 2 L Cenlry, D Sche 
Wilkinson, C Bulls, M Ca|ka, C Cu>elle, T Hack Row 3: M. Walers, M May, C, King, S Loysen. N .Mius, A. Kisl, N Kursh, D Telk 





Greek History 




From the late 20's through the 40's, 
all the Greek organizations on cam- 
pus were educational locals. In 1943 
a sorority-fraternity committee asked 
President Bowman's approval to 
allow members of National Interfra- 
ternity Council and National Panhel- 
lenic Council on campus. 

The question of permitting nation- 
al sororities at Kent was complicated 
by the MFC "gentleman's agree- 
ment" of 1939, which stated that 
Pan-Hel would not install chapters 
on any campuses where local educa- 
tional sororities existed. 

On May 8, 1947, a 7-point plan was 
recommended by the sorority- 
fraternity policies committee "for 
the nationalization of local fraterni- 
ties which now exist on campus and 
for subsequent opening of the uni- 
versity to colonization by national 
social fraternities." This proposal did 
not, however, apply to local sorori- 
ties because of the previous "agree- 

Finally, the National Panhellenic 
Council made an exception to their 
1939 agreement and on May 28, 1947, 
it was announced that the fraterni- 
ties and sororities got formal go- 
ahead and could seek national af- 
filiation if they desired. This 
change-over is seen in the local edu- 
cational sorority, Gamma Sigma Phi 
which, in 1947, became Alpha Xi 

The two newest chapters on cam- 
pus are Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority 
and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. AKA 
started as an interest group known as 
the Ivies around 1956. In 1966 De 
Milos, the AKA colony, came to Kent 
and became Alpha Kappa Alpha in 
1967. The Phio's Club, an interest 
group of Alpha Phi Alpha, was start- 
ed in fall of 1966 and was recognized 
as the Epsilon Delta chapter by the 
Kent Interfraternity Council on Oc- 
tober 2, 1968. 






'^ . i 






Beverly Williams, 

Carol Knighton, 

vice President 

Patricia Mullins, 

Mary Mason, 


Edith Ritchie, 

house mother 
Lewisene Alexander 

Sandra Banner 
uanita Bryant 

Pamela Cohen 
Rhonda Coleman 

lannice Johnson 
Joyce Knighton 

Darlene Means 
Deborah Parker 
Donna Payne 

Donna Shelton 
Evelyn Smith 
Shirley Wyatt 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA, national social sorori- 
ty, cultivates high scholastic and ethical stan- 
dards while promoting friendship among col- 
lege women. In addition to founding the AKA 
Scholarship Fund, members co-sponsored a 
spring concert for the Dr. Oscar Ritchie Schol- 
arship Fund with Phi Sigma Kappa. 

As a community project, they prepared 
Thanksgiving baskets for the needy. Among 
their social events are the Ivy Ideal Dance and a 
Halloween dance. 


Brian Col bow, president 

Tedd McCormIck, v(ce president 

Thomas Blakely, sec'y. 

Paul Davis, treasurer 

David Akel 

Ronald Begue 

Frank Bi|bl 

Timothy Bryrer 

Gerald Buck 

Joseph Cantalamessa 

S. Robert Ciulei 

lohn Cross 

Donald Denkhaus 

Thomas Donehoo 

Ralph Fairbanks 

Terry Fraunfelder 

lulian Fung 

leffrey Cebhard 

David Green 

Buddy Greiner 

Carl Haefling 

letfrey Harm 

Timothy )enyk 

Kenneth Kefter 

Allen Kovar 

Dean Larson 

Walter Majewski 

David Nurch 

Richard Owsley 

John Papadeonise 




Carry Pat la 
Tliomas Palton 
Dale Peterson 

Milan Sipka 
Edward Stetankt 
Nick Sucic 

Cott Wenger 
jaines Whitmire 
Albert Wood ling 

Delta Sigma Pi 

DELTA SIGMA PI, the only fraternity to offer 
a professional program implemented by a com- 
plete social program, was organized to foster 
the study of business in universities and to en- 
courage scholarship and social activity. A dona- 
tion to the Akron Children's fHome and a party 
for these children is their philanthropy. Social 
events include "Rose of Delta Sig Formal," 
"Monte Carlo Party," hayrides, rush parties, and 
roller skating parties. Delta Sigma Pi claims first 
|)lace in the independent division of Penny 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Planning a new house, the girls of ALPHA 
CHI OMEGA claim the old one is not so bad 
with its indoor swimming pool. The sisters 
started a Big Sis program for pledge periods and 
wrote their own pledge manual. They sponsor 
annually a Christmas and spring formal. They 
have a service project every spring to help 
crippled children by selling Easter Seals. They 
won first place in the co-ed division for their 
Campus Day float and first place in an Opel 

ludy Rulle, 
Karen Holly, 
wee president 
Debbie Smith, 

Anna Sinclair, 
house mother 
Judith Ahrens 
Dinah Alvarez 

Pamela Amico 

Terrie Anderson 

Mary Ellen Barrelle 

Cynthia Biesenkamp 

lane Bix)ack 

Barbara Boguski 

Margaret Boyle 

Sheila Brown 

Dianne Burnett 


Linda Cat on 
Linda Chrzan 
Mary Delattre 
Kallileen DeVore 
Cathy Dickion 
Chen Lee EngleriMht 

Mary Fancher 
Chris Ference 
Barbara Galassi 
Karen Hanson 
Debra Hensel 
Marlene |ones 

Kathryn Kadovvaki 
Marlha kaiser 
Noreen Kaklowec 
Mary Kaven 
Barbara Keefe 
Betsy Kennedy 

Susan Lehmiller 
Candice Lero 
Norma Lovendahl 
Beth Knieriem 
Nancy Levis 
Carole Lovett 

loanne Luhaney 
Sheri MacKay 
Carol Manly 
Vearl Math is 
Mar|orie McCorkle 
Karen Mclluaine- 

Karen Milne 
Susan Mullin 
loyce Murawski 
|ill Navarre 
Linda Neft 
Pat Pivonka 

Linda Poynler 
loanne Prach 
Paige Preslan 
Rosemary Pudelski 
Sandy Rufle 
Suzanne Sell 

Cynthia Sikes 
Mandy Skelly 
Vicki Sollien 
Karen Starkey 
Patricia Stezuk 
Lauren Stuehr 

Bonnie Todaro 
Carol Trostle 
Linda Unger 
loanne Urdzik 
Susan Ward 
Tracye Wear 

Linda vVeilnau 
Virginia Wetherbee 
Cathy Wiland 
Mario Wolk 
Barbara Wolslager 
Loretta Yannucci 


John Mihacevich, master 

John Tingley, sec'y. 

Alan Brown, treasurer 

Emil Berg, adviser 

Richard Edwards, adviser 

Richard Featheringham, 


Ruth Schotl, 

house mother 

Carl Ahlert 

Richard Ambrose 

lack Baker 

John Banville 

lames Barr 

George Blackstone 

Nelson Bobb 

Paul Braden 

Daniel Brenning 

Michael Brush 

John Cahill 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Wayne Milier 
Phil Mongell 
Gary Morgan 

Rudy Nativio 
Douglas Neff 
Patrick Ortiz 

loseph Perry 
Patrick Raffa 
Stokely Reardon 

lames Reichert 
Gary Rewaud 
William Roberts 

Tim Rodgers 
Roland Scheller 
Steve Senita 

William Shanalian 
Stephen Sinchak 
Cliflord Smith 

Greg Smith 
George Spinner 
Douglas Strickmaker 

Bill Swettenham 
Robert Thomas 
William Thrush 

Robert Vaiek 
David Wagner 
Richard Warren 

Clete Weigel 
Robert Weigel 
Kenneth Zoretich 


The Greek brothers of ALPHA TAU OMEGA 
are active in the social domain at KSU. They 
participate in the Heart Fund Drive, they spon- 
sor Founders Day and a Campus Day party. 
They have won first prize for last year's May 
Day Relays and Campus Day float, men's divi- 
sion. Hell week has been replaced by help 
week and this year the brothers undertook the 
project of painting the house porch. Instead of 
going through that ordeal again, the brothers 
will move into a new60-man house this coming 

27 1 

Robyn Kabin, 


Renee Cohen, 

vice president 

Marlene Segal, 


Dorothy Castle, 
house fiiuther 
Lmdd Bakst 
Laurie Baum 

Marcia Brickel 

Marilyn Cohen 

Ronnie Cole 

Leslie Dinerstein 
Shelley Fagin 
Nancy Fischer 

3onnie Fleeman 

Shelly Gelfand 

Gail Gerber 

Carol Greene 

Susan Helfand 

Louise hlirschman 

Eleanor Kalen 

Naomi Kursh 

JoAnne Landow 

Marsha Lavinson 
Marian Levine 
Sharon Levine 

Maria Lewis 

Tammy Marks 

lanet Meyer 

Barbara Miller 

Paula Moskowitz 

Shelbie Myers 

"''^mt .^.. 1 


Mariee Robin 
Cynthia Rosenbaum 

Robin VVeinreib 
loAnne Weintraub 
|oy Zinner 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Besides being the only sorority with its own 
pledge house, ALPHA EPSILON PHI also has the 
distinctive mascot, Ginger, a pony. They feel 
that since they are smaller than most sororities, 
they are closer and more unified. This unity has 
paid off in their participation in numerous 
events, such as, first place over-all and first 
place sorority division at Penny Carnival. They 
were also first in the cancer fund-raising, "Send 
a Mouse to College." 



Michael Cohen, 
vice president 

William Holler, 
recording sec'y. 

Delta Tau Delta 

The DELTA TAU DELTA'S go into social 
events with a splash with the Delt Bathtub Gin 
Party. The brothers have distinguished them- 
selves by receiving the award for the Greek or- 
ganization that best exemplifies the true Greek 
spirit and their house was named the neatest 
house on campus. The social year ended with a 
spring formal. 

Gary Buker 
B. Timothy Bunch 
left Burke 
Donald Clarkson 
Terry Daoust 
Ronald Detwiler 

Donald DeVault 
David Farkas 
Robert Frazier 
Samuel Galston 
Jeffrey Gordan 
Kenneth Group 

Edward Hogan 
Kent Kilty 
William Lakeman 
Douglas Mancino 
Steve Molesky 
Edward Murphy 

|. William Murphy 
David Ross 
Robert Seidel 
Robert Sekkes 
William Sirey 
George Stockum 

Dennis Sussman 
Russell Wahlers 
Raymond Walsh 
Ronald Weigel 
David Woodcock 
Ronald Zwelling 


Arnold Malcolm, 

lames Anderson 
Tom Bedell 

Craig Bows 
Brian Haywood 
Ray Jones 

Alpha Phi Alpha 

Recently re-activated, the members of 
ALPHA PHI ALPHA have reorganized their local 
chapter. They aim to provide a social, creative 
and individual outlet tor their members. Pled- 
ges have service projects and wear a unique 
sign of their pledge - they shave their heads 
bald. As members of the first U.S. intercolle- 
giate black fraternity, they sponsor the annual 
Alpha Phi Alpha Casbah. Alpha Kappa Alpha is 
their sister sorority. 

Lee Rogers 
Gene Sheller 
Lafayette Tolliver 

W, Stefjhen Tolliver 
Wesley Wyatt 
George Yonthis 

In its twentieth year on campus, KAPPA 
ALPHA PSI claims to have the most soulful 
pledge periods of any fraternity. Members took 
third place in the annual Greek track meet and 
are the only ones who can count "Wild Man 
Fargo" as their own. Yearly activities include 
handing out literature during Negro History 
Week and holding a big social weekend with a 
dance, picnic and feast. 

Kappa Alpha Psi 


Terry Butler, vice 
Charles Machlin, 
Ken Bryant 
Frank Butler 
Frank Carson 
lames Cody 


Paul Jordan 
Vernon King 
Wayne King 
William Mitchell 
Charles Portis 


Elbert Pringle 
Larry Simpson 
Wendell Walton 
A. Stewart Winstc 
lohn Wolfe 


Robert Elan, president 
Robert Buller, vice president 
Brian Toll, treasurer 
Herb Luxenburg, advisor 
Robert Chaleff 
Andrew Clifton 

Theodore Cohen 
Alan Delong 
Neal Desatnik 
Paul Gold 
Barry Goldstein 
iVlichael Gruda 

loseph juliano 
Clinton julick 
lack katz 
William Kish 
Mark Kroll 
Brick Leder 

Perry Lieberman 
Ron Lovvry 
Robert Margolis 
lack Miller 
Russell Raye 
Michael Ritkin 

Gregory Scerbak 
William Sigman 
Barry Spiegel 
John Stone 
Mat Wasserman 
Fred Weisberg 

Zeta Beta Tau 

For being the newest fraternity organized 
(April 20, 1967), ZETA BETA TAU has cer- 
tainly proved to be one of the fastest growing 
organizations on campus. They won the first 
place trophy for a double entry float and first 
place in the Men's Independent Track Meet. 
After a long wait, they achieved their main 
goal for the year by being officially recog- 
nized as a colony by Interfraternity Council 
on October 31, 1968. Since fall quarter, 1968, 
the fraternity is now living in their new house 
on 325 E. Main St. The Costume Ball, Hippie 
Party and Scavenger Hunt party are annual 

If you have ever wondered who the girl Is 
painting the K every year to open Campus Day 
festivities, she is the girl selected by DELTA 
UPSILON to represent them in the K-Girl Cere- 
mony. Another service project of the brothers is 
cleaning up the city baseball diamond. Social 
events are also a part of a brother's life, as the 
annual Spring Formal and Wop-Harp Beer 
baseball game prove. This year the brothers 
took home the All-Fraternity Sports Trophy. 

Anthony Richmond, 
Alan Feibel, 
vice president 

Ronald Fleming, 
recording sec'y. 
Richard Taylor 
corresponding sec'y. 

Thomas Aljancic, 
Katharyn Town, 
house mother 




' ^^^^ 


1 U 



-' ,.S 










^^^^^^^^H J^r*^' 




^ J^ 



















1 mM: 



^ .^^ 









> ! 






1 / 



i I ' 







Art Allman 
Walter Atwood 
Wade Baker 
Jeffrey Barbie 
Robert Burns 
lames Dore 

John DuBois 
Tim Dudich 
William Dunham 
Richard Fechter 
James Felton 
Mark Craeser 

Donald Grant 
John Horvath 
Daniel Kibler 
Lawrence Konya 
James Lahl 
Joseph Lipcsik 

David Lloyd 
Leo Longo 
Donald Mackenzie 
William McGowan 
Robert Mehl 
Raul Mendoza 

Paul Moore 
Peter Morabito 
Robert North 
Jerry Palmer 
Robert Parks 
Thomas Pastoric 

Joseph Paukovich 
Robert Perko 
Michael Phelan 
Stephen Phillips 
James Platman 
John Rapp 

Victor Rocine 
Michael Schaeffer 
Bruce Schorsten 
Robert Schroeder 
Lanny Schwartz 
Daniel Siekaniec 

Gilbert Smith 
Randy Starkie 
Michael Sloneking 
Frank Surace 
Trell Taddeo 
David Taylor 

Samuel Tergo 
Daniel Tretinik 
William Truby 
Gary Vaccaro 
Joseph Van Pelt 
John Virgili 

Lawrence Walters 
Marc Warner 
Thomas Welsh 
Dennis Wright 
Dennis Zamberlan 
Gary Zanniser 


Sally Peterson, president 

Penny McCill, vice president 

Deborah Zinkann, treasurer 

Frances Scatterday, house mother 

Elizabeth Aino 

Connie Alstedt 

Sue Alstedt 

Randi Backman 

loan Beebe 

Madeline Bir 

Sandra Brainard 

Susan Briggs 

Debbie Carroll 

Margaret Chyall 

Barbara Chaffee 

Gail Cort 

Barbara Cross 

Cindy Crumrme 

Barbara Crysler 

leanne Flowers 

Kathleen Frew 

Rosemary Gelshenen 

Beverley Gllmore 

Kathy Glynn 

Karen Grosel 

Elizabeth Growney 

Connie Greulock 

Patricia Haas 

Connie Manners 

loyce Harrison 

Caria Hazard 

Marguerite Hedges 

Charleen Heinisch 

Cathy Heyl 

ludy Hill 

Donna Hotlman 

Brenda lllston 

Frances Ischo 

Marilyn Klass 

Chantal loyeux 

Marlene Kubik 

Linda Lake 

Deborah Landy 

Peggy Leon 

Brooke Levy 

Judith Lidon 

leanne Lukanc 

Ruth Mendala 

Sandra Miller 

Mary Moran 

Lee Novolny 

Linda Opfermann 

Martha Panning 

Candy Baranchik 

Mary Ellen Poellet 

Michelle Rainier 

Peggy Reed 

Laura Ricci 

Cheryl Roe 

Harriet Rothblatt 



Alpha Gamma Delta %:S" 

tf^ ^ 

4. ^ 

^ ^ j i 

Nancy Rothblatt 
Renee Ryzak 

lessica Spitz 
Susan Stockdale 

Sharon Stuver 
Lynn Tartaglia 

lanet Thompson 
Nancy Turner 

Suzle Parker 
lulie Perlman 

loan Previte 
Mary Magner 

Carole Wenner 
Sylvia Williams 

Ruth Wilson 
Janette Wise 

Glennmorris Apartments serves as a home for 
the officers of ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Sorority 
until their new house is built. Winter Formal 
Feast of Roses and International Reunion Day 
have become traditions for this social organiza- 
tion. Inspiration, rather than "hell" week is em- 
phasized during pledge periods. They sponsor 
Amigos Anonymous, and the Cleft Palate Foun- 
dation as service projects. Last year they won 
the All Sports Trophy. Alpha Tau Omega is their 
brother fraternity 





May Day Relays 

It was May and that means May Day Relays to 
the Greeks. The spirited crowd marched to the 
practice field complete with tissue paper, bal- 
loons and eggs. After the fraternities tugged a 
war or two, came the ever popular sack races 
with contestants lumping across the field and 
each other. At the conclusion of the gala event 
the Greeks retired to the grandeur of the Fifth 
Quarter in their letter sweatshirts to receive 
their trophies and rest from their labors. 


DELTA SIGMA THETA moved into their new 
house this past summer on 114 E. Oak St. which 
houses 12 girls. Their activities include job op- 
portunities centers, mental health workshops, 
library services and aid to underprivileged com- 
munities. Every spring they hold the Mr. Delt 
Coronation Ball. Other annual events are the 
Founders Day Banquet and Jabberwocks. The 
girls took a second in Derby Day, a second in 
Songfest and a third in May Day Relays last year. 


Stephanie Smith, pres/c/ent 
Linda Bohannon, secretary 
Marvolene Nicholson, treasurer 
lennifer Graham, house mother 
ludy Atwater 

Ingrid Barber 
Hollace Chapman 
Hazel Clayton 
Renee Clendenmg 
Bonita Cobb 

Lyncheryl Cadson 
Rosemary Kilkenny 
Harriett Lewis 
Angeline Maye 
Saundra Mitchal 

Cheryl Moss 
Laura Murphy 
Gail Perry 
Carolyn Ray 
Cathy Staunton 

Carolyn Steverson 
Charlotte Tarver 
Carol Tolbert 
Patricia Walton 
Stephanie Wood 


David Barrett, 

Glenn Berger, 
Grace Simmons, 
house mother 

Mark Alberts 

Frank Barnett 

Norman Batchelor 

Charles Becker 

Keith Beniamin 

Barton Betz 

Thomas Blakenshi|) 

lohn Bodnar 

Dennis Bolitho 

Robert Brown 

Richard Byrnes 

Ralph Carapelbotti 

Alan Cernigoj 

Thomas Costello 

Chris Costm 

William Daniel 

Michael Davis 

Randy Davis 

The pride of any fraternity, the pledge class, 
had the dubious distinction of kidnapping the 
IFC -president and having the only GPA above 
the all-men's average. Socially, KAPPA SIGMA 
holds the annual "return to Ft. Lauderdale" 
party. They took the overall men's sport trophy 
and placed second in the All-Ohio Kappa 
Sigma Basketball Tournament. They participate 
in Toys for Tots and have parties for underprivi- 
leged children in the Kent-Ravenna area. 



Allan Dimoff 
Bruce Giles 
leffrey Gran 

lames Hogan 
Ronald Havener 
Richard Huck 

Steven Kanter 
Dennis Keeney 
Robert Kefgen 

Stephen Keith 
Glenn Konvalinka 
Martin Kurta 

Robert Leasure 
Frank Matchett 
Robert McBride 

lohn Mclntyre 
Thomas Moyce 
Kenneth Nadzam 

Dennis Pawlak 
lohn Popa 
Robert Post 

Robert Price 
Edward Roecker 
leffrey Smith 

Gary Steele 
Ronald Stefancic 
leffrey Taylor 

Dennis Wade 
joe Wood 
Joseph Ziarko 

Kappa Sigma 


Mary Schmitt, 

Awards and prestige marked ALPHA PHI so- 
rority this year with the All-University Songtest 
trophy and the DU Best Sorority trophy. One of 
their sisters, Janet Allen, reigned as Homecom- 
ing queen, 1968. Annually, the girls sponsor the 
All-Greek Formal and the DU-Alpha Phi foot- 
ball game. Last November the chapter went to 
Baldwin-Wallace for their State Day. Another 
of the yearly projects the girls contribute to is 
the Cardiac Fund Drive. As for the future, the 
sorority is looking forward to moving into their 
new house which is to be done by fall '69. 

Alpha Phi 

Cynthia Cocumelli, 
vice president 
Sherri Streit, 

Bertha Shaw, 
/louse mother 
Anita Adkins 

lanet Allen 
Kay Alexander 

Patricia Anderson 
Kathleen Baldwen 

Sue Bechtelheimer 
Gretchen Beck 


Mary Berg 
Pam Bertram 

Sally Belts 
Mary |o Bluhm 

Brookie Borgeson 
Susan Burd 

Sue Carroll 
Mary Beth Charlton ^, 


Cathy Cleveland 
Lynn Franklin 
Kathleen Frazee 
Eleanor Davis 
lanis DeLong 
Diane DelPozzo 

Kathy DeMarco 
Diana Doty 
Eileen Drake 
Susan Edgecombe 
Rebecca Eisenhut 
Carole Fitzpatrick 

Nancy Frank 
Rosalie Garner 
Barbara Gintert 
Janet Goers 
Paula Grasso 
Susan F4annigan 

julianne Fiawkins 
Bonnie FHerron 
Fori FHertvik 
Susan Hicks 
Portia hlimes 
Cathy FHinchliffe 

Elaine lohns 
Marianne Johnson 
Sandra Kackstetter 
Pam Kessmeier 
Susan Klie 
Sharon Koster 

Katherine Lavis 
Margery Leech 
Marilyn Malarchik 
Patricia Massaro 
Molly McFlenry 
Kathy Mendiola 

Christina Merri 
Kathy Mever 
lennifer Miller 
Pamela Miller 
Marilyn Park 
Karen Pauley 

Pamela Pergola 
Patricia Repp 
Sharon Rodgers 
Barbara Saunders 
Cynthia Schuyler 
Patricia Shaffer 

Kathryn Smith 
Leslie Smith 
Rebecca Soentgen 
Barbara Tuttle 
Virginia VanHorn 
Doris Wendelken 

Merry Wheaton 
Peggy Whiteman 
Carolyn Willey 
Christine Woods 
Kathleen Ylinich 
Ian Yuknavich 


lames Meizlik, president 

Ronald Law, wee president 

Edward Sherwin, secretary 

Ronald Goldstein, treasurer 

Robert Allenick 

Kenneth Armstrong 

Arthur Berman 

Harold Bluestein 

loel Bornstein 

Lonnle Bresnick 

Fred Brotsky 

Larry Caplan 

Monte Collub 

William Dorsey 

Barry Fink 

letfrey Forman 

Emil Cluck 

Terry Goldstein 

Fred Hall 

Irwin Hausman 

Roger Himmel 

Bruce Hurwitz 

Stephen Ingram 

Mark Kotok 

Alan Lavine 

Steven Levine 

Arrol Lieberman 

Lawrence Mankotf 

Richard Mesnick 

David Morris 

Dennis Motyka 

Colin Neiberger 

lerry Persky 

Bruce Pipmen 

Richard Portno 

Steven Rosenau 

Steven Rosenbluth 

loel Schackne 

Michael Shapiro 

Mark Shorr 

Michael Silverstein 

Mitchell Simmerson 

lames Spickler 

Gregory Spiller 

Steven Stone 

Kenneth Taksel 
Steven Talmade 
Ned Vederman 
George Wainer 
Roy Zagaon 


Alpha Epsilon Pi 

It is not easy to find a more progressive frater- 
nity than ALPHA EPSILON PI. It is the only 
Greek organization lo step over racial lines and 
show everyone else that brothers can work to- 
gether no matter what their particular back- 
ground. With the groijnd broken for their new 
fraternity house, and membership growing, the 
tuture is looking bright for the fraternity. 



Phi Delta Theta 

PHI DELTA THETA has reason to be proud 
because this year they've added tour new 
trophies to their showcase; a second in Pork 
Barrel, a second in All-Sports, the Leadership 
Award from IPC and the tricycle race during 
Greek Week. Their pledge class did something 
out of the ordinary last year when they buried 
an old car of a brother's in the back yard and set 
up a tombstone. Traditionally, the brothers 
have a National Phi Delta Service Day, a spring 
formal, a fraternity tug of war, Miami migration 
and Shedelt week where the brothers' girls be- 
come an honorary member. 


Mane I 

alter Schultz, iecretary 
Paul Masters, treasurer 
ohnson, house mother 
N. Glenn Adams 
Horace Ashenlelte 
Harry Backas 

David Backstrom 

lohn Barilla 

Harold Bartlett 

lonalhan Becker 

M, lay Benko 

Don Benton 

Mike Brigner 

John Brooks 

Robert Bruns 

Richard Caldwell 

). Marc Cappell 

Daniel Chapin 

John Clayton 

Anthony Constantine 

Timothy Dwyer 

Albert Erickson 

M. Scott Ericson 

Steve Ferenczi 





i o^4lk ^JkMikm^ 

Edward Callo 
Kenneth Gartrell 
Arthur George 
Michael Casing 
Thomas Grant 
Louis Graziani 

letl Greer 
David Hess 
lames Holfman 
E, Gary Hohenslein 
lames Hugo 
lames Huxel 

Robert lackson 
Donald lohnson 
Gregg lohnson 
Lawrence Kamody 
Timothy Kelley 
lohn Kenney 

lohn Lazenby 
Keith Leo 
Gregory Lusk 
Dennis Manes 
Richard Marks 
Robert Marks 

Thomas Maschke 
Guy McCarrell 
Gary McHugh 
Lee McMannis 
William Morganstern 
Daniel Mossholder 

Thomas Ness 
Daniel Owens 
David Pa|3e 
Gary Paul 
Peter Rapp 
lames Reed 

Roy Restivo 
William Rodenburg 
lames Rodkey 
Richard Rowan 
Thomas Sargi 
Victor Savenko 

Andrew Sawhill 
Geoffrey Schofield 
David Seaman 
David Senseman 
Willard Shisler 
Thomas Shoup 

Harlan Silversten 
Garry Soehner 
David Sweeney 
lames Symons 
Ronald Thayer 
David Thon 

Dennis Ulery 
Byron Wasko 
Leonard Whitehouse 
Gharles Wright 
David Wright 
lohn Xander 


Marge D'Altorio, president 

Marianne Balotta, vice president 

Diana Telk, secretary 

Sharon Visoky, treasurer 

Rosaltha Richardson, house mother 

Linda Alexander 

Patricia Baumberger 

Connie Beier 

Mimi Bertuccei 

Gloria Bozek 

Linda Brand 

Shan Breckenridge 

Debbie Bridger 
Kathleen Brown 
MaryAnn Cajka 
Barbara Church 
Linda Coats 
Marcia Cooke 

Linda Coppins 

Janice Dewald 

Deborah Eiben 

lacqueline Elcrom 

Linda Fifer 

Karen Fine 

Andrea Forrer 

Elizabeth Ganson 

lody Gault 

Susan Cilmore 

lanice Giron 

Cathleen Gresh 

Carol Hanlon 

Shirley FHerrington 

Craig FHirschberg 

Leslie FHoward 

Pamela Johnston 

Bonnie Kastein 

Kathleen Krand 

Diane Krawczyk 

Patricia Kubek 

Kathy Lile 

Linda Lisle 

Linda Lombardi 

Margaret May 

Anita McBride 

Mary jane McGivney 

Melinda McCuire 

Maryann Melgun 

Nancy Mills 

Barbara Miracle 
Deborah Muto 
Mary Nathanso 
Mary Newell 
Carol Ord 
Debbie Orlowe 

Catherine Pantis 

Karen Pappas 

Linda Paulson 

Ann Pinkley 

Connie Ponlia 

lune Russell 


Martha Sample 
Diane Sauer 
Sandy Scaeuer 

Terry Schuerger 
Kathleen Schultz 
Barbara Sluke 

lane Stevenson 
Linda Swager 
Lynn Szaraz 

Deanna Taylor 
Kathy Tevault 
Patty Timchak 

Rosa Tirlea 
Keven Vaughn 
Nancy Wagner 

Irene Ward 
Amy Weiler 
DeAnn Wernet 

Dorothy White 
Leslie Wilcox 
MaryAnn Zak 



Waiting for their new house to be built, most 
of the girls have taken up residence at Glen- 
morris Apartments, which will be the official 
address of ALPHA XI DELTA until fall '69. They 
have been first in scholarship for five consecu- 
tive quarters. Besides this, they were awarded a 
second in Pork Barrel. Socially and traditionally 
the sisters hold the Pink Rose Formal every win- 
ter. Last spring they had a Sadie Hawkins party. 
As a community service the girls give to the 
Happy Day School for mentally retarded chil- 

■/ '^ . " 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Secrecy is an important word in PHI GAMMA 
DELTA because this is what their organization 
is based on. They are the only fraternity whose 
secrets are not in the National Archives. Their 
biggest social events of the year are: Fiji Island, 
Purple Garter Party, Hells Angels party and a 
Halloween party. Every fall the brothers take 
Akron orphans to a football game. They placed 
second in Penny Carnival, second in May Day 
Relays, fifth in fraternity intramurals and fifth 
on campus scholastically 

Phi Gamma Delta 

leftrey Zink, 
lohn Pantsos, 
recording secretary 
H, Craig Hugill 

Robert Rhode, 
tree) surer 
R. Donald Bailey 
Eric Blatz 

Richard Bliss 

Robert Breen 

Stephen Brown 

Mark Byrne 

Stephen Cdm[5bell 

lohn Case 

Terry Christman 

lohn Oarnell 

VV, Gary Diehl 

Frederic Dodds 

H. Daniel Donnelly 

Bert Ciannamore 

Robert Gilliland 

William Good 

lames Goodman 


r ^j1 


lames Harcelrode 
lohn Hindman 
Thomas Huber 
Brian Kunz 
Vincent LaCorte 

Lawrence Larson 
Charles Levinger 
Mark Lindecamp 
Charles Long 
Edward Mazelis 

Eric Naunaus 
Timothy Obringer 
Peter Palmer 
Peter Paul 
Stephen Paul 

Raymond Petrisek 
Thomas Purvis 
Earl Reeder 
lohn Relic 
David Rudison 

Donald Sansotta 
Donald Saracusa 
Robert Saunders 
Robert Schaat 
Douglas Schmitt 

Richard Schutt 
Gerard Sokol 
Frede Statfilino 
lames Thompson 
lames Tinney 

Antony Tisci 
William Twyman 
Earl Vacariu 
Anthony Valore 
lames Weatherhead 

Ion Whiting 
lamie Zimmerman 
William Zink 
Mark Zucker 
Roger Zwingler 


oily Koger, president 

Cheryl Harrlman, vice president 

loan Squires, treasurer 

Helen Poulton, house mollier 

Michele Atkinson 

Connie Bensley 

I, leri Bonstello 

Andrea Castanien 

Christine Chandler 

Sharon Combs 

Kathleen Connelly 

Judith Cornes 

ludith Courtad 

Lynn Csernotta 

Andrea Cullen 

julia Dehm 

Sandra Dylevvski 

Kathi Femes 

Diane Friese 
Sally Gates 
loan Gibson 
Lynn Glasner 
Jeanne Halverstadt 
Ruth Hansen 

Tamilyn Hatch 
Sharon Herrick 
Kathey Hinman 
Peggy Hocevar 
Deborah lohnson 
Sue Kangas 

Carol Katryck 

Cindy Kesling 

Marcy Kleiman 

Carol Kotun 

Patricia Landon 

Barbara Langer 

Debby Leftler 
Pamelia Listel 
lanet Maccioli 
Catherine Marshall 
Molly McCoy 
Kathie McNab 

Annette Mignona 

)anet Mignona 

loyce Miller 

Linda Mitchell 

Connie Modugna 

Jennifer Moore 

Karen Murton 
Louise Myers 
Cheryl Nagel 
Leslie Noble 
Susan Nunamaker 
Beverly Olson 

Susan Palmer 

Diane Paren 

Kyle Polen 

Barb Raynes 

ludilh Roehl 

Elaine Ross 


Chi Omega 

Mary Lee Rybar 
Suellen Samples 

Barbara Shirilla 
Barbara Siegel 

Leatha Smith 
--* J Rita Starr 

4. ^ 


Carol Stem 
Robm Stueber 

Sherry Swinney 
Sandra Thrush 

Karen Tomazin 
Lynne Tompkins 

Linda Vincent 
Linda Weknicl< 

Kathy Wenz 
Carolyn Wiles 

Marty Willis 
ludith Zilles 

Taking first place in \he Sigma CRT Derby! 
Day, Chi Omega also did well in Campus Dayl 
activities with a second in the sorority float di-| 
vision, third in Songfest and two sisters in the} 
Queen's Court. As a community service, mem- 
bers help needy area families, visit shut-ins and! 
have adopted a deaf family. Social events are! 
the winter formal at Firestone Country Club] 
and the annual Christmas party. 


Whiskey is a common sight at the PHI KAPPA 
THETA house. (He is the fraternity's beagle 
mascot.) Hosting the Lumberjack Ball every fall, 
this social fraternity has one of the largest hous- 
es at KSU. They are planning to build a new 
house in fraternity row. The brothers have been 
awarded second place National Co-operation 
Award. They also boast the fact that they ini- 
tiated Bob Hope as an honorary member of the 

Ray Leaman, 
vice president 

Hazel Sissons, 
house mother 

Larry Black 
Richard Carlton 

William Fiedler 
Robert Grzelecki 

David Hays 
Paul Mastriana 

Michael Pearce 
lohn Roisy 

Richard Roth 
William Serne 

Thomas Spergin 
lames Testa 

Bernard Tuomala 
lohn Turchon 

Bob Wcrnley 
H. Thcjinas VVillman 

Phi Kappa Theta 






Robert lewell, president 

Dennis Soltis, secretary 

Richard Weintraub, treasurer 

Lawrence Caskins, adviser 

Nona Harrison, moonlight girl 

Ronald Andras 

Bruce Baumgardt 

lames Beck 

lames Beyer 

Robert Brady 

Emmett Corrigan 

Richard Deeter 

loseph Dunn 

Michael Crillm 

Paul Guggenheim 

Thomas lollill 

John lurica 

Emmet Kline 

Donald Knowlton 

Roy Koch 



Thomas Kollar 
lohn Koury 
Raymond Kuchling 

Sander Lubisch 
Robert Magee 
Donald Mozingo 

lames Murman 
leffrey Oliver 
Thomas Reynolds 

Rudd Schibley 
Blair Schwartz 
Thomas Shubert 

Ion Stamets 
Thomas Stephan 
Lee Swiger 

Gregory Turner 
Robert Turner 
William Waldman 

Rodger Weiner 
leffrey Wile 
Larry Zoley 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

The goals of PHI SIGMA KAPPA are to pro- 
mote brotherhood, stimulate scholarship and 
develop character. The chapter had the high- 
est scholastic average for an active chapter in 
the history of KSU. At their national's con- 
vention they won the outstanding brother- 
hood award for their region. Activities in- 
clude the Carnation Ball, hero party, bingo 
party at the County Home and the Brother 
Ogg Stuff where each sorority tries to fit the 
most members in the Phi Sig red and silver 
milktruck. They won the Ugly Man contest 
and Ice Block race during Greek Week '68 
and were the only fraternity to compete in 
all the Campus Day activities last spring. The 
Little Sisters of the Triple T's assist the broth- 
ers in their activities. 

Smokev Robmion andihe Miracles and Smokey Robinson and the Miiacles and Smokey Robic 






, ■ 






Now about Greek Week. They told us it was 
all new — a "fun-filled week" for everyone on 
campus. So after voting for the ugliest Greek 
male (in costume, of course), the ideal Greek 
man and woman were crowned by the Greeks. 
Then the Greeks went to the Greek Feast and 
Greek Olympics. The All-Greek formal must 
have made for drowsy parishioners at the All- 
Greek church service. However, there really 
was something new — lots of happy kids, small 
types, thanks to the Greek's Community Serv- 
ice Project. Each chapter treated one child to 
the Greek Feast and Games. Another group of 
non-Greeks also participated in the activities — 
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Tricycles 
and marshmallows became remote history as 
the Monitors mimed and sang "Frankie and 
Johnny." Then Smokey grabbed the crowd and 
carried them "Up, Up and Away." It was Mo- 
town and we loved it. 

Greek Week 

Was . . . 

Beth Seifried, 
Charlene Arnold, 
vice president 
Kathleen Covey, 

Dorothy O'Farrell, 

house mother 
Marilyn Altenbach 
Susan Ankenbruck 

Carol Bayer 

Barbara Becher 

Sandra Black 

Cynthia Bohn 

Elisabet Borsiin 

Linda Bruning 

Barbara Buzzard 

Laura Chappie 

Cynthia Church 

Ann Conley 
Janet Cook 
Judith Cox 

Marcia deShetlen 

Lyn Eichelsbacher 

Julie Fairchild 

Kay Ferguson 
Nancy Flohr 
Ginger Fout 

Carolyn Cans 

Susan Hendrickson 

Dottie Hitch 

Joanne FHolmann 

Sandra Huss 

Ann Hynes 

Lee lones 
ludith loslyn 

Lynda Leeper 
Wendy London 
Marcia Mani 
Marianne Marguan 
Mary Martin 

Delta Gamma 

Placing first in the sorority division of Cam- 
pus Day '68, DELTA GAMMA sorority also cap- 
tured second place in scholarship spring quar- 
ter 1968 and took third place in Pork Barrel. 
Their philanthropy is aiding the blind especially 
a blind man and his son in the Kent area. Social- 
ly they are kept busy with the spring formal, 
Christmas party, ice skating party and open 
houses for Campus Day and Homecoming. 

Pamela Martin 
Kathleen McBride 
Madeline Mechir 
Deborah Misevic 
Merry Moeker 
Madonna Mouyard 

leanne Nagel 
Iodine Newman 
Susan Null 
Pamela Opelt 
Beth Reilly 
Brenda Sage 

Lmda Santschi 
Deborah Saxton 
Ceorgianne Schuller 
lennifer Schultz 
Karen Seci< 
Carolyn Shannon 

Janice Smith 
Letitia Stapleton 
Marilyn Thomas 
Patricia Thomas 
Carole Thompson 
Mary Travers 

Karen Treckel 
Barbara Vidd 
Laurie Williams 
Linda Williams 
Cindi Williamson 
Catherine Young 


Renting a house at 334 S. Willow until their 
new one is completed, SIGMA ALPHA EPSI- 
LON has made this their official address. When 
you see their house draped in black, you know 
It's time for the annual Paddy Murphy Party. 
Also, traditionally, the brothers hold a Spring 
Formal and a Little Sisters' Ball. For the ninth 
year the fraternity was awarded a division in the 
Penny Carnival. They also received the Alpha 
Tau Omega Best Help Week Award and the IFC 
Award for "Pledging most men of bids extend- 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Gregory Brunton, 
lerome Snyder, 
wee president 

Richard Daniels, 
recordinf:; secretary 
Thomas Schmiedl, 
corresponding secretary 



\1ichael Muth, treasurer 
lohn Miller, adviser 
David Adams 
Paul Anthony 
K. Lee Brandfass 
Ronald Britt 

Kent Brown 
Thomas Callahan 
lames Cassidy 
Anthony Compton 
Mark Cramer 
H. Bruce Davies 

Steven Feldman 
Gary Ford 
Walter Cilmour 
Lynn Hollosy 
Thomas Hubler 
Chris Hyslop 

Stephen Hyslop 
Bruce Kelso 
Kenneth Kirk 
Paul Knisely 
Nick Koich 
David Lehman 

Charles Metz 
Milton Miller 
Gabe Mingrone 
David Mitchell 
loseph Molendyke 
Michael Neustadtei 

Gregory Page 
Terry Patton 
Kenneth Potokar 
Harry Poulos 
Kevin Raymond 
Robert Ross 

Steve Saylor 
Donald Scott 
William Shetler 
leffrey Slonska 
William Sommervil 
left Stemler 

Charles Sueko 
M. Richard Sulser 
David Taylor 
Thomas Valicenti 
Henry Voskamp 
William Wright 


Sally Miles, 
Margaret Fox, 
vice president 

Janice kushner, 
Mary Barnet, 
/louse mother 

Ann Eisemen 
jayne Frontino 

Delta Zeta 

This spring, DELTA ZETA spon- 
sored a tea to welcome tineir new 
house mother, Mrs. Mary Barnett. 
Also during that quarter, the girls 
held a Campus Day tea, their an- 
nual spring formal, a Mom's Day 
tea, a Polynesian Party and a Val- 
entine's dance. The sorority at- 
tends a Christmas party every year 
at Pres. White's house, given by 
Mrs. White, a Delta Zeta. New 
trophies have been awarded to 
the girls this year: a first in Brother 
Ogg Stuffing Contest, Panhellen- 
ic Scholarship Award, a first place 
in May Day Relays, a national 
award for Press Book and two 
first-place scholarship awards at 
D.Z. State Day. 


Carol Abel 
Carol Albright 
ludy Allard 
Linda Amann 
Sara Bancroft 
Patricia Beal 

ludith Bennett 
Rebecca Beres 
Sally Beutell 
Lynn Budai 
Barbara Charlesworth 
Linda Clark 

Betty DeHoff 
Pamela Goldebury 
Ian Gorman 
Carol Grady 
Donna Hallal 
Marion Hamilton 

loAnn Harvith 
Carol Hendrickson 
ludi Hoffman 
Rita Ann Huver 
Christie King 
Kathleen Koesterer 

Linda Kovach 
Patricia Kovic 
Teresa Kyttler 
Carrie Martin 
Paula Marx 
Gerry McBroom 

Judith McRoberts 
Susanne Menegay 
Suzanne Molyneaux 
Pamela Moore 
Michelle Morgan 
Jeanne Nelson 

Terry Pederson 
Carol Pyers 
Pamela Radsbalk 
Michele Ranzenberger 
lennifer |o Rupert 
Frances Schmitz 

Karen Schneider 
Linda Shaeffler 
Ian Shaffer 
Carolyn Shreffler 
Cindy Sisler 
Barbara Skowron 

Linda Sobczak 
Nancy Swanson 
Penny Theil 
Harriet Tishler 
lean Tucker 
Dorothy Wade 

Christine Wallace 
Ann Wannemacher 
Karyn Weidman 
Patti |o Welch 
Patricia Yourst 
Mil Zimmerman 


Sigma Chi 

Stanley Ballou, president 

James Gilbert, vice president 

Ronald Mills, recording sec'y. 

James Coleman, corresponding sec'y 

Cordon Berkstresser, treasurer 

Lura Beckwith, house mother 

Ceorgianna Redaelli, sweetheart 

Edward Adams 

lohn Ambrose 

Alan Artzner 

John Beal 

Frank Borwell 

Cary Brocket! 

James Burkhardt 

William Casey 

Robert Castellana 

Carmen Cesa 

Daniel Christopher 

Vaughn Cogan 

Kenn Eckhardt 

Kent Edwards 

William Eppright 

Tom Erbaugh 

Stephen Fazekas 

Richard Finklestem 

Frank Frisina 

Mark Calanese 

Robert Gardner 

loseph Gross 

S. Richard Guinta 

lames Had 

William Halbach 

)ohn Hauser 

Douglas Holmes 

Richard Hronek 

George Isele 

Martin lenkins 

Charles )ones 

Robert Kragel 

Allen Kukovich 

Lee Lewis 

Vance Linamen 

Timothy Mayse 

Thomas McLeod 

jack Miklos 

Kevin Murphy 

L Lee Peters 

jVlark Pra|sner 




Edward Radel 
Carmen Redaelli 

David Reicosky 
lames Schellentrager 

lames Seipe 
Donald Stansberry 

Ronald Stoffer 
Robert Van Bergen 

Peter VanderWyden 
Tom Velo 

lohn Weber 
Richard Wolfe 

Mark Wurz 
William Zirke 

SIGMA CHI, the youngest fraternity on cam- 
pus, sponsors Derby Day each year on campus. 
In addition, they sponsor a service project for 
Wallace Village, a home for mentally retarded 
children. Special activity for the year was the 
Sigma Chi work day. Awards given by the fra- 
ternity include Sigma Chi Foundation Award, 
Order of the Scroll, and the Province Award. All 
are scholarships for the brothers. 


The annual Christmas Party, 
Spring Formal, and Founder's Day 
Banquet spark the social calendar 
for GAMMA PHI BETA, social so- 
rority. They sponsor two national 
camps for underprivileged chil- 
dren. In conjunction with Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, they sponsored the 
May Day Relays. They also took 
first place in the Delta Tau Delta 
bridge tournament. 

Gamma Phi 

lanet Reynolds, 
Nancy Wren, 
vice president 
Joan Basile, 
Doris Blue, 
house mother 

lune Albaugh 

Ellen Alexander 

Ian Armbruster 

leanelte Baluk 

Kathleen Barry 

Paula |o Bauer 

Barbara Berg 

Patricia Blackwell 

Carol Bowman 

Kathy Braun 

Carol Brooker 

Barbara Brzytwa 


Sally Carmen 
Chris Charvat 
Rose Collins 
Cheryl Cradis 
Sharon Cutler 
Dena Davis 

Diane Deering 
Sharon Dinch 
)o Lynn Edgington 
Kathleen Erskine 
Maureen Fitzgerald 
Kathleen Floyd 

Lynn Friestedt 
Laura Frohling 
Norma George 
Cheryl Gooding 
Paula Goryanec 
Cristme Hagan 

llona Harrison 
Nancy Hutchins 
Barbara Kalnitzky 
Marilyn Kerr 
Portia Kinch 
Sherry Kirsch 

Marcella Kitko 
Dona Klicker 
Patricia Knee 
Ellyn Koprowski 
Janet Krane 
Carole Lambert 

Mary Sue Lascheid 
Suzette Latham 
Cynthia Lee 
Eileen Licitri 
leannine Linton 
ludith Maruszan 

Leslie Miller 
Susan Miller 
Barbara Moran 
Sharon Morin 
Marcy Mrus 
Barbara Nelson 

Kathleen O'Brien 
Joan Palmer 
Lmda Pauley 
Alice Pavelka 
Linda Petrilla 
lanra Reitz 

lane Roberts 
Marilyn Schneider 
Marjorie Smith 
Wende Stilwell 
Diane Suchan 
Cynthya Thomas 

Nancy Vanecek 
Marilyn Waite 
Diane Warming 
Deborah Warner 
Kitty Watson 
Lois Woodbridge 


Richard Baringer, president 

Frederick Mills, vice president 

Phillip lohnson, sec'y. 

Maurice Palmer, adviser 

Dons Ross, house mother 

Ann Conley, sweetheart 

Dan Agricola 

D. Gerald Anderson 

Gerald Beagle 

Stephen Beckenholdt 

Stanley Cahill 

James Callough 

Stephen Carl 

Michael Clark 

James Cooney 

James Crawford 

Stephen Cyester 

A. Kent Daugherty 

Duane Erwin 

Paul Eshelman 

Roger Fox 

Bruce Fusillo 

Kenneth Hathaway 

Robert Herrman 

Larry Holdren 

Gary Holthias 

Vincent Horrigan 

John Hunt 

Stephen Jerrick 

Edward Judice 

H. Rick Kerr 

Ronald Kilbride 

Kevin King 

Joseph Kreiner 

Gary Love 

Steven Martin 

Phillip Mastic 

John McCullough 

James McCune 

Robert Meuche 

Richard Neitzelt 

John Nicodemo 

William Ockunzzi 

Richard Oliver 

Robert Palcic 

John Pandoli 

Michael Powers 

Karl Riccardi 

Robert Roepke 
Robert Rupel 
James Satrom 

Michael Savarian 
Robert Schorr 

Gregg Schorsten 

Martin Shaw 

Gary Shifflet 

jack Shutts 

Gary Skelding 

Frank Spiegelberg 

David Stoioff 

^ ^ ^li ^ ^ 


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

,^Sa — ^BhK — — ^^^^ 




Roy Straight 
John Swegart 
William Trueman 

Sam Harry Uvmo 
Andrew Wawrin 
William Whyte 

David Williams 
Louis Wolcott 
Gary Young 

The house with the "Red Door" is a tradition 
for SIGMA PHI EPSILON, as are the numerous 
serenades they perform each year. Trophies for 
IPC first place scholastic achievement (yearly 
and quarterly), National Scholarship Sig Ep cup. 
Pledge scholarship cup, and campus spirit tro- 
phy now adorn the mantel. And just for fun 
there's always events such as the Playboy Party, 
Golden Heart Ball and the Hell's Angels Party. 

Sigma Phi Epsiion 


».HL ' .U-t!'*W». 

WIchael Kilanovvski, treasurer 

Warren Graves, adviser 

katherme Feterle, house mother 

Thomas Balestreire 

C. Robert Bossell 


lames Burge 

lerry Clemens 

Edward Deericks 

Raymond DIetrIck 

Robert Dorler 

George Dreier 

lohn Filo 

David Flemmg 

Robert Folusevvych 

Rolland Geiger 
Arthur Good 
letfrey Hoinski 
Roger Houston 
lames lanning 


Tony lastromb 
George ledlicka 
|ohn Kavcar 

Dale Lewis 
lames Lowey 
lohn Lowey 

William Luksis 
Emerson McArthur 
Michael McCullough 

Andy Michalic 
Michael Milkovich 
Edward Miller 

Kenneth Morris 
John Nelson 
John Miller 

Don Nottingham 
|ohn Novak 
Russell Roselle 

Raymond Sardy 
Bruce Stevens 
Terry Thomas 

Anthony Tierno 
R. Steven Trustdorf 
Stephen VIcan 

William Wasniak 
Jack Wells 
Jeffrey Young 

Known for the number of members who 
are varsity athletes, the brothers of SIGMA 
NU bind themselves together for true and 
lasting friendships. They sponsor annual 
events such as the White Rose formal every 
spring quarter and the tug-of-war for all the 
fraternities. Planning a new house, they still 
live in the largest fraternity house at KSU. 
Every year they have a Christmas party for the 
underprivileged children in the Kent area. 

Sigma Nu 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 

The largest national fraternity in the U.S., 
TAU KAPPA EPSILON, Kent chapter, collected 
$303.65 for the Cancer Society by pushing a red 
bathtub to Akron. Among the social events are 
the Red Carnation Ball, Hells Angels' Party, 
Purple Passion Party and the Hawaiian Luau. 
The Tekes have also accumulated several hon- 
ors: All-university bridge champs, league 
champs in softball and ping-pong and all men's 
first place in Songfest. 

Richard Paulsen, 


Linda Chrzan 

dream girl 

Ruth White 

house mother 

Mark Albright 

Stanley Andrews 

Robert Baisch 

Robert Beckley 

Tod Blair 

Mike Bratt 

Dennis Calambos 

William Catterson 

Michael Cothes 

Paul Covvden 

left Cook 

Terrence Crawford 

Allen Doeberling 

Paul Franl< 

Ronald Freer 

Richard Green 

Douglas Hamann 

Ronald Hon 

David lohnson 

Donald lohnson 

Edward loyce 

Mike Kekic 

lames Kelvington 

David Lester 

Thomas Lida 

Dale Lintala 

Robert Mobley 



Richard Morehouse 
lames Mussey 
Bruce Pearson 
Frederic Peiffer 
Richard Phoenix 

James Prosek 
David Reed 
Randil Rudloff 
Donald Sandy 
Richard Saskin 

David Schoeck 
Robert Scoggins 
Samuel Serriam 
Karl Shallenberger 
Donald Spencer 

David Tenebaum 
Ralph Thier 
Peter Vetry 
Dudley Voll 
Dennis Waite 

Marvin Wideman 
Douglas Willoughby 
Richard Zampi 
Stanley Zborowski 
Ronald Zoeller 


Theta Chi 

A dead car and a monster hanging from a tree 
is used to announce the annual Monster Party 
at the THETA CHI house every fall. Other 
events the brothers sponsor include an ox roast, 
spring formal, Campus Day Alumni Dance and 
the Founders Day Banquet. Service projects 
also are on the fraternity's calendar as this past 
year brothers gave blood. Theta Chi took a sec- 
ond place in the float contest for Campus Day 
and received the National Scholarship Award. 


Louis Papalas, president 
|ohn Dante, vice president 
James Rion, sec'y. 
Richard DiRuzza, treasurer 

Maury Lee Rybour, 

Robert Bergfeld 
David Brodie 
M. Chadwick Burtorn 
Ronald Caleffe 
lames Cowart 

Allan Cowen 
Thomas Dahn 
John DeMarco 
Edwin Dieringer 
Ernest Franczak 
Edward Gaski 

Theodore Gersdorf 
Robert Goebel 
William Hast 
Paul Homison 
Dennis Ignatz 
Don Kline 

Dale Lake 
William Logan 
Anthony Logvidice 
Dale Lowther 
Gary Matthews 
Philip McGeorge 

Kent McKinnell 
Jeffrey Melching 
Tom Nicodemus 
Alan Schaal 
George Sherlock 
Douglas Shuck 

Anthony Sokolowski 
Pat Stefl 

D. Lawrence Stone 
John Thompson 
James Tillona 
Timothy Tullis 

Theodore Uly 
Hugh Utterback 
D. Scott Vamvas 
Daniel Viele 
Mark Yankovich 
Richard Zera 








, /^ '"/; 






Mark Albright 

Anita Alexander 

Lewlsene Alexander 

Marie Alexander 


Melanie Allen 
Rebecca Allen 
Roland Allen 
Susan Alstedt 
Alan Ambuske 
Herbert Amick 

Margaret Amonett 
David Anderson 
Duane Anderson 
lames Anderson 
|o Ellen Anderson 
losephine Anderson 

ludy Anderson 
Kenneth Anderson 
Ronald Anderson 
Sandra Andorka 
Cheryl Andre 
Annette Andreiack 

Thomas Angeloff 
Richard Arced 
Caria Arend 
Kurt Armbrust 
Donald Armstrong 
lohn Armstrong 

Charlene Arnold 
Gerard Arth 
Marsha Artin 
Kathleen ArtI 
Glenn Ashby 
Linda Asher 

Ian Askew 
Terrance Assad 
Peggy Atkinson 
Rochelle Averbach 
Dana Avrand 
Marilyn Babela 

Nancy Back 
Carol Bahn 
Beverly Bahr 
Carol Baio 
Mary Ann Bair 
Samuel Bair 


Saundra Baird 

Don Baker 

letfery Baker 

Marlene Baker 

Lyie Bakker 

Alan Balog 

Robert Balogh 

Sylvia Baltrinic 

lanice Banasik 

Sara lane Bancroft 

Richard Banig 

William Barbour 

Richard Baringer 

lohn Barkan 

Barbara Barnhart 

Lynn Barnhouse 

Charles Baron 

Joseph Barr 

Kathleen Barry 
Richard Bartkus 
Kathleen Bauch 
Cayle Bauer 
Lilian Bauerle 
Susan Baukema 

Sally Bauman 

Mathias Baumann 

Bruce Baumgardt 

loseph Bayer 

lill Beach 

Gerald Beagle 

Patricia Beal 

Anne Marie Beaudry 

Dennis Beaver 

Sue Bechtelheimer 

lames Beck 

Stephen Beckenholdt 

Marilyn Becker 

Robert Beckley 

Christine Beckman 

Raymond Beckman 

Martha Bedwell 

Linda Beitz 


Eloise Belaney 
Robert Belinger 

Ruthanne Seller 
Richard Bendel 

lay Bendis 
Beverly Bendure 

M. lay Benko 
Linda Benner 

ludith Bennett 
Mavis Bennett 

Cornelia Bensley 
Don Benton 

Jesse Berencsi 
Barbara Berg 

Dave Berger 

Glenn Berger 

Robert Berger 

Marlene Berkshire 

Richard Bernard 

Richard Bernard 

Robert Bernardo 

Richard Berry 

Emma Beruscha 

Lawrence Besancon 

David Bethel 

Nancy Betz 

Patricia Betza 

Sally Beutell 

Carol Ann Beutler 

Karen Bezik 

Sharen Bezik 

Nadine Bielich 

Cora Bills 

Deborah Billson 

David Birskovich 

Joseph Birskovich 

Marion Bischof 

lane Bisjack 

Arthur Bitzer 

Robert Black 

Sandra Black 

David Blackman 

Thomas Blakely 

William Blind 

lanet Blohme 
Harold Bloom 
William Blubaugh 
Rosina Boehm 
Beverly Boeshart 
Cynthia Bohn 

David Bohn 

|o Ann Bohr 

Janice Bolinger 

Susan Bollmann 

Brenda Bonifay 

jeffery Bonk 


Cynthia Bonner 
ludith Bonnett 
leri Bonstelle 
Philip Boos 
Marilyn Boring 
Arthur Bougher 

Susan Bowes 
Linda Boyce 
Renee Boyd 
Philip Boydston 
Lizette Boyer 
Thomas Boyer 

Cheryl Boylan 
Alana Boyle 
Gloria Bozek 
Milton Bracken 
Cheryl Braddock 
Dale Bradley 

Wayne Bragg 
William Bragg 
Karen Braidic 
William Brandau 
Gail Brandby 
Stephen Brandehoff 

Bonnie Brandt 
Brenda Braniger 
Barbara Bratton 
David Bratton 
Darleen Brauel 
Gary Braun 

Lurleen Bredbenner 
Terry Bregar 
Mary Breiding 
Carol Bricker 
Cathy Bridge 
Michael Bridge 

Debbie Bridger 
Elizabeth Briggs 
Ronald Briggs 
Steve Brightman 
ludith Brincko 
Raymond Brinkman 


lohn Brittain 

Tom Broadhurst 

lim Brockman 

|ud^ Brockvvay 

William Brokaw 

Walter Bronczek 

)ohn Brooks 

Richard Brostrom 

Cathleen Brown 

loan Brown 

ludy Brown 

Patricia Brown 

Robert Brown 

William Brown 

William Brown 

ludy Broz 

lanice Brundage 

Linda Brune 

Margaret Brum 

loseph Bruno 

luanita Bryant 

Timothy Brymer 

William Bucey 

Gerald Buck 

Bernice Bu|akowski 

Edwin Bulgrin 

lohn Bullach 

Richard Burchell 

lames Burge 

Kathleen Burger 

Eileen Burke 

luanita Burke 

Deborah Burley 

Dianne Burnett 

David Burns 

Douglas Burns 

Robert Burns 

Mary Lou Burrer 

)rj Ellen Burtrjn 

Lynda Bush 

lanice Busher 

Roberl Butler 




Terry Butler 
Karen Byerly 
Mark Byrne 
Doreen Caccamise 
Joseph Cacioppo 
Kathleen Cacioopo 

Dianne Cackowski 
John Cahil 
Stanley Cahill 
Thomas Calanni 
Phyllis Calderone 
Thomas Caldwell 

MaryEllen Callahan 
Robert Callori 
Betty Calo 
Barbara Campbell 
Perry Campbell 
William Campbell 

Lew Canzonetta 
Cheryl Capela 
Kathleen Capp 
David Carbaugh 
Anne Carlson 
lames Carlson 

Nancy Carlson 
Thomas Carlson 

Nancy Carmlchael 
Sandra Carmola 


Crystal Carpenter 
Sandra Carpenter 

Maria Carr 
William Carr 

Laura Carroll 

Pamela Ray Carson 

Betsy Carter 

Pamela Carter 

Patricia Carter 

Donna Cashane 

Ann Cass 

Bruce Cassaday 

Edward Cassesa 

Nancy Cassidy 

launnie Caswell 

Patricia Catalano 

Bfjnita Catley 

William Catterson 

Linda Censon 

Linda Cenia 

Barbara Cesa 

Margaret Chaltani 




Katherine Chansky 
Betty Chapman 
Kenneth Charek 
Mary Chastain 
Charlotte Chenot 
Cheryl Cherkasly 

Cheryl Chesterfield 
Charles Chiappone 
loyce Chipchase 
Kathryn Chociej 
Gregory Christman 
Lynne Christman 

Helen Chuich 
lanet Chulig 
Sally Chunat 
Wayne Chunat 
Cynthia Church 
Alberta Cincerelli 

Constance Civiello 
Jill Clancy 
Mary Ellen Clancy 
Gregory Claypool 
Patricia Clayton 
)ohn Clymer 

Betty Anne Coats 
loel Coccia 
lanice Coco 
Joseph Cocozzo 
Cynthia Cocumelli 
Molly Cohen 

Arnold Cohn 
Gerry Colavecchio 
Brian Colbow 
Gary Coldren 
Cathy Cole 
Jerome Cole 

Ernest Colella 
Rhonda Coleman 
lanine Collard 
Donna Colwell 
Marylin Colwell 
Dave Comernisky 


Marlene Conway 

Jack Contlenti 

Ann Conley 

Douglas Conroe 

Anthony Constantine 

Preston Cook 

Stephen Cook 

Art Coolidge 

Milton Cooper 

Nancy Cope 

ludith Corbeil 
Dan Corsello 

Patricia Corso 

Paul Corso 

Patrick Costigan 

Chris Costin 

Bruce Cowell 

Richard Cowley 

Barbara Cox 

Elizabeth Anne Cox 

Marcia Cox 

Cheryl Cradis 

Virginia Craft 

William Craig 

Katharine Crampton 

lohn Crans 

William Cranshaw 

Ronald Crates 

Craig Cregar 

Andre Crimer 

Steven Crisman 
Charles Crist 
Sheila Cronin 
Jim Cross 
Carol Crouse 
Susan Crouse 

Terese Crow 

Robert Crowley 

Salvatore Cue 

Kathryn Curcio 

Karel Curtis 

Susan Cyphers 


Paul Cyzeski 
Timothy Czerniec 
Mane D'Agostino 
Kathy Dailey 
Marge D'Altorio 
Anna Marie D'Amico 

William Dando 
George Danko 
loan Darmo 
Charles Darmour 
Nancy Darmour 
Cheryl Daub 

Frances Davila 
Eleanor Davis 
)ayne Davis 
Michael Davis 
William Davison 
lames Dawson 

David Daywalt 
Kathryn Deames 
Ann Dearborn 
Adrian DeBee 
Richard DeColibus 
Thomas DeFrange 

Dale DeCirolamo 
Julia Dehm 
Betty DeHotf 
William Delaney 
loyce Delewski 
Dominick DeMarco 

Diana Deming 
Roger Dengler 
Marcia DeNino 
Donald Denkhaus 
FHelen Depto 
Albert DeVaul 

Margaret Deye 
Karen DiBianca 
Nancy Dick 
Cathy Dickson 
Donald Dietrick 
Cheryl Dietz 


George Dietz 

Mary Donna 


Terry Digman 
Van Dillard 

Cynthia DiMarc 
Karen DiMenna 

Sandra Dimit 
Allen DIna 

)oseh DiRoberto 
Richard DIRuzza 

Joseph Dilchman 
Mary Dittoe 

Karen Dixon 
Marie Dobies 


Kenneth Dobra 
Cheryl Dodds 
Douglas Doebler 
Ted Doehle 
ludith Doll 
lay Dombos 

Robert Domer 
Sally Donecker 
Thomas Donehoo 
Charles Donnelly 
Kathleen Dool 
Patrick Dool 

Sam Dorff 
Robert Doriek 
Roberta Dorr 
Albert Dorrance 
Kenneth Dotto 
Ernest Douglas 

Patricia Douglas 
Helen Douglass 
Andrew Dow 
Catherine Downes 
Darlene Drage 
Dee Drake 

Eileen Drake 
leffery Drimmer 
Tim Drost 
Lynda Duesing 
Ralph Duff 
Sheila Duffy 

George DuMontier 
Sandra Dunbar 
Patricia Duni 
George Dunican 
John Dunkelberger 
Ray Dunlap 

Susan Dunlap 
Patricia Dunlavy 
Mary Durham 
Thomas Duta 
William Duty 
Neil Dwyer 


lames Dyer 

)ane Eaton 

Kay Eckler 

Nancy Eckroate 

Eileen Eddy 

Kaye Edmund 

Robert Edwards 

Carolyn Eft 

Lynn Eichelsbacher 

Neal Eichorn 

Rebecca Eisenhut 

George Eisentrout 

lohn Ekiund 

Donald Elder 

Mary Ann EIek 

Lorraine Ellithorp 

\1aty Emerson 

George Emmanuel 

Lawrence Emmert 

Elizabeth Emmette 

Chen Lee Engelright 

jill Engroff 

Henry Epp 

William Eppright 

Stephen Epstein 

Albert Erickson 

Kathereen Erskine 

Brenda Eshler 

Michael Etzkin 

Linda Eucker 

|oe Evancho 

Douglas Evans 

Rosemary Evans 

Kathleen Everett 

Mary Ann Fabian 

Patrick Fahey 

Mark Fahrer 

Kevin Fahy 

Patricia Fain 

Richard Fair 

Ralph Fairbanks 

Marlene Fakeris 


Lynn Faust 
Diane Fawley 
Edward Fazekas 
Pamela Fearer 
Richard Fedelem 
Jerry Federman 


Carol Fejedelem 

lames Felton 

David Fenn 

Christine Ference 

Steve Ferenczi 

Kay Ferguson 

Gregory Ferrara 

leffrey Feuer 

Leann Fields 

Joseph Filipiak 

Sheila Filler 

lames Fillmore 

lames Finamore 

David Findley 

Cretchen Fisher 

Dan Flaherty 

Maureen Flaherty 

Martin Flannery 

Wanema Flasher 

Pamela Flaugher 

David Fleming 

Will Fleming 

lohn Foisy 

Tom Foley 

Lee Folt 

Demaris Anne Foole 

Carl Forrer 

Diane Forsberg 

William Foulk 

Alan Foutz 

Robert Fowler 

Roger Fox 

Mike Frain 

Karen Frak 

William Frakes 

leanne Frank 

Paul Frank 

ludith Franks 

lana Franklin 

loseph Frattaroli 

Sylvia Frattaroli 

William Frazier 


Martha Fredriksen 
Andrea Friede 
Robert Friedman 
ludith Frye 
Linda Frye 
William Fuller 

Bonnie Funk 
Carol Furey 
Richard Furman 
Carole Furnire 
Michael Gaitfe 
Caliape Galas 

Ruth Gale 
Thomas Gall 
Evelyn Calla 
Brian Gallagher 
Muriel Gallagher 
Mary Lou Callam 

George Gallop 
Barbara Gandee 
Carolyn Gans 
Elizabeth Ganson 
)ohn Garcia 
Robert Gardner 

lames Garrison 
Gerald Gates 
Louis Gattozzi 
jacquelme Gaudio 
Carol Ann Gauer 
Leslie Gaynes 

lames Gaynor 
Ann Gearhart 
leffrey Gebhard 
David Gerhman 
Elaine Celtz 
Richard Gentile 

Randall Gerber 
Robert Gerrick 
Richard Geschke 
Sharon Gessner 
Rosemary Giampapa 
Majorie Ann Gibbs 


Cynthia Gibson 
Paul Ciersch 
lulia Ciesler 
Barry Gilbert 
lames Gilbert 
Rodney Gill 

Pamela Gillespie 

Robert Cilland 

Gary Gimble 

Linda Gllck 

Lynda Gluck 

Carol Gnat 

Patricia Godbold 
Susan Goehring 
Thomas Goehring 
Darcy Gold 
Itmar Goldenholz 
Nava Goldenholz 

Ins Goldstein 
Philip Goldstein 
Terry Goldstein 
Milt Golenberg 
Kenneth Golis 
Cheryl Gooding 


Karen Goodman 
)ohn Goodwin 
Telva Cordon 
Beverly Corsica 
Norton Gottfried 
Susan Gottfried 

Bobeyong Gottrell 
lohn Gottschalk 
Susan Gougler 
Kathryn Graf 
Charles Graham 
Christine Graham 

Cecelia Cranados 
lames Grant 
Karen Craulich 
Cheryl Cravereau 
Sherry Gray 
Louis Graziani 

Mary Beth Graziani 
Norman Graziani 
Robert Greenbank 
Bonita Greenbaum 
Harold Greenberg 
Linda Greene 

Linda R. Greene 
Marcella Greene 
Mark Gregorich 
Susan Greitzer 
Connie Greuloch 
Ara Lou Greunke 

Michael Griffin 
Frances Grimes 
Frances Cronsky 
George Gross 
lack Grove 
Elizabeth Growney 

Susan Grubb 
lanice Grubich 
Sandra Grucza 
Anthony Guarnieri 
lerral Guess 
Richard Cuinta 


David Cura 

Robert Haag 

loanne Haberer 

Dennis Hage 

Raymond Hair 

Leonard Hairston 

lane Halderman 

Darrell Hall 

David Hall 

|im Hall 

ludy Hall 

Nanci Hall 

Phyllis Hall 

Mary Halloran 

Clark Hallpike 

William Halter 

Barbara Haluska 

leanne Halverstadt 

Lynne Hamilton 

Sally Hamilton 

William Hammen 

Sue Hammer 

Arlene Hamrich 

Barbara Hancock 

lohn Hanic 

Carol Hanlon 

Susan Hanner 

Connie Hanners 

Nancy Hansen 

Ruth Hansen 

Thomas Hardulak 

Roberta Hare 

leffery Harm 

Karen Harmych 

Phyllis Harper 

Cheryl Harriman 

Judith Harris 

Mark Harris 

Shirley Harris 

William Harris 

George Harrison 

Richard Harrison 








leflery Hart 
Susan Hart 

Alanna Hartman 
Linda Hartman 

Charles Hartz 
Linda Harvey 

Duane Hatton 
Robert Haverkos 

Kenneth Havran 
Cayle Hawkins 

lean Hays 
Susan Hazel 

Agnes Hazucha 
Phyllis Head 


Sue Hedden 

Marguerite Hedges 

Kathleen Helberg 

Cheryl Heidelberg 

Robert Heinlen 

Shirley Heisa 

Rainhard Heise 

Carol Hendriksen 

Rebecca Hendrix 

Bruce Hendrlckson 

lames Henry 

Roger Henry 

Claudia Hensley 
Kathleen Henson 
Leonard Henzel 
Barbara Heritage 
Melvin Heritage 
Bonnie Herron 

ludith Herthneck 

Neal Herzog 

Esther Hetrick 

Carhy Heyl 

Kathy Heyl 

Louise Hill 

Margaret Hill 

Ronald Hill 

Nancy Hiller 

Kathleen Hillery 

lames Hilligas 

Roger Himmel 

Robert Hinderer 

Robert Hine 

ludy Mines 

Randy Hines 

William Hmes 

Rebecca Hipply 

David HIass 

Connie Hnida 

Stanely Hochstetler 

Vickl Hoehn 

Sheila H(jtacre 

Lois HoftCe 



Anne Hoffman 
lames Hoffman 
Karen Hoffman 
Lmda Hoffman 
M. Anne Hoffman 
Ellen Hogan 

George Holdlnsky 

Lawrence Holdren 

lanice Holland 

H. Ritchey Hollenbaugh 

Karen Holly 

Gary Hollhus 

Lmda Homa 
Paul Homison 
Susan Honzik 
MicLiele Hoos 
Mary Hopkins 
Patricia Hopkins 

Lynne Horn 
Loralyn Hornack 
Robert Hornack 
Mark Hornyak 
Linda Horvath 
Gail Horwitz 

Irene Horwitz 
lanet Hoskinson 
Robert Host 
Susan Hotchkiss 
Kermit Houser 
Bonni Howe 

Martlia Howe 
Thomas Howell 
Richard Hronek 
Candice Huffman 
Thomas Hufler 
Sandra Hunston 

Pamela Hunter 
Tracy Hura 
Paul Hurst 
Stephen Hurtauk 
Sandra Huss 
ludith Hutchinson 


Kathryn Huz\ar 
Micharl Hyman 

Roger Hyatt 
Patricia lacobeliis 

Teresa lafigiola 
Teri lapaolo 

Duke Iden 
Alan Ifft 

Dennis Ignatz 
Lawrence Imholl 

Fran Inlanlino 
Kathleen Irwin 

lohn Ischo 
Donald "Isham 

Adele Iwanusa 
|. Larry lack 
Frarik lacono 
Bradford lames 
Edward lames 
Margaret laqua 

Evelyn Jaskoi 
Daniel lendrisak 
Catherine lensen 
lerry lividen 
Elaine lohns 
Carol Anne lohnson 

Carolyn lohnson 
Chris lohnson 
Claudia Johnson 
David lohnson 
Gary lohnson 
Linda lohnson 

Philip lohnson 
Rebecca lohnson 
Richard lohnson 
Stanley lohnson 
Nancy Johnston 
Allen lones 

David lones 
Rachel Ann lones 
Robert lones 
Robert lones 
Wendy lorch 
Gary loseph 

loseph loyce 
Chantal loyeux 
Marlene lozsa 
Linda luergens 
Peggy luggard 
Inars lurjans 

Sarma lurjans 
Woody Kabicek 
Sandy Kackstetter 
James Kagafas 
Cheryl Kahler 
Mark Kain 


Kathleen kaiser 

Martha Kaiser 

Alice Kalonick 

Kathleen Kammer 

loyce Arleen Kama 

lames Kapel 

Dennis Karlan 
Edward Karoue 
Ron Karst 
Dianne Kasarda 
Dennis Kaselak 
Bonnie Kastein 

)ohn Kaufman 

Patrick Kavulla 

Gail Kay 

Robert Kaye 

Karen Keete 

Sharen Keene 

Don Keener 

Robert Kelgen 

Nancy Keith 

M. Colleen Kelley 

Martha Kelly 

lames Kelvington 

)ill Kenepp 

lacquelme Kennedy 

Barbara Kent 

Barbara Kepler 

loanne Keptner 

Ronald Keptner 

Bonnie Kern 

Linda Ketner 

)anis Keys 

Fred Kier 

Sandra Kilbourn 

Barbara Kilgore 

Suek San Kim 

Duane Kimball 

'Portia Kinch 

Kim Kindig 

Kevin King 

Mary Lou Kingzett 



loanne Kish 
Barbara Kislelewski 
Karen Kiss 
leri Kistler 
Carol Kitson 
lane Klein 

Sharon Kleinberg 
Ronald Klepcyk 
Cathy Kline 
Connie Kline 
Libby Klingel 
Karen Klink 

Rose Marie Kmiecik 
Nancy Knauer 
Vivian Knetege 
Joyce Knighton 
Beverly Knoch 
Patricia Knoechel 


Martha Koch 

Sandra Koehler 

Olive Koger 

Diane Kohlruss 

Kathleen Kolakowski 

Cindy Koljot 

Thomas Kollar 

Suzanne Koons 

Victoria Kopnicky 

Richard Koprucki 

Gary Korb 

leffery Korchin 

jaroslawa Korenewych 

Myrna Kosko 

Michael Koslen 

lean Koucky 

)an Kountz 

)ohn Koury 

Linda Kovach 

Catherine Kowall 

Margaret Kowall 

loseph Kewilich 

Carol Koynok 

Robert Kragel 

William Kramer 

Lynn Krantz 

Richard Krasnoff 

Susan Krawetz 

Robert Kreiner 

Robert Kre|sa 

Helene Kren 

Paul Kress 

ludith Kreusler 

Diana Krotky 

)ohn Kruk 

Karia Krull 

B. Krutowsky 
Judy Krysciak 
Allan Krysiak 
loseph Kubas 
Ellen Kuenstler 
David Kuhn 


Elizabeth Kuhn 
Edwin Kuna 
lonnie Kuhlman 
loseph Kulis 
Fred Kung 
ludith Kusnyer 

Lora Kusy 
ludith Labin 
lohn Each 
Susan Eagler 
lames Eahl 
Irena Lahola 

Glenn Eake 
George Lamb 
Sanford Lamovsky 
Thomas Landers 
Tom Landers 
Lynda Landgrat 

Gary Lanker 
Stephan Lannan 
Pat Lanslnger 
Anthony Eanzl 
lohn Larrick 
Lynn Larsen 

Cory Lash 
Michael Laughrin 
Kathleen Lavery 
Carl Layman 
Samuel Leaman 
Cheryl Lee 

Monte Lee 
Margery Leech 
Victor Lefkot 
Ruth Lehtlnen 
Neil Lekander 
Michael Lenarcic 

Carol Lenard 
Barbara Lenk 
Brent Leon 
Peggy Leon 
Karen Leovic 
Bernard Lerch 


Royce Lerman 

Barbara Leshinski 

Linda Levengood 

Dale Lewis 

Thomas Lewis 

Martin Lift 

William Lillich 
Pamela Lincoln 
Barbara Linger 
lohn Lmta 
Alice Liotta 
Kathleen Lippit 

Kathleen Lipton 

Larry Lisowski 

lohn Little 

Kathleen Little 

Ronald Little 

Rodney Livingston 

Patricia Locurto 

Stella Loeb 

lohn Loew 

Darlene Logan 

lanet Logan 

Lorraine Loitz 

lames Long 

Karen Longert 

Bob Longnecker 

Cay Looker 

Karen Lopiano 

Gary Lorentz 

Marilyn Lotarski 

Linda Lott 

Susan Loucks 

Sandra Love 

Philip Loveless 

Donald Lowmiller 

Margaret Loyer 

Bernard Lubran 

Kathy Lucas 

lames Lult 

Nancy Luginbuhl 

Peggy Luginbuhl 


leffery Luke 
Anthony Lupino 

Holly Lupton 
Christian Lutjen 

lennings Luton 
Pamela Luttner 

Thomas Luxmore 

Gale Lynch 
Marion Lynch 

Michael Lynch 
loseph Lynn 

James Lyon 
Donna Mace 


Cathy Macejko 

leannie Mack 

Brenda Mackall 

lerry Macki 

Jacquelyn Maclean 

Margaret Maden 

Renee Magee 

Robert Magee 

Donna Maggio 

Mary Magner 

Thomas Maherns 

Sally Mahoney 

Robert Malibauer 

lanet Maimone 

Linda Mains 

)ohn Maitland 

Marilyn Malarchik 

Arnold Malcolm 

Stuart Mallmger 

Daniel Mamula 

Karen Manchester 

Ron Mandel 

Sharon Manheimer 

Carol Manly 


Gerald Manley 
Linda Manson 
Constance Mantey 
Linda Mantz 
Robert Marabito 
Cheryl Marang 

Uilliam Marasco 
Roland March 
Richard Margolis 
Ernest Markovic 
Richard Markovich 
Robin Marks 

Elam Marku 
Kathleen Markulis 
Michael Markwald 
ludith Markwalder 
Byron Marquis 
Sally Marsh 

Kenneth Martell 
lames Martello 
Kathleen Martens 
Ann Martin 
David Martin 
Pamela A. Martin 

Pamela R. Martin 
Richard Martin 
Yvonne Martindale 
Ronald Martino 
Lance Martinson 
Mary Alice Martz 

John Maryo 
Frosso Marzava 
Ceralding Mascenik 
Nancy Masek 
Susan Masirovits 
Marilyn Mason 

Mary Mason 
Melynda Masters 
Barbara Matacic 
Frank Matchett 
Cheryl Mathews 
Elizabeth Mathews 


Dennis Matson 

Gary Matthews 

William Mattingly 

Trudy Mattle 

loseph Matzo 

Steve Mavrogianis 

Allan May 
Annette Mayer 
Thomas Mayer 
Darina Mayher 
Barbra Maynor 
letlrey Mazur 

Jronvvyn Mazzaterri 

\1artm Mazzei 

lane McAllister 

Janet McBride 

lohn McCabe 

Betty McCallum 

Kathleen McCarthy 
Marilyn McCarver 
Anila McCloud 
Ann McConnell 
Ron McConnell 
Becky McCook 

Ted McCormick 

lohn McCullough 

Virginia McDaniels 

L. McDannel 

Dennis McDermott 

Paul McDermott 

Carol McDevitt 

Carol McDivitt 

Suzanne McDonald 

Thomas McDonough 

Richard McElroy 

lamea McCarry 

Doug McCee 

Penny McCill 

William McGlothlin 

Irene McGregor 

Kathleen McGrew 

Mars Ellen McGucken 

^%^ iM 


Linda McGuire 
Karen Mcllvaine 
Lynne Mcllvaine 
Louise McKay 
Patricia McKay 
leflrey McKeever 

Roberta McKenzie 
Paul McKinley 
Aleta McLellan 
Thomas McLeod 
Kevin McManus 
Robert McMillen 

Ellen McNett 
Madeline Mechir 
Merry Meeker 
lane Meeting 
lohn MeHall 
Gary Meier 

Jeffery Melching 
Diane Melega 
Carolyn Melito 
Linda Mellinger 
Kathleen Mendiola 
Raul Mendoza 

Gary Mercer 
Mary Lou Metsker 
Robert Metz 
Judy Metzger 
lanet Middendorf 
John Mihacevich 

Frank Mihalik 
)ohn Milano 
Mary Lee Milano 
David Miles 
Sally Miles 
Frances Millard 

Carl Miller 
Carol Miller 
Cheryl Miller 
Jayne Miller 
)eri Miller 
Marilyn Miller 


Sandra Lee Miller 

Stefan Miller 

Susan Miller 

Connie Milligan 

Nancy Milligan 

Marve Millikin 

Sharon Milliron 

Frederick Mills 

Margaret Mills 

Suzanne Mills 

Marg Miner 

Deborah Misevic 

lames Mitsuyasu 
Kathleen Mladek 
Veronica Mlaker 
Nancy Mock 
Connie Modugno 
Franklin Mohoric 

Carol Moldauer 

Martha Mole 

Linda Mollenkopf 

Suzanne Molyneaux 

Teresa Monastra 

William Monbeck 

Janice Montrella 

Barbara Moonis 

Cordon Moore 

Pamela Moore 

Suzanne Moore 

Beverly Moreland 

Donna Moretti 

Kathie Morgan 

Keith Morgan 

Michelle Morgan 

James Morley 

Carole Morman 

Virginia Morris 

Edward Morrish 

Barbara Morrison 

Faye Morrison 

Vernon Morrison 

Judy Morse 



lennifer Moss 
Cay Ann Mossman 

Barbara Mosso 
Mary Moulton 

Sue Moyer 
David Moyers 

Pamela Mraz 

Susan Muckley 
Nancy Mulholland 
left Mullett 
Larry Mundorf 
Charles Munnell 
lames Murman 

Kevin Murphy 
Carol Musch 
Margaret Musick 
Michael Muth 

Lynne Muzik 
Barry Myers 

Jerry Myers 
Linda Myers 
Louise Myers 
Lynda Myers 
Nancy Myers 
Joseph Mysza 




Margaret Nagy 
Bonita Nedved 
Linda Neff 
Robert Nelson 
Ronald Nelson 
Rebecca Nentwick 

Tonda Netzly 

Richard Neubauer 

John Newcomer 

Mary Newell 

Mary Newhard 

Neva Newill 


David Nichols 
|ohn Nicodemo 
Carole Nicolosi 
Gary Nied 
lohn Nikles 
Ian Nisewaner 

William North 
William Northcott 
Diane Nourse 
Bernadene Novak 
Susan Null 
Nancy Nurrenbrock 

Margaret Oberholtzer 
Kathleen O'Brien 
Timothy Obringer 
Ion Paul Ockun 'zi 
Thomas Ockun^ i 
William Ockunizi 

Patrick O'Connell 
Maureen O'Connor 
David O'Dell 
William O'Dell 
Rita Oetzel 
Valerie Offenbaker 

William O'Keefe 
Bart Oldenburg 
Bill Oldham 
Carol Olin 
Fred Olsen 
Marilyn O'Mellan 

Michael Ondecker 
Terry Ondrejko 
Suzanne Ong 
Pamela Opelt 
ludith Oroszy 
Richard Orr 

Ida Ostetrico 
Rodney Ozmun 
Ann Marie Pachipka 
lohn Pachuta 
Carol Pack 
Janie Pack 


Eugene Pacula 

Eva Padovani 

Richard Page 

Mary Ann Palazzi 

Robert Palcic 

Ellen Pallinger 

Carolyn Palmer 

lerry Palmer 

Karen Palosi 

Betty Pamer 

Wanda Pandin 

Mary Louise Paoloni 

John Papadeonise 
Louise Papalas 
Karen Papenfuss 
Barbara Parke 
)oseph Parker 
Richard Parker 

James Parkhurst 

janine Parkhurst 

Eleanor Parks 

Philip Parks 

Charles Partlow 

Tom Parton 

Thomas Pascarella 

Sharcjn Pascue 

Ronald Paskey 

Charles Royce Patten 

ludith Patterson 

Ron Patlon 

)ohn Pavesich 
Alice Pavelka 
Andrew Paveiko 
Karen Pavlich 
Thomas Pavlish 
Charles Pearle 

Cart Pearlman 

leanetle Praspanen 

Elizabeth Peeling 

leffery Peiper 

Steve Pekarcik 

Kathleen Percenli 


Gail Perry 
Joseph Perry 
Patricia Perry 
James Pesce 
Thomas Pestrak 
Cheryl Peters 

Ian Peters 
Richard Peterson 
Sandra Peterson 
Sherry Petkovsek 
Ellen Petrella 
Maryann Petrini 

Eugene Petrus 
Dianna Petti 
George Pettit 
Gary Petty 
Patricia Petty 
Karl Pfatf 

Terry Pfeifer 
Thomas Phelps 
Katherine Phillips 
Lucy Picciano 
Thomas Picciano 
Franklin Piccirillo 

Ray Pickens 
Richard Pidwell 
Diana Pierce 
Anne Pildner 
Laural Pinault 
J. Clark Pinkerton 

James Piotrowski 
Kathleen Pistone 
Robert Plautz 
Leonard Playko 

Judith Poe 
Judy Pohl 

Ray Polen 

Ronald Polichnowski 
Harvey Pollack 
Carol Polonowski 
Philip Pontius 
Leslie Popa 


Gerald Popelika 
Richard Poplstein 

lanet Porte 
lohn Potkalitzki 

Kenneth Potokar 
Elizabeth Potter 

Joyce Potter 
Mark Potter 

Roby Potts 
Linda Poulson 

Freda Power 
Marilyn Praznik 

Barbara Preusch 
Pfjily Price 


Leonard Priebe 
Linda Provenza 
Joseph Ptak 
Franclne Pugiiese 
Diane Punka 
Pam Purses 

loan Puzder 
Carol Pyers 
Gary Pyle 
William Quinn 
Elizabeth Rabatin 
Gerald Rabell 

Bennet Rader 
Ronald Ratal 
lames RaidI 
Donald Rainone 
Jerry Ramsey 
Micheie Ranzenberger 

John Rapp 
Peter Rapp 
loanne Rassie 
Arthur Rastetter 
John Rath 
Myrna Raubenolt 

Richard Rayl 
Jackie Raymondi 
Nancy Rech 
Paul Redhead 
Rodger Redmond 
Carol Reed 

Cheryl Reed 
Connie Reed 
Earl Reeder 
Sandra Refe 
David Reicosky 
leanne Reid 

Beth Reiiiy 
Charlotte Reinhart 
George Reitz 
Kay Remerowski 
Joan Rendinell 
Janet Reynolds 


Rayneen Reynolds 

Laura RIcci 

Freddie Richards 

Anthony Richmond 

David Rickard 

Virginia Rickard 

Sandra Ricketts 

Gail Rienerth 

lams Riffle 

Michael Rifkm 

Thomas Rigby 

William Rigby 

Thomas Rigsby 
Kathleen Riley 

Carol Rmda 
Randall Ristovv 

Ann Ritchie 
Karen Ritchie 

Susan Ritter 

Frank Rivituso 

leffrey Roberts 

Dorthea Robinson 

lay Robinson 

Jerome Robinson 

Marilyn Robinson 

Carol Robson 

Rebecca Rocco 

Bonnie Roddevvig 

William Rodenberg 

Sharon Rodgers 

Ella Rodriguez 

Patricia Rogalski 

Michael Rogers 

Tamara Rogers 

Rosemary Rohanit 

Thomas Rohn 

Linda Rohrbaugh 

Constance Rfjmanelli 

Noel R(X)t 

Andrew Rosenberg 

jeffery Rosenberg 

Marilyn Rosenberg 


John Rosenberger 
Steven Rosenbluth 
Helen Rosenstein 
Steven Rosenzweig 
David Roska 
Kathleen Rosser 

)on Rosetti 
Kathleen Roxbury 
Robin Rudd 
Philip Rudick 
Charles Rue 
Judy Rufle 

Rosemary Ruggiero 
Donna Rumenik 
ludith Ruminsky 
lennlfer Rupert 
Laurence Rush 
Suzanne Rusnak 

Caria Russell 
Anna Marie Russo 
Mary Ryan 
layne Rybar 
Diane Ryberg 
Margaret Sacco 


Deanna Sackey 

Carol Sadlier 

Mary Jane Sage 

David Salay 

Janis Salchli 

Martha Sample 

ludy Sampson 

Diane Sams 

loann Samsa 

lanet Sanderson 

Patricia Sarroco 

Mary Sasso 

Lynn Satternow 

William Sattlemeyer 

Stanley Saucke 

Barbara Saunders 

Donna Saunders 

Karen Sauter 

Anna Savaris 
Barbara Sayle 
Antonios Scavdis 
Joel Schackne 
Rose Schaefer 
Glen Schaffert 

David Schaumann 

Rolano Scheller 

Susan Schenk 

Charles Schiavoni 

Steven Schilit 

Evelyn Schlayer 

Edward Schleicher 

Mary Schmader 

Jon Schmidt 

Mary Schmitt 

Reinhard Schneider 

Maiorie Schnur 

David Schoek 

Carol Schoenberg 

Susan Schoenberg 

Edith Schoewe 

Katherine Schonauer 

Gregg Schorsten 


Connie Schray 
Terry Schuerger 
Ronald Schulay 
lames Schuler 
Susan Schulte 
John Schultz 

Walter Schultz 
Robert Schuiz 
Lee Schurr 
ludith Schuster 
Judith Schwartz 
Phyllis Schwartz 

Robert Scott 
Suzanne Scott 
Timothy Scott 
David Sears 
Pat Seath 
Karen Seek 

Patricia Seifert 
Robert Seifert 
Beth Seifried 
Katharine Selepec 
Patricia Sell 
Martin Sellers 

Mary )ane Selvaggio 
Douglas Sendry 
Timothy Sengpiel 
Steve Senita 
Arlene Senser 
Gloria Senyes 

Diana Serio 
Diane Servos 
Samuel Sexton 
Barbara Shabra 
)an Shaffer 
Patrick Shaffer 

Carolyn Shahan 
Marilyn Shankman 
Michael Shapiro 
Sally Sharp 
Carolyn Shaw 
David Shearer 


Sally Shearrovv 

Sandra Sheetz 

Leslie Shenk 

Richard Shepard 

lanice Shepherd 

Geoffrey Sheppard 

Carolyn Shields 

Stephen Shiff 

Gary Shifflet 

Cheryl Shingleton 

Patricia Shipta 

Kenyon Shively 

Allen Shoaff 

Dick Shoemaker 

Sharon Shook 

Gay Nell Shope 

Thomas Shoup 

Suellen Showalter 

Don Shroll 

Thomas Shubert 

Douglas Shuck 

Ellen Shulfle 

Deborah Shuler 

Rita Siebenaler 

Ruth Ann Sieber 

Carol Siemborski 

Stephen Simich 

Clorena Simmons 

Linda Simshauser 

Robert Smger 

Oscar Sink 

Adrienne Sirkin 

Cindy Sisler 

Tedra Skamer 

Bonnie Skebe 

Donna Sladky 

Karen Slaven 
Trudy Sklenar 
Paula Slimak 
Donna Slivka 
Louise Smalle 
Claire Smith 

Deborah Smith 
Donald Smith 

Doug Smith 
Evelyn Smith 

lames Smith 
letfery Smith 

Kathryn Smith 
Ken Smith 

Leatha Smith 
Lora Smith 

Marta Smith 
Maryann Smith 

Michael Smith 
Richard Smith 



Richard Smith 

Rosemary Smith 

Shirly Smith 

Robert Smurthwaite 

lohn Snack 

Alan Snow 

Connie Snovvberger 

Bonnie Snowden 

Barbara Snyder 

Becky Snyder 

Dennis Snyder 

Peggy Snyder 

Robert Snyder 

Tamatha Snyder 

Becky Soentgen 

Thomas Sofranko 

Wendy Sohn 

Anthony Sokolowski 

John Solensky 
George Sollesz 
Gary Sommers 
Robert Sondles 
Cynthia Spahn 
Kathy Sparks 

Ppj^^Pf^ ^^ 



3k *^ 





Herman Speck 
Darlene Spencer 
Marjorie Splrer 
Jessica Spitz 
Terry Sponseller 
Gerald Spring 

Karen Springer 
Joan Squires 
Diane Stadnil< 
Douglas Stalley 
Bruce Stambaugh 
Karen Stansbery 

Elaine Stantz 
Nancy Stapleton 
Carol Starin 
John Stasky 
Joanne Stavana 
Nancy Stearns 

Anita Stein 
Carol Stein 
Rae Stein 
Gerald Stekloff 
Gail Stephany 
Nancy Stephens 

Linda Sterrett 
Eleanor Steven 
Anthony Stevens 
Sheryl Stevens 
Charlene Stewart 
Janet Stewart 

Jane Stewart 
Linda Stewart 
Sally Stewart 
Patricia Stezuk 
Vincent Stigliano 
Edna Stikes 

Kathleen Stillisano 
Sharon Stobbs 
Samuel Stokes 
John Stone 
Lmda Stone 
Susan Stone 


Roy Straight 

Brian Strait 

lohn Streamo 

lohn Strefeler 

Bonnie Strlmple 

George Strinka 

Mary |o Strong 

lohn Stuehr 

Richard Stuewe 

Gary Stump 

Dolores Stumph 

Sharon Stuver 

William Sudduth 

Lucinda Sudyk 

Renee Suleski 

Maureen Sullivan 

Sandra Sumita 

Triss Sutherm 

lanell Sutler 

Kenneth Swasey 

Sam Swed 

Paul Sweeny 

Donna Swegan 

jerry Swegan 

Kathleen Swetle 

Bill Swettenham 

Bob Swonger 

janis Swope 

Rodney Swope 

Ronald Swope 

Sharon Sypherd 

Ava Szabo 

lane Szilagyi 

William Szuch 

Eileen Szymanski 

ludith Taggarl 

Gloria Takacs 

Chiyo Takayama 

Carol Talbert 

Karen Talljolt 

loseph Tallant 

Ronald TappscotI 

• '1 '* 


Deana Taylor 
Donna Taylor 
lames Taylor 
Richard Taylor 
Robert Taylor 
Dena Teichman 

Edward Telchln 
Diana Telk 
lanet Terveen 
Sandra Theken 
Cynthia Thomas 
Diana Thomas 

Kay Thomas 
Marget Thomas 
Martha Thomas 
Patricia Thomas 
Barbara Thompson 
Martha Thompson 

Pamela Thwaite 
lames Tibbitts 
Walt Tiburski 
Mike Tieman 
Celeste Timar 
Richard Tinker 

William Tipka 
Bonnie Lou Todaro 
Marlene Todd 
Marian Todor 
lohn Toellner 
Carol Tolbert 

Brian Toll 
William Tolliver 
William Tolson 
Kathleen Toma 
Paul Tomechko 
Janet Torok 

Trudy Towers 
Gary Townley 
Edmund Tozzi 
Maureen Travers 
Andrew Travis 
Sheila Tredent 

Sam Trego 

Robert Trent 

Nicholas Tricarico 

Carol Trostle 

ludith Troyan 

Robert Truscello 

David Tubbs 

Rosaleen Tunney 

Nancy Turner 

Richard Turner 

Laura Ulrich 

Nancy Unger 

Steve Unger 

Joanne Urdzik 

Patsy Usberghi 

Corden Usery 

Rita Uszak 

Wesley Utter 

Janet Valenti 

Judith VanAllen 

Peter VanderWyden 

Nancy Vanecek 

Virginia VanHorn 

Alan VanSickle 

Gerald VanVlack 

Alfred Vapenik 

Pete Varga 

Carol Vargo 

Bruce Vaughn 

Thomas Velo 

Diane Venditti 

Barbara Verbanic 

Patricia Veres 

Linda Verhosek 

Victoria Vidoni 

Robert Viers 

Linda Vincent 

Mary Vinings 

John Virgili 

David Vitale 

Phillip Vlasuk 

Suzanne Voipe 



Karen Vorhees 
Allan Wachtel 
Antonea Wachtel 
Doug Waefler 
Catherine Wagner 
Paul Wagner 

George Wainer 
)oanne Wait 
Deborah E. Walker 
Deborah ). Walker 
Gary Walker 
lanice Walker 

ludith Walker 
Barbara Wallace 
Edward Wallace 
Susan Wallace 
Marc Wallack 
Lawrence Walland 


Dave Wallenhursl 
Ron W'allie 

Kevin Walsh 
Wendy Walsh 

lames Waller 
lames Walters 

Lawrence Walters 
Lawrence Walton 



y •«<• *: 

Ann Wannemacher 
Robert Warchalowski 

Annette Ward 
lames Ward 

Kathy Ward 
Patrick Ward 

Lorraine Warner 
Robert Wassem 
Nathan Wasserman 
Marilyn Waters 
Karen Watkins 
Cynthia Watson 

Daniel Watson 
Katherine Watson 
David Weaver 
loAnne Weaver 
Adele Webber 
Richard Weber 

Tobey Weekley 
David Weigel 
Amy Weiler 
Hedy Weinberg 
leffrey Weinberg 
Richard Wemtraub 

Donna Weiss 
Kim Welch 
Raymond Welling 
Cassandra Welton 
Bonnie Wenger 
Cott Wenger 

Robert Weninger 
Angela Werneke 
)on Werner 
Richard Werner 
DeAnn Wernet 
Roger Werstler 

Ronna West 
Richard Westtall 
William Westover 
Virginia Wetherbee 
Kathy Whan 
John Wheeler 

Suzanne Whipple 
Christina White 
Lanna White 
Ronald White 
Marilyn Whitely 
lames Whitmire 


Kdrcn VVhilrnorc 

lanel Wianl 

Marvin VVidemdn 

Christine Wilkes 

Christine Wilkinson 

)ohn Wilkinson 

Carolyn Willey 

Catherine Williams 

Edward Williams 

lanel Williams 

Lugenia WilliarTis 

Michele Williams 

Rosemary Willi.ims 

Thomas Willnun 

Allen Wilson 

Kulh Wilson 

lanet Wiriant 

Sue Wintenciak 

Michael Wineberg 

Gary Winney 

Craig Winters 

Catherine Winyard 

Raymond Wise 

Mary Witt 

M.itlcne Willcii 

Sandra Willenauer 

Barliara Wolle 

Ruhard Wolle 

Roberta Wolle 

Marlin Wood 

William Wood 
l^onna Woods 
Kathleen Worlcy 
Nani y Wren 
C harles Wright 
Dennis Wright 

Riiharil Wright 

William Wright 

Douglas Wrights 

Shirley Wyatt 

jotin Xander 

Raymond >.i( 11//0 





Sarah Yahner 
Robert Yakley 
Sam Yannerilia 
Margaret Yerman 
Albert Yenovitz 
Phyllis Yosick 

Donald Young 
lean Young 
Sally Young 
Thomas Young 
Dan Youngblood 
Pat Youngblood 

Eloise Yovanno 
Deborah Yuhas 
)an Yuknavich 
lames Yungman 
Karen Yurtin 
Michael Yurysta 

Linda Zaccaro 
Richard Zahratka 
Patricia Zarlengo 
Stanley Zborowski 
Mary Zdravje 
Sue Zeck 

Barbara Zeidwig 
Donna Zeman 
Marie Zenk 
David Zett 
loAnn Zgonc 
lanice Ziegler 

Mary Ziegler 
ludith Zilles 
Theresa Zirillo 
William Zirke 
Mary Kay Ziska 
Heidi Zovaras 

Sandee Zsely 
Kathy Zucchero 
|ohn Zucco 
Dennis Zukerman 
Robert Zupp 
Ronald Zwelling 


Barbara Zwick 
Gregory Zwirko 

Subject Index 

Air Force ROTC. 254, 255 

Allyn Hall. 166 

Alpha Chi Omega, 268, 269 

Alpha Tau Omega. 270, 271 

Alpha Epsilon Phi. 272, 273 

Alpha Epsilon Pi. 288, 289 

Alpha Gamma Delta. 280. 281 

Alpha Kappa Alpha. 265 

Alpha Lambda Delta. 238 

Alpha Phi. 286. 287 

Alpha Phi Omega. 222. 223 

Alpha Psi Omega, 242 

Alpha Xi Delta, 292, 293 

Altman Hall, 174 

American Industrial Arts Assn., 243 

American Institute of Aeronautics and 

Astronautics. 230 
American Institute of Architects. 232 
Art protest. 114. 115 
Associated Women Students. 210 
Assn. for Childhood Education, 228 
Baseball. 122125 
Basketball, 144-147 
Beta Alpha Psi, 248 
Beta Beta Beta. 239 
Black is Beautiful. 102-107 
Blind students. 64-67 
Blossom Center. 28. 29 
Blue Key. 214 

Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 52. 53 
BUS protest. 18-23 
Campus Crusade for Christ. 259 
Campus Day. 54 59 
Cardinal Key. 215 
Chestnut Burr staff. 394-397 
Chestnut League. 204-207 
Chicago confrontation. 44, 45 
Chi Omega, 296. 297 
Clark Hall. 167 
Coed Cadettes. 251 
Collegiate Marketing, 231 
Construction. 8-13 
Couples, 48. 49 
Cousteaunauts. 246 

Creative Arts Festival. 24-27 

Crosscountry. 140 143 

Daily Kent Stater. 216. 217 

Dance backstage. 88. 89 

Delta Omicron. 227 

Delta Psi Kappa. 234 

Delta Gamma. 304. 305 

Delta Sigma Pi, 266, 267 

Delta Sigma Theta, 283 

Delta Tau Delta, 274, 275 

Delta Upsilon. 278. 279 

Delta Zeta. 308. 309 

Downtown. 90 93 

Drama, 30-37 

Dubious Achievement Awards. 398, 399 

Dunbar Hall, 173 

Editor's notes, 400 

Engleman Hall, 180, 181 

Epsilon Delta Rho, 234 

Executive Branch, 198 

Fletcher Hall, 168 

Flying Club. 244 

Folk Festival. 108 HI 

Food preparation. 68. 69 

Food service. 6. 7 

Football. 132-137 

Gamma Phi Beta. 312. 313 

Gamma Sigma Sigma. 221 

Geology Field Trip. 98 101 

Golf, 130. 131 

Greek Week. 302. 303 

Gymnastics. 148-151 

Harbourt Hall, 188 

Ron Harris, 60. 61 

Heer Hall. 186 

High Court. 200 

Homecoming. 82-87 

Home Economics Chapter. 233 

HHH. 42. 43 

Humphrey Hall, 194 

Inter Fraternity Council. 209 

Index. 385 392 

Johnson Hall. 165 

Kappa Alpha Mu. 247 

Kappa Alpha Psi. 276 

Kappa Delta Pi. 249 

Kappa Kappa Psi. 241 

Kappa Phi. 256 

Kappa Omicron Phi. 240 

Kappa Sigma. 284. 285 

Kent Internationals. 226 

KSU Veterans, 259 

Korb Hall, 192 

Lake Hall. 190. 191 

Laurels. 224 

Law Enforcement Assn.. 219 

Little Sisters of the Golden Heart. 261 

Little Sisters of the Ruby and Gold. 261 

Maior Events. 201 

Manchester Hall. 169 

Married students. 50. 51 

May Day Relays. 282 

Men's Interhall Council, 211 

Mobobrious Pit, 220 

Mock GOP, 38-41 

Mock War, 116-119 

Moulton Hall, 172 

Mu lota Sigma, 249 

Musselman Hall, 195 

Newman Parish, 258 

New Student Program, 247 

Olson Hall, 193 

Omicron Delta Kappa, 225 

Orchesis concert. 112. 113 

Orchesis. 240 

Panhellenic Council. 208 

Pat Paulsen. 46. 47 

People. 74-77 

Pershing Rifles. 252 

Phi Delta Theta. 290. 291 

Phi Epsilon Kappa, 243 

Phi Gamma Delta. 294, 295 

Phi Gamma Nu. 235 

Phi Kappa Theta. 298 

Phi Sigma Kappa. 300. 301 

Pi Kappa Delta. 227 

Pi Mu Epsilon. 236 

Pi Omega Pi, 239 

Pi Sigma Alpha. 237 

Power Structure. 4. 5 

Prentice Hall. 174. 175 

Registration. 70-73 

Residence Hall Week, 189 

Scabbard and Blade. 253 

Mary Ann Scherr. 78-81 

Seniors. 324-384 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 306. 307 

Sigma Alpha Eta. 237 

Sigma Chi. 310. 311 

Sigma Delta Chi, 218 

Sigma Nu, 316, 317 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, 314, 315 

Sigma Theta Epsilon, 257 

Ski Club, 245 

Society for the Advancement of 

Management, 230 
Soccer. 126-129 
Stewart Hall. 195 
Stopher Hall. 164 
Student Activities Board. 202. 203 
Student National Education Assn.. 229 
Student Senate. 199 
Study. 14-17 
Swimming. 156. 157 
Tau Beta Sigma. 241 
Tau Kappa Epsilon. 318. 319 
Tennis. 138. 139 
Terrace Hall. 170. 171 
Theta Chi. 320. 321 
Theta Sigma Phi. 218 
Track, 158161 
Tri-Towers, 176-179 
Twin Towers, 182. 183 
University Branches. 62. 63 
Van Campen Hall. 187 
Varsity K. 260 
Verder Hall. 184. 185 
Women's Interhall Council, 212, 213 
Winter Weekend, 94-97 
Women's Recreation Assn., 250 
Wrestling, 152-155 

Student-Staff Index 

Abata, Linda. 324 
Abel. Carol Sue. 221. 309 
Achutich. Joe. 165 
Acs, Klara. 151 
Adams, David, 307 
Adams. Edward, 310 
Adams. James. 324 
Adams. Marcia. 324 
Adams. N. Glenn. 290 
Adcock. Susan. 324 
Addington. Larry, 219 
Adduci, Rocco, 243 
Adkins. Anita. 286 
Adkins. Carolyn. 324 
Adkins, Harold, 231, 239, 324 
Adkins, James, 241 
Agnello, Olivia, 221, 324 
Agricola. Dan, 164, 314 
Ahlert, Carl, 209, 270, 324 
Aherns, Judith, 151, 268 
Aino, Elizabeth, 280, 324 
Akel, David, 230, 266 
Akins, Stan, 324 
Albaugh. June. 312 
Alberts. Donald. 324 
Alberts. Mark. 284. 324 
Albright. Carol. 309 
Albrecht. Susan. 195 
Albright. Mark, 218, 318. 324 
Albritton. Bryson. 165 
Alcorn. Connie. 220 
Alden. Joanne, 168 
Alexander. Anita. 324 
Alexander. Ellen, 312 
Alexander, Kay, 286 
Alexander. Lewisene, 265. 324 
Alexander. Linda. 292 
Alexander. Marie. 324 
Alexy. John. 324 
Aljancic. Thomas. 125. 278 
Allan. Tom. 324 
Allard, Judi. 170, 309 
Allen, Janet. 286 
Allen, Melanie. 325 
Allen, Rebecca, 325 
Allen, Rick, 150 
Allen, Roland, 325 
Allenick. Robert, 288 
Allinou, E., 164 
Allman, Art, 279 

Alstedt, Connie, 280 
Alstedt, Sue, 208, 280, 325 
Altekruse, D , 157 
Altenbach, Marilyn, 304 
Alvarez, Dinah, 268 
Amann, Linda, 194, 309 
Ambrose, John, 310 
Ambrose, Richard. 188. 270 
Ambuske. Alan. 325 
Ametewee. Victor, 226 
Amick, Herbert, 325 
Amico, Pamela, 268 
Amonett, Margaret, 325 
Anderson, Barb, 227, 241 
Anderson. David G., 314. 325 
Anderson. Donna. 174 
Anderson. Dorcas. 215 
Anderson, Duane, 325 
Anderson, James, 172, 214, 276, 

Anderson, Jo Ellen, 325 
Anderson, Josephine, 325 
Anderson, Judy, 325 
Anderson. Kenneth. 325 
Anderson. L. G-, 194 
Anderson, Pat, 207, 286 
Anderson. Ronald. 231, 325 
Anderson, Tern, 268 
Andorka, Sandra, 325 
Andras, Ronald. 176, 300 
Andre, Cheryl, 325 
Andreas. Barbara. 239 
Andregg, Eric. 257 
Andrejack. Annette, 325 
Andrews. Beverly. 151 
Andrews. Rebecca. 166 
Andrews. Stanley. 318 
Angeloff. Thomas, 325 
Anglin, Sheila. 176, 250 
Ankenbruck, Susan. 304 
Annett. Prudence, 221 
Anthony, Mark, 223 
Anthony, Paul, 307 
Anton, John D.. 232 
Arceci. Richard. 325 
Arend. Carla. 325 
Arick. Donna. 228. 241 
Arkis. Linda. 220 
Armbrust. Kurt. 325 
Armbruster. Jan, 312 
Armbruster, Jo Ann, 233 
Armbruster, Kathy, 168 
Armstrong, Donald. 325 
Armstrong. John. 255, 325 
Armstrong, Kenneth, 288 
Armstrong, William, 216 

Arnold, Charlene, 261, 304, 325 

Arora. Tarunesh. 230 

Arth. Gerald. 325 

Artl. Kathleen. 325 

Arthrell. Dan. 247 

Artin. Marsha. 325 

Artino. Anthony. 173 

Artzner, Alan, 310 

Ashby, Glenn, 230, 325 

Ashenfelte. Horace. 290 

Asher, Linda. 325 

Askew. Janice. 325 

Assad. Terrance. 325 

Atkinson. Michele, 208, 296 

Atkinson, Peggy, 325 

Atkinson, Tom. 236 

Atwater. Judy. 283 

Atwood. Walter. 279 

Auertiach. Rochelle. 325 

Aurand. Dana. 325 

Austin. Robert. 130 

Axel. Martin. 155 

Ayed. Mohamed. 219 

Babeaux. Sally. 210 
Babela. Marilyn. 325 
Bachna. Rudy. 129, 150, 243 
Back. Nancy. 325 
Backas, Harry, 290 
Backman, Kathy, 228 
Backstrom, David, 219, 290 
Badeaux, Pamela, 151 
Baehr, Jim, 202 
Baglio. Cookie, 151, 250 
Bahalik, Kathy, 192 
Bahn, Carol, 325 
Bahr. Beverly, 325 
Bahr, John, 188 
Bailey, Judi, 170, 212 
Bailey. R. Donald. 294 
Baio. Carol. 325 
Bair. Mary Ann. 325 
Bair. Samuel. 325 
Baird, Saundra, 229. 326 
Baker. Don. 248. 326 
Baker. Jack. 270 
Baker. Jeffrey, 237, 326 
Baker, Lowell, 248 
Baker, Marlene, 326 
Baker, Tom, 247 
Baker, Wade. 279 

Bakker. Lyie. 326 

Bakst. Linda. 272 

Balazs. Kathy. 174 

Baldwin. Duane, 241 

Baldwin, Kathleen. 210, 286 

Baldwin, Kevin, 237 

Baldy, Charles. 241 

Balestreire. Thomas. 209. 316 

Ballengee. Joseph. 275 

Balizs. Gabe. 193. 207 

Ball. Ben. 253 

Ball. Linda. 192 

Ballou, Stanley. 209. 225. 310 

Balog. Alan. 326 

Balogh. Linda. 182 

Balogh. Robert. 326 

Balotta. Marianne. 208. 215. 292 

Baltrinic. Sylvia. 326 

Baluch. Mary Pat. 228 

Baluk. Jeanette. 185. 312 

Banasik. Janice. 326 

Bancroft. Sara Jane. 309. 326 

Banig. Richard, 326 

Banner, Sandra, 265 

Banville, John, 270 

Barb, Paul, 252 

Barber, Ingrid, 283 

Barbie, Jeffrey, 279 

Barbour, Sally. 192 

Barbour. William. 326 

Barham. Andrea, 168 

Barilla, John. 242, 290 

Baringer, Richard, 209, 314, 326 

Barkalow, Sherry, 242 

Barkan, John, 326 

Barker, Richard, 139 

Barnes. Bobbie. 187. 228 

Barnes. Gary. 219 

Barnet. Mary. 308 

Barnhart. Barbara, 326 

Barnhouse, Lynn, 256. 326 

Barns, George, 223 

Baron, Charles, 326 

Barone. Donna. 233 

Baroody. J.. 164 

Barr. James. 270 

Barr. Joseph. 326 

Barelle. Mary Ellen. 182. 268 

Barrett. David. 284 

Barricelli. Mark. 211 

Barry, Kathleen, 208, 312. 326 

Bartelstone. Richard. 172 

Bartkus. Richard. 326 

Bartlett, Harold, 290 

Barto, B., 130 

Basar, Larry, 218, 247 

Bashaw, Don, 202 
Basile, Joan, 312 
Batchelor, Norman, 284 
Bauch, Kathleen, 326 
Bauer, Frederick. 4 
Bauer. Gayle. 237. 326 
Bauer. Paula Jo. 312 
Bauerle. Lillian. 326 
Baukema, Laura, 202 
Baukema. Susan, 326 
Baum, Linda, 272 
Bauman, Sally, 180, 326 
Baumann, Mathias, 326 
Baumberger, Patricia. 292 
Baumgardt. Bruce. 300. 326 
Bavender. Candy. 210 
Bayer. Carol, 304 
Bayer, Joseph. 326 
Bayless. Jane. 192 
Beach. Jill. 326 
Beagle. Gerald. 314. 326 
Beal. John. 310 
Beal. Patricia. 309. 326 
Beaudry. Anne Mane, 190. 258. 

Beaver, Dennis, 248, 326 
Becher, Barbara, 304 
Bechtelheimer, Sue, 286. 326 
Beck. Donna, 151 
Beck, Gretchen, 286 
Beck, James, 326 
Beck, Joseph. 241 
Beck, Mary, 221 
Becka, Joan, 233 
Beckenholdt, Steve, 202, 214, 

314, 326 
Becker, Charles, 284 
Becker, Dave, 129. 173 
Becker. Jonathan, 290 
Becker, Marilyn, 326 
Becker, Robert, 318, 326 
Beckman, Christine, 326 
Beckman, Raymond. 326 
Beckmann. Barb. 233 
Beckwith. Gerald. 236 
Beckwith. Lura. 310 
Bede. James. 300 
Bedell. Tom, 276 
Bednarik. John. 229 
Bedwell, Martha, 326 
Beebe, Joan, 280 
Beeching, Lois. 204 
Begala. Joe, 155 
Begue. Ronald. 266 
Beier. Connie. 241. 292 
Beige. Barbara, 7 


Beisenkamp. Cindy. 182 

Beitz, Linda, 326 

Belan, Rick. 252 

Belaney. Eloise. 327 

Bellan. Ruth. 238 

Bellinger. Robert. 327 

Seller. Ruthanne. 327 

Bendel. Richard. 248. 327 

Bender. Diane. 220 

Bendis, Jay. 327 

Bendure. Beverly. 327 

Benjamin. Keith, 188. 284 

Benko. M. Jay. 290. 327 

Benn. Cindy. 204. 207 

Benner. Linda. 327 

B«nnett. Judy. 207. 256. 309. 327 

Bennett. Kathy. 204 

Bennett. Mavis. 327 

Bennett. M*e. 220 

Bennett. Stephanie. 234 

Bennis. Joan. 170 

Bensley. Connie. 247. 254. 296. 

Benton. Don. 290. 327 
Berencsi. Jesse. 327 
Beres. Rebecca. 309 
Berg. Barbara. 312. 327 
Berg. Emil. 270 
Berg, Mary, 286 
Berger. Dave. 327 
Berger. Glenn. 284. 328 
Berger. Robert. 328 
Bergteld. Robert. 321 
Berkshire. Marlene. 241. 328 
Berkstresser. Gordon. 248. 310 
Berman. Arthur. 288 
Bernard. Richard. 328 
Bernard. Robert. 328 
Bernardo. Robert. 328 
Bernet, Lawrence, 231 
Bernhardt, Edward, 246 
Bernstein. Brian. 259 
Berry. Ann. 227. 241 
Berry. Ken. 169 
Berry. Richard. 259. 328 
Bertram. Pam. 286 
Bertuccei. Mimi. 292 
Beruscha. Emma. 328 
Besancon, Lawrence. 328 
Best. L.. 246 
Bethel. David. 328 
Betts. George. 5. 200 
Bens. Sally. 251. 286 
Betz. Barton. 284 
Betz. Nancy. 328 
Betza. Patricia. 328 
Beuck. B . 242 
Beukema. Sob, 182 
Beutell. Sally. 309. 328 
Beutler. Carol Ann. 185. 328 
Beyer. James. 300 
Sezik. Karen. 328 
Bezik. Sharen. 328 
Bible. J., 246 
Biehch. Nadine. 328 
Siesenkamp. Cynthia. 268 
Bi|bl. Frank, 266 
Bilderback, Mike, 155, 243 
Billman. Susan, 228 
Bills. Cora. 328 
Sillson. Deborah. 231. 328 
Bir. Madeline. 280 
Sirskovich. David. 234. 328 
Bischof. Marion. 328 
Bisiack. Jane. 328 
Bitzer. Arthur. 328 
Black. Barbara. 228 
Black. Larry, 298 
Black. Nadine. 170 
Black. Robert. 328 
Black. Sandra. 304. 328 
Blackman. David. 328 
Blackstone. George. 270 
Blackwell. Patricia. 312 
Blair. Tod. 318 
Blakely. Thomas. 266. 328 
Blankenship. Thomas. 284 
Blasius. Don. 150 
Blatz. Enc. 294 
Blind. Roy, 230 
Blind, William, 230, 328 
Blinke, Jarti, 241 
Bliss, Clitl, 216 
Blohme, Janet, 328 
Bloom. Alan. 275 
Bloom. Harold. 328 
Slubaugh. William. 328 
Slue. Dons. 312 
Bluestein. Harold. 288 
Bluhm. Mary Jo. 286 
Bobb. Nelson. 260. 270 
Bobes. Mark. 275 
Bodkins. Mike. 198 
Bodnar. John. 284 
Boehm. Rosina. 218. 328 
Boeshart. Beverly. 328 
Bogdan. S,. 176 
Bogo, Lawrence, 211 
Boguski, Barbara, 268 
Bohannon, Linda, 283 
Bonn. Cynthia. 304. 328 
Bohn. David. 328 
Bohr. J. Ann. 237. 328 
Bohn. C. 155 
Bolitho. Dennis. 284 
Bolinger. Janice. 328 
Boll. Dale, 219 
Bollman, Susan, 180, 328 
Bonanno, Grace. 247 
Bond. Robert. 257 
Bontini. T.. 195 
Bonifay. Brenda. 256. 328 
Bonk. Jeftrey. 328 
Bonnell. Marcia. 185, 220 
Bonner, Cynthia. 329 
Bonnett. Judith. 329 
Bonstello. Jen. 296. 329 
Bonzanto, Karen, 220 
Boos. Philip. 237. 329 
Borgenson. Brookie. 286 
Sonng. Marilyn. 329 
Borman. Gary. 246 
Borovitcky. Karen. 22? 
Borsiin. Elisabet. 304 
Bortish. Bev . 185 

Borwell. Frank. 310 

Bossell. C Robert. 316 

Bourgeois. Charles. 231 

Bouger. Arthur. 329 

Bowen, John. 223 

Bowersox, Ted, 188 

Bowes, Susan, 329 

Bowman, Carol, 312 

Bowman, George, 164 

Bows. Craig. 276 

Boyce. Linda. 329 

Boyd. Linda. 329 

Boyd. Steve. 167 

Boydston. Philip. 329 

Boyer. Beverly. 205. 206 

Boyer. Lizette. 329 

Boyer. Thomas. 329 

Boylan. Cheryl. 329 

Boyle. Alana. 329 

Boyle. Gary. 246 

Boyle, Margaret, 268 

Bozek, Gloria, 236, 292 

Bozek, Milton, 329 

Bracken, Milton, 24S 

Bradbury, Pat, 185 

Braddock, Cheryl, 329 

Braden. Paul. 270 

Bradley. Dale, 329 

Brady, Mary Ann. 221 

Brady. Patncia. 221 

Brady. Robert. 300 

Braff. Mike, 318 

Bragaw, Rexford. 253 

Bragg. Wayne. 329 

Braidic. Karen. 228. 329 

Brainard. Sandra, 204, 280 

Brand, Linda, 238, 292 

Brandau, William, 223, 329 

Brandby, Gail, 234, 329 

Brandehoff, Stephen, 329 

Brandfass, K Lee, 307 

Brandraff, Lee, 201 

Brandt, Bonnie, 228. 329 

Brandt. Dave. 253 

Brandt. Richard. 211 

Braniger. Brenda. 228. 229. 329 

Branson. Beverly. 280 

Bratton. Barbara. 329 

Brauel. Darleen. 329 

Braun. Gary. 329 

Braun. Kathy. 312 

Braun. Marc. 248 

Brauning. Bill. 220 

Breckenridge. Shan. 292 

Bredbenner. Lurleen, 329 

Breen. Robert. 294 

Brees. Grant. 239 

Bregar, Terry, 329 

Breiding, Cathy, 229 

Bneding, Mary, 329 

Brennan, Paul, 186 

Brenning. Daniel. 270 

Bresnick. Lonnie. 288 

Brewer. Daniel. 270 

Brewster. Craig. 182 

Brickel. Marcia. 208. 272 

Bricker. Carol. 191, 229. 329 

Bridge. Cathy. 329 

Bridge. Michael. 243. 329 

Bridger. Debbie. 292. 329 

Bnggs. Elizabeth. 329 

Briggs. Ronald. 329 

Bnggs. Susan. 280 

Briiham. Kerrin. 195 

Brightman. Steve. 329 

Brincko. Judith. 329 

Bnll. Charles. 394 

Bringner. Mike. 290 

Bnnkman. Raymond. 329 

Sntt. Ronald. 307 

Bnttain. John. 242. 329 

Broadhurst. Tom. 330 

Brockman. Jim. 330 

Brockett. Gary. 310 

Brockway. Judy. 330 

Brodie. David. 321 

Brokaw. William. 330 

Bronczek. Walter. 330 

Brooker. Carol. 312 

Brooks. John. 290. 330 

Brookson. Raymond. 226 

Broos. William. 330 

Brostrom. Richard. 330 

Brotsky. Fred. 288 

Brown. Alan. 270 

Brown. Bonnie Dee. 151 

Brown. Cathleen. 330 

Brown. J.. 242 

3rown. Joan. 330 

Brown. John. 188. 223 

Brown. Judy. 330 

Brown. Kathleen. 292 

Brown. Kent. 307 

Brown. Patricia. 330 

Brown. Regina. 228 

Brown. Robert. 284. 330 

Brown. Sheila, 268 

Brown, Stephen, 176, 294 

Brown. Thomas. 219. 316 

Brown, William, 330 

Brown, William, 330 

Broz, Judy. 330 

Bruce. Chris. 191 

Brundage. Janice. 330 

Brune. Linda, 330 

Brum. Margaret. 330 

Bruning. Linda, 304 

Bruno, Joseph. 330 

Bruns, Robert. 290 

Brunst. Linda, 228, 229 

Bruning, Linda, 207 

Brunston. Gregory. 306 

Brush, Michael, 270 

Bryant, Juanita, 170, 265, 330 

Bryant, Ken, 276 

Brymer. Timothy, 330 

Bryrer Timothy. 266 

Brys. Dian. 256 

Brzytwa. Barbara. 312 

Sucey. William. 330 

Bucher. C. 195 

Buck. Gerald, 231. 266. 330 

Buck. R . 164 

Buck. Steve. 169. 211 
Budai. Lynn. 205. 309 
Buegler. Janice. 166 
Bujakowski. Bernice. 330 
Buker. Gary. 275 
Bulgnn. Edwin. 330 
Bullach. John. 330 
Buller, Robert, 277 
Bunch, B Timothy, 275 
Burch, Robert, 155 
Burd, Susan, 254. 286 
Burchell. Richard. 330 
Bures. Deb. 233 
Burge. James. 150. 330 
Burger. Kathleen. 330 
Burke. Eileen. 249. 330 
Burke, left. 275 
Burke. Juanita. 330 
Burkhardt. James. 310 
Burleigh. Richard. 255 
Burley. Deborah. 330 
Burnett, Dianne, 268, 330 
Burns, David. 330 
Burns. Douglas. 234. 330 
Burns. Kathleen. 242 
Burns. Robert. 255, 279. 330 
Burrer. Mary Lou. 193, 229. 330 
Burner. Richard. 243 
Burton. Bob. 173 
Burton, Jo Ellen, 330 
Burton, M. Chadwick, 321 
Bush, Edward, 248 
Bush, Lynda, 330 
Busher. Janice. 330 
Bussell. Tom. 259 
Butler. Frank. 276 
Butler, Martha, 166 
Butler, Robert, 330 
Butler, Terry, 276, 331 
Butts, Caroyin, 174, 261 
Buzzard, Barbara, 304 
Byerly, Karen, 331 
Byrne, Mark, 294, 331 
Byrnes, Richard, 284 

Caccamise, Doreen, 331 
Cacioppo. Joseph, 331 
Cacioppo, Kathleen. 331 
Cackowski. Dianne. 228, 331 
Cahill. John. 270. 331 
Cahill. Stanley. 314. 331 
Cajka, May Ann. 261. 292 
Calambos. Dennis. 318 
Calanni. Thomas. 331 
Calderone. Phyllis. 331 
Caldwell. Richard. 290 
Caldwell. Thomas. 219. 331 
Cale, Nancy, 191, 205 
Calefle. Ronald. 321 
Callahan, Mary Ellen, 331 
Callahan, Ruth. 191 
Callahan. Thomas. 307 
Gallon. Bob. 247. 331 
Callough, James. 314 
Calo, Betty. 331 
Cameron. Dennis. 236 
Campbell. Barbara. 331 
Campbell. Deanna. 182 
Campbell. Jerry. 211 
Campbell. Perry. 331 
Campbell. Stephen. 294 
Campbell. William. 331 
Candela, Mary. 6 
Cannon. Anita, 191 
Cantalamessa. Joseph. 266 
Canzonetta. Lew. 331 
Capatch. P, William. 248 
Capatosta. Carol. 195 
Capatosta, Vincent. 270 
Capela. Cheryl, 331 
Caplan. Larry. 288 
Capp. Kathleen. 331 
Cappell. J Marc. 290 
Cappelli. Rosemary. 182 
Carapellotti. Ralph. 284 
Carbaugh. David. 331 
Cardarelli. Rosemarie. 205. 221 
Canss. Al. 125. 260 
Carl. Stephen. 314 
Carlson. Anne. 331 
Carlson. James. 232. 234. 331 
Carlson. Nancy. 332 
Carlson. Sue. 182 
Carlson. Thomas. 332 
Carlton. J,. 141 
Carlson. R Scott. 241 
Carmen. Sally. 313 
Carmichael. Nancy, 332 
Carmola, Sandra, 332 
Carosielli, Michael, 172 
Carpenter, Crystal. 332 
Carpenter. Robert. 259 
Carpenter. Sandra. 229, 332 
Carr. Carolyn. 185 
Carr. Claudia. 192 
Carr. Maria. 242, 332 
Carr, Ralph. 155 
Carr. William. 332 
Carroll, Debbie, 280 
Carroll. Laura. 332 
Carroll. Sue. 286 
Carson, Frank. 188. 276 
Carson. Pamela. 332 
Carlton, Rchard, 298 
Carter, Betsy, 332 
Carter. Pamela. 332 
Carter. Patricia. 332 
Case. John. 294 
Cashane. Donna. 332 
Caskey. Marylou. 249 
Casey. William. 310 
Cass. Ann. 332 
Cassady. Bruce. 247. 332 
Cassesa. Edward. 332 
Cassidy. James. 307 
Cassidy. Nancy. 224. 332 
Cassidy. Ron. 164 
Castanien. Andrea, 202. 250. 296 

Castellana. J . 129 
Castellana. Robert. 310 
Castle. Dorothy. 272 
Caswell. Jaunnie. 332 
Catalano. Patricia, 229, 233, 332 
Catalona, Chete, 175 
Catley, Bonita, 332 
Caton, Linda, 269 
Catterson. William, 318. 332 
Cbyall. Margaret. 280 
Cendroski. Deanna. 234. 250 
Censon. Linda. 332 
Centa. Linda. 332 
Cernigoi. Alan. 284 
Cerny. Robert. 186 
Cesa. Barbara. 332 
Cesa. Carmen. 310 
Chaff, Marlene, 240 
Chaffee, Barbara, 280 
Chaleff, Robert. 277 
Chalfant. Margaret. 332 
Chamberlain. Laurie, 199. 256 
Chamberlain. Mark. 252 
Chamberlin. Larry. 270 
Chandler, Christine, 296 
Chansky, Katherme. 333 
Chapin, Daniel, 205, 290 
Chapin, Jan, 228 
Chapman, Betty, 333 
Chapman, Hollace, 283 
Chappie, Laura, 304 
Charek, Kenneth, 333 
Charlesworlh, Barbara. 309 
Charlton. Mary Beth, 286 
Charvat, Chris, 208, 313 
Chase, Sharon, 228 
Chastain, Mary, 216. 218. 333, 

Cheng. Elain. 238 
Chenot. Charlotte. 333 
Cherkasly. Cheryl, 333 
Chesnutt. Marty, 151 
Chesterfield, Cheryl, 333 
Chiappone, Charles, 333 
Chiemingo. Richard, 241 
Chipchase, Joyce, 193, 229, 333 
Chipukits. Sandra. 241 
Chitwood. Tim. 182 
Chociei. Kathryn. 228. 333 
Chormanski. Dale. 169 
Chnstman. Gregory. 333 
Chnstman. Lynne. 333 
Chnstman. Terry. 294 
Christner. Robert. 188. 232 
Chnstopher, Daniel, 310 
Chunich, Helen. 333 
Chulig. Janet, 333 
Chunat. Sally. 333 
Chunat. Wayne. 333 
Church. Barbara, 292 
Church, Cynthia, 239. 245. 251. 

304. 333 
Chrzan. Linda. 269, 318 
Ciatsm, Betty Anne. 333 
Cicero. Julie. 251 
Cigavic. J , 176 
Cincerelli, Alberta, 333 
Ciotti, Sandi, 185, 202, 207 
Copiti, Tomasina, 174, 202. 229 
Ciresi. JoAnn. 170 
Cisco. Daniel, 167 
Ciulei, S Robert, 266 
Civiello. Constance. 333 
Clancy, Jill, 333 
Clancy, Mary Ellen, 333 
Clark, Linda, 309 
Clark, Michael, 314 
Clark, Tana, 254, 261 
Clarke, D , 194 
Clarkson, Donald. 275 
Claydon. Jan. 170 
Claypool. Gregory. 333 
Clayton. Floree. 7 
Clayton. Hazel. 283 
Clayton. John. 290 
Clayton. Patricia. 333 
Clegg. Cheryl. 241 
Clemens. Jerry. 316 
Clementson, Dave. 244 
Clendening. Renee. 283 
Cleveland. Cathy. 254. 287 
Clitton. Andrew. 277 
Clouter. Margie. 220 
Clymer. John. 333 
Coats, Linda, 292 
Cobb, Bonita, 283 
Cobett, Edgar, 169, 211 
Coccia, Joel, 333 
Cochran, Martha, 227 
Coco, Janice, 333 
Cocozzo. Joseph, 231, 333 
Cocumelli, Cynthia, 286. 333 
Cody, James. 276 
Cogan. James. 219 
Cogan. Vaughn, 310 
Cohen, Marilyn. 272 
Cohen. Michael. 275 
Cohen. Molly. 229. 333 
Cohen. Mark. 223 
Cohen. Pamela, 265 
Cohen. Renee. 272 
Cohen. Steven. 232, 234 
Cohen, T , 188 
Cohen. Theodore. 277 
Cohn. Arnold. 333 
Colavecchio. Gerry. 333 
Colbow. Bnan. 266. 248, 333 
Coldren. Garry. 333 
Cole. Barry, 125 
Cole, Beverly. 207 
Cole. Cathy. 333 
Cole. Jerome. 333 
Cole. Robert. 241 
Cole. Ronnie. 272 
Cole. Thelma. 221 
Colella. Ernest. 333 
Coleman. 129. 310 
Coleman. Pat. 182 
Coleman. Rhonda. 265. 333 
Collard. Janine. 333 
Colton. C . 195 
Colwell. Donna. 333 
Colwell. Marilyn. 333 

Comernisky. Dave. 333 
Conaway, Marlene. 334 
Conflenti. Jack. 334 
Conley. Ann. 261. 334 
Collins. Frank. 248 
Collins. Rose. 207. 313 
Collub. Monte. 288 
Combs. E.. 194 
Combs. Sharon. 254. 296 
Compton. Anthony. 307 
Condley. Charles. 257 
Conley. Ann. 304. 314 
Connelly. Kathleen. 296 
Conover. Lynda. 240 
Conover. Robbi. 212 
Conrad. Linda. 180. 233 
Conroe. Douglas. 200. 211. 214. 

Conry. Thomas. 252 
Constantine. Anthony. 290. 334 
Contant. James. 243 
Conte. Linda Joy. 184. 233. 240 
Converse, William, 4 
Cook. Georgette. 185. 250 
Cook. Harold. 236 
Cook. Janet. 304 
Cook. Jeff. 318 
Cook. Ken. 198 
Cook. Penny. 236 
Cook. Preston. 334 
Cook. Stephen. 334 
Cooke. Marcia. 292 
Cool. Martha. 233 
Coohdge. Art. 141. 334 
Coombes. K.. 194 
Cooney. James. 314 
Cooper. Michael, 243 
Cooper, Milton, 246, 334 
Cope. Nancy, 229, 334 
Coppins. Linda. 210. 238. 292 
Corbeil. Judith. 334 
Cordes. Pat. 270 
Cornes. Judith. 261. 296 
Corey. C- S-. 5 
Corrigall. Jim. 260 
Corngan. Emmett. 125. 300 
Corsello. Dan. 334 
Corso. Paul. 334 
Costello. Thomas. 284 
Costigan, Patrick, 334 
Costin, Chris, 284, 334 
Cort, Gail. 280 
Cothes. Michael. 318 
Cottingham. Kristin. 207. 250 
Courtad. Judith. 207. 296 
Covey. Kathy, 215, 304 
Cowalt, James, 321 
Cowden. Paul. 318 
Cowell. Bruce. 334 
Cowen, Allen, 321 
Cowley. Richard. 173. 334 
Cowperthwaite. L LeRoy. 225 
Cox. B D., 164 
Cox, Barbara, 229, 334 
Cox, Edward, 223 
Cox, Elizabeth Ann, 334 
Cox. Judi, 204. 206. 304 
Cox. Marcia. 247, 334 
Cradis, Cheryl, 313, 334 
Craft, Virginia, 334 
Craig. William. 150. 254. 255. 334 
Cramer. Mark. 307 
Crampton. Katherme. 334 
Crans. John. 334 
Cranshaw. William. 334 
Crates. Ronald. 334 
Crawford. James. 314 
Crawford. Ray, 173 
Crawford, Terrence, 318 
Cregar, Craig, 334 
Cress. Steve, 270 
Crimer, Andre. 334 
Cnsman. Steve. 334 
Cnst. Charles. 334 
Crocker. Gwen. 232 
Corcker. Robert. 230 
Cronin. Sheila. 334 
Cross. Barbara. 280 
Cross. Jim. 334 
Cross. John. 266 
Crouse. Carol. 334 
Grouse. Susan. 334 
Crow. Teresa. 334 
Crowley. Robert. 334 
Cruise. Bill. 202 
Cruzrine, Cindy, 280 
Crysler, Barbara, 280 
Cseh, Kathy, 185 
Csernotia, Lynn, 210, 261, 296 
Cue. Salvatore. 334 
Culbertson. Judy. 168 
Cullen. Andrea. 296 
Cummins. Kenneth. 236 
Cunningham. Chris. 151 
Cunningham. Georgia. 242 
Cupp. Carol. 180 
Curcio. Kathryn, 231, 334 
Curge. James. 316 
Curlis. Barb. 168 
Currey, Janet. 233 
Curry. Paul. 165 
Curtis. Karel. 334 
Cutler. Sharon, 313 
Cyester, Stephen, 314 
Cyphers, Susan, 334 
Cyzeski. Paul. 335 
Czehut, Don, 257 
Czerniec. Timothy. 335 

D'Agostino. Mane. 227. 335 
Dahn. Thomas. 321 
Dailey. Kathy. 190. 212. 229. 335 
D'Altorio. Marge. 208. 215, 224, 

Daly. Kevin. 234 
D'Amico. Anna Mane. 335 
Dando. William. 335 
Daniel. Carole. 195. 204. 207. 210 


Daniel, William, 284 

Daniels. Helen. 223 

Daniels, Richard, 306 

Daniels, Saul. 216. 218 

Danko. George, 335 

Danfe. John. 209, 321 

Daoust. Terry. 275 

Oaparone, Linda, 223 

Darmo, Joan, 335 

Darmour, Charles, 335 

Darmour, Nancy, 335 

Darnell, John, 294 

Darner, Alan. 248 

Daub, Cheryl, 256, 335 

Daugherty, A. Kent. 314 

Davidson. Thomas. 239 

Davies. Becky, 168 

Davies, H. Bruce, 307 

Davila, Frances, 335 

Davis, Deena, 202. 313 

Davis, Eleanor. 224, 249, 251, 
261, 287, 335 

Davis. Jayne. 335 
Davis. Marsha. 192 

Davis. Michael. 284. 335 
Davis. Paul. 266 
Davis, Randy. 284 
Davison. William. 234, 335 
Dawson, James, 335 
Dayv»alt, David, 248, 335 
Deacon, Fran, 397 
Deacon, Lawrence. 255 
Deames. Kathryn, 204. 205. 224. 

Dearborn. Ann. 256. 335 
DeBertrand, Roger, 150 
DeBee, Adnan, 335 
deChatlen, Marcia, 304 
DeChellis, Albert. 172 
Decker. Sandy. 235 . 
DeColibus, Richard, 335 
DeCore, Darlene. 170 
DeCoulo, Dennis. 150 
Deericks. Edward. 316 
Deering, Diane, 313 
Deeter, Richard, 300 
DeFrange, Thomas, 335 
DeGirolama, Dale, 223, 335 
Dehm, Julie, 251, 296, 335 
DeHoft, Betty, 309, 335 
Delaney, William. 335 
Delattre. Mary. 269 
Delewski, Joyce. 228. 335 
Delong, Alan, 277 
DeLong, Jams. 176. 212. 287 
DelPozzo. Diane. 287 
DeMarco, Domimck. 335 
DeMorco, John, 321 
DeMorco, Kathy. 254. 287 
Deming, Diana. 335 
Dengler. Roger. 335 
DeNino. Marcia. 335 
Denkhaus. Donald. 266. 335 
Dennis, William H.. 173, 223 
Depto, Helen, 335 
Derring, Gemma. 236. 238. 251 
Desatnik. Neal. 277 
Descutner, J.. 242 
Detjen, Robert, 223 
Detwiller, Ronald, 275 
DeVaul. Albert. 335 
DeVault. Donald, 275 
DeVore, Kathleen, 261, 269 
DeVos, Lloyd, 211. 227 
Dewald, Janice. 292 
Deye. 175, 210. 212. 228. 335 
Diamond, Madelyn, 229 
DiBianca, Karen, 335 
Dick. Nancy, 335 
Dickerhoff, Larry, 241 
Dickinson, Wendy. 192 
Dickson, Cathy. 269. 335 
Diehl. W. Gary, 294 
Dieringer, Edwin, 321 
Dietrick, Donald, 335 
Dietrick, Raymond. 316 
Dietz. Cheryl, 335 
Dietz, George. 336. 395 
Difford. D.. 194 
DiGiagomo. Mary Donna. 336 
Digman. Terry. 336 
DiGrino, N., 129 
Dillard, Van, 336 
DiMarc, Cynthia. 336 
DeMenna. Karen. 336 
Dimit. Sandra. 336 
Dimoff. Allan. 285 
Dina. Allen, 336 
Dinch, Sharon, 313 
Dinerstein, Leslie. 212. 272 
Dingle. Helen. 6 
DiRoberto. Joseph. 336 
DiRuzza. Richard. 321. 336 
Ditchman, Joseph. 336 
Dittoe. Mary. 336 
Dixon. Anita. 184 
Dixon. Karen. 336 
Dlwgosh. Carol. 191 
Dobies. Marie. 336 
Dobra. Kenneth. 337 
Dodds. Cheryl 337 
Dodds, Frederic, 294 
Doebler. Douglas. 337 
Doeberling. Allen. 223. 318 
Doeberling. Jim. 129. 223 
Doehle. Ted. 337 
Dokhail. Dakhil. 219 
Doll. Judith. 233. 337 
Dombos. Jay. 155. 243. 337 
Domer, Robert. 248. 337 
Dommel. T.. 157 
Donecker, Sally. 337 
Donehoo. Thomas. 266. 337 
Donnelly, Charles R.. 173. 248, 

Donnelly, H. Daniel, 294 
Donnelly, Sue, 250 
Donsky. Barb. 185 
Dool. Kathleen, 337 
Dool. Patrick, 337 
Doran, Ella, 168 
Dore, James, 279 
Dorff. Sam. 337 
Dorfner. D., 129 

Doriek, Robert, 337 
Dorler, Robert, 316 
Dorr, Roberta, 337 
Dorrance, Albert, 337 
Dorsey, William, 288 
Dotto, Kenneth, 337 
Doty, Diana, 287 
Douglas, Ernest, 337 
Douglas, Patricia, 337 
Douglass. Helen. 337 
Dow, Andrew, 227, 243 
Dowdmg, Thomas, 270 
Dowling. T., 141 
Downes. Catherine. 337 
Drage. Darlene. 337 
Darke. Dee. 337 
Drake, Eileen, 287, 337 
Drake. John. 270 
Dreiser, George, 316 
Drimmer, Jeffrey. 337 
Driver. Brenda. 228 
Drost. Tim. 337 
DuBois. John. 279 
Dudas. James. 270 
Dudek. Louis, 204, 247 
Dudich. Tim, 279 
Duesing, Lynda. 337 
Duff. Margaret. 168 
Duff. Ralph. 243. 337 

Duffy. Cathy. 184, 254 

Duffy. Sheila. 337 

Dugan. Jim. 257 

Dumanski. P.. 176 

DuMontier. George, 337 

Dunbar. Sandra. 337 

Duncan. Charles. 252 

Dunha. William. 279 

Duni. Patricia. 337 

Dunican. George. 337 

Dunican. S.. 129 

Dunkelberger. John. 337 

Dunlap, Ray. 337 

Dunlap. Susan. 337 

Dunlavy. Patricia. 337 

Dunn, Joseph, 300 

Dunn, Richard, 4 

Durham, Mary, 337 

Durk, Elaine, 229 

Duta, Thomas, 186, 337 

Dutter, Barbara, 233 

Outton, Virgil, 257 

Duty. William. 337 

Dwyer. Neil, 231, 337 

Dwyer, Timothy, 290 

Dyer, James, 338 

Dylewski, Sandra, 228, 296 

Dzeda, Bruce. 188 

Eastman, Dale, 243 

Eaton, Anne, 338 

Eckbald, J. Stuart. 232. 234 

Eckhardt. Kenn, 310 

Eckler, Kay. 338 

Eckroate, Nancy, 338 

Eckstern. Rich. 244 

Eddy. Eileen, 338 

Eder, J.. 176 

Edgecomb, Susan. 287 

Edgington. Jo Lynn. 313 

Edmund. Kaye. 338 

Edwards, Kent. 310 

Edwards. Richard, 5. 270 

Edwards. Robert. 338 

Edwards. Sue, 193. 206 

Eft. Carolyn. 338 

Egan. tvlary Lou, 182 

Egan, Moe, 220 

Ehrnart, Pauline. 191 

Eiben. Deborah. 174, 236, 292 

Eiben, Mary, 239 

Eichelsbacher, Lyn. 304. 338 

Eichorn. Neal. 232, 338 

Eisel, B., 176 

Eiseman, Ann, 308 

Eisenberg. Lee. 228 

Eisenhut. Rebecca. 254, 287. 338 

Eisentrout. George. 338 

Elan. Robert. 209. 277 

Ekiund. John, 338 

Elcro, Jacqueline, 292 

Elder, Donald, 338 

EIek, Mary Ann, 338 

Ellis, K., 195 

Ellithorp, John Dale, 237 

Ellithrop, Lorraine. 237. 338 

Emerson, Mary. 170. 338 

Emmanuel. George. 338 

Emmert. Lawrence, 230, 338 

Emmanuel. Nick. 255 

Emmette. Elizabeth. 338 

Engel. Michael. 255 

Engleright. Chen Lee. 269. 338 

Engroff. Jill. 338 

Engstrom. T.. 242 

Epp. Henry, 338 

Eppright, William, 310, 338 

Epstein, Stephen, 338 

Erbaugh, Tom. 310 

Ereth. David, 243 

Erickson, Albert, 247, 290, 338 

Erickson, Carl, 4 

Ericson, G., 139 

Ericson, M. Scott. 290 

Erskine, Kathleen. 215. 313. 338 

Ernewein, M., 194 

Erwin, Duane, 314 

Eshelman. Paul, 314 

Eshler, Brenda, 202, 338 

Eshler, Margaret, 193 

Etzkin, Mike, 218, 338 

Euancho, Joseph. 223 

Eucker. Linda. 338 

Euse. Steve. 252 

Evancho. Joe. 338 

Evans. Douglas. 338 

Evans. Rosemary. 218. 338 

Evert. Dave. 223 

Everett. Kathleen. 338 

Faber. Kathy, 191, 212 

Fabian, Mary Ann, 338 

Fackler, Russell, 231 

Fagin. Shelley. 272 

Fahey. Patrick. 338 

Fahrer, Mark, 338 

Fahringer, Melanie. 229, 238 

Fahy. Kevin, 338 

Fain, Patricia, 265, 338 

Fair. Jeff, 260 

Fair, Richard, 338 

Fairbanks. Ralph. 230. 266. 338 

Fairchild. Julie. 304 

Fakeris. Marlene. 338 

Fals. Mary. 339 

Fancher. Mary. 210. 215. 224. 

235, 269, 339 
Fankhauser, Richard, 339 
Fantozzi, Gene, 230, 339 
Faraidy, Abdulaziz, 226 
Faras, Penny. 339 
Fargo. 276 
Farkas. David. 275 
Farkas. Gary. 150 
Farkas, James. 243 
Farkas. Roderic, 150, 339 
Famer, Victoria, 170, 237, 339 
Farmer, William. 339 
Farnsworth. Linda. 227, 339 
Farrell. Pamela. 339 
Farro. Charles. 173 
Fascko. Diane, 339 
Fattore, Maria, 339 
Faust. Lynn. 339 
Fawaz. Joe, 226 
Fawley, Diane, 239, 339 
Fawley, J, Philip. 239 
Fay. Kathy, 182 
Fazekas, Edward, 230, 339 
Fazekas, Stephen. 310 
Fearer, Pamela, 229, 339 
Feathenngham. Richard, 270 
Fechter. Richard. 260. 279 
Fedelem. Richard. 339 
Federman. Jerry. 339 
Feibel. Alan. 278 
Feiedelem. Carol. 340 
Feldman, Steven, 307 
Felton. James. 279. 340 
Fenn. David. 340 
Ferares. Harry. 219 
Ference. Chris. 224. 269. 340 
Ferenczi. Steve. 290, 340 
Ferens, Kathi, 207 
Ferguson. Kay, 304, 340 
Ferguson, Shelba, 205 
Fernella, M , 129 
Femes, Kathi, 296 
Ferrara, Gregory. 340 



Ferrara, Gene. 204 

Feterle. Katherine. 316 

Fetherolf. Linda. 185 

Feuer. Jeffrey. 230. 340 

Few. Karen. 182 

Fiedler. William. 298 

Fields. Leann. 340 

Fifer. Linda. 292 

Figel. Diane, 185 

Filgate. Carol. 227. 241 

Fillipiak. Joseph. 340 

Filler. Sheila, 340 

Filmore, James. 340 

Filo. John. 316 

Finamore, James, 340 

Findley. David, 340 

Fine, Karen, 292 

Fink, Barry, 288 

Finklestein, Richard, 310 

Florentine, Mickey, 125 

Fisher. Gretchen. 340 

Fischer. Jay. 130 

Fischer. Nancy. 272 

Fitzgerald. John, 220 

Fitzgerald, Maureen. 313 

Fitzpatrick. Carole. 254. 287 

Fttzsimmons, Helen. 5 

Fitzsimmons, W.. 155 

Flaherty. Maureen. 180. 234, 250, 

Flahser, Wanema. 256. 340 
Flannery. Martin. 340 
Flaugher. Pamela. 340 
Fleeman. Bonnie. 272 
Fleming. David. 316. 340 
Fleming. Marcus. 167 
Fleming. Ronald, 278 
Fleming, Ty. 260 
Fleming, Will, 340 
Flohr. Nancy. 304 
Florence. Dreama. 205 
Flowers. Jeanne, 280 
Floyd, Nancy, 184 
Floyd, Kathleen, 313 
Flynn, Tim, 150 
Foisy. John, 340 
Foley, Tom, 340 
Folt, Lee. 224. 340 
Folusewych, Robert, 316 
Foote. Demarls Anne. 340 
Ford. Gary. 307 
Forman. Jeffrey, 288 
Forrer, Andrea, 292 
Forrer, Carl, 340 
Forsberg. Diane, 340 
Foster, S., 195 
Foulk, William, 340 
Fout, Ginger. 304 
Foutz. Alan. 340 
Fowler. Robert. 340 
Fox. Debby. 228 
Fox. Margaret. 204. 205. 308 
Fox. Roger. 314. 340 
Foyer. Jeff. 182 
Frain. Mike. 340 
Frak. Karen. 340 
Frakes, William, 340 
Frame, James, 253 

Franczak, Ernest. 321 
Frank. Dutch, 223 
Frank, Jeanne, 340 
Frank, Nancy, 287 
Frank, Paul, 318, 340 
Franklin, Jana, 228, 229, 340 
Franklin, Lynn, 176, 287 
Franklin, Ronald, 243 
Franks. Claudia. 185 
Franks, Judith. 340 
Frazen. Pamela. 221 
Frattaroli. Joseph. 340 
Frattaroli. Sylvia. 241, 340 
Fraunfelder. Terry, 266 
Frazee, Kathleen, 287 
Frazier, Robert, 275 
Frazier, William, 340 
Frederiksen, Martha Kay, 216. 

218. 341 
Freer. Ronald. 318 
Freno. Joseph. 165 
Frew. Kathleen. 228. 280 
Friedi, Andrea, 248, 341 
Friedman. Bill. 182 
Friedman. Robert. 182. 341 
Fries. Frederick. 165 
Friese. Diane. 254, 296 
Friese, John, 6 
Fnestedt, Lynn. 313 
Frisina. Frank. 310 
Frohling. Laura, 313 
Frontino, Jayne, 308 
Frye, Judith, 341 
Frye, Linda, 236, 341 
Fuller, Doug, 167 
Fuller, Page, 170 

Fuller, William, 216, 218. 257, 341 
Fulop, Bill, 207 
Fulop, Kathy, 206 
Fung, Julian. 266 
Funk. Bonnie, 341 
Funk, Donna. 207 
Furey. Carol. 341 
Furman. Richard, 341 
Furney. Robert, 211 
Furnire. Carole, 341 

Gabel, Shan, 168, 212 
Gable, Cecelia, 166 
Gabon, Jack, 182 
Gadson. Lyncheryl. 283 
Gahlke. Peggy, 193 
Gaiffe, Michael, 255, 341 
Galley. Paul. 231 
Galanese. Mark. 310 
Galas, Caliape. 341 
Galassini. Barbara, 269 
Galassini. Steve, 169 
Glasso, Janice. 261 
Gale. Ruth. 228. 341 
Galena. Jane, 192, 210, 212 
Gall, Thomas. 341 
Galla. Evelyn. 341 
Gallagher. Bnan. 150. 341 
Gallagher. Munel. 341 
Gallagher. Susan. 229 
Gallam. Mary Lou, 341 
Gallo, Edward, 291 
Gallop, George, 341 
Galston. Samuel. 275 
Gambaccini. Sue. 4 
Gamery. Sandy. 192 
Gandee, Barbara. 341 
Cans. Carolyn, 304, 341 
Ganson, Elizabeth, 202, 210, 

234, 292. 341 
Garber. Larry, 260 
Garcia. John. 341 
Gardini. Marlene. 182. 233 
Gardner, Robert, 310, 341 
Garner, Rosalie, 287 
Garnson. James. 243. 341 
Garrott. Philip. 252 
Gartrell. Kenneth. 291 
Garvey. Ruth. 168 
Garvin. Bobi. 151 
Gary. Jane. 229 
Gasior. Diane. 233 
Gaski, Edward. 321 
Gaskins. Lawrence. 300 
Gates. Gerald. 341 
Gates. Sally. 296 
Gattozzi. Louis. 270. 341 
Gaudio, Jacqueline, 228, 341 
Gauer, Carol Ann. 221, 233, 341 
Gaugler, Hanson, 165 
Gault. Jody. 292 
Gaydos. M.. 176 
Gaydos. Peg. 212 
Gaynes. Leslie. 341 
Gaynor. James. 341 
Gearhard. Raymond. 232 
Gearhart. Ann. 341 
Gebhard. Jeffrey. 266. 341 
Geel. Rick, 167 
Gehike, Peggy, 236 
Geiger, Jerry, 259 
Geiger, Rolland, 141, 316 
Geiselman, Ken, 125 
Gelfand, Shelly. 272 
Gelshenen. Rosemary. 280 
Geltz. Elaine. 341 
Gentile. Richard. 341 
Gentry. Gary. 252 
Gentry, Linda, 261 
George. Arthur, 291 
George, Kathy, 238 
George, Norma, 313 
George. R.. 246 
Gerber. Barbara, 170 
Gerber. Gail. 272 
Gerber. Randall. 341 
Gerham. David. 341 
Gernheuser. Robert, 270 
Gerrick, Robert. 229. 341 
Gersdorf, Theodore, 321 
Geschke, Richard, 172, 341 
Gessner, Sharon, 341 
Giampapa, Rosemary. 341 

Giannamore. Bert, 294 

Giannantonio. Tony. 252 

Gibbs. Maione. 341 

Gibson. Bette, 250 

Gibson, Cynthia, 236, 342 

Gibson, Dennis, 254, 255 

Gibson, Joan. 254. 296 

Gier. L.. 176 

Giersch. Paul. 129. 342 

Giesler. Julie. 342 

Gigliotti. Karen, 158, 210. 212 

Gilbert. Barry. 342 

Gilbert, Jack, 205 

Gilbert, James, 310, 342 

Giles, Bruce, 285 

Gilhousen, Paul, 125 

Gill. Rodney. 342 

Gillespie. Pamela. 229, 342 

Gilland. Robert. 342 

Gillet. B.. 246 

Gillet. Jim, 397 

Gilliland, Robert. 294 

Gilmore. Beverly, 280 

Gilmore, Susan, 292 

Gilmour, Linda, 256 

Gilmour, Walter. 307 

Gimble, Gary. 342 

Gingrich. Sue. 256 

Gintert. Barbara. 287 

Girard, Greg, 252 

Giron, Janice, 292 

Gladigan. Richard, 257 

Glaser, Lynn, 202, 296 

Click. Linda, 342 

Glinski, Kathleen, 206, 207, 238 

Glover, Darlene. 228 

Gluck, Emil. 288 

Gluck. Lynda. 237. 342 

Gluszek. Gene. 150 

Glynn. Kathy. 280 

Gnat. Carol. 342 

Godbold. Patricia. 342 

Goddard. Arthur. 167 

Goehnng, Susan. 342 

Goehnng. T.. 129 

Goebel. Robert. 321 

Goers. Janet. 287 

Gold. Darcy. 342 

Gold. Paul, 277 

Goldberg, Lewis. 165. 199 

Goldebury. Pamela. 309 

Goldenholz. Itmar. 342 

Goldenholz. Nava, 342 

Goldman, Barbara, 198. 199, 206 

Goldsbury, Pam, 208 

Goldstein, Barry, 277 

Goldstein. Ins. 342 

Goldstein. Mike. 165 

Goldstein. Philip. 342 

Goldstein. Perry. 342 

Goldstein. Ronald. 288 

Goldstine. Terry. 288 

Golenberg. Milt. 342 

Golis. Kenneth, 342 

Gollner, Gwen. 221 

Good, Arthur, 316 

Good, William, 294 

Gooding, Cheryl, 313, 342 

Goodman. James. 294 

Goodman. Karen. 342 

Goodwin, John. 343 

Gordan. Jeffrey. 275 

Gordaenier, Bret, 167 

Gordon, Telva, 343 

Gorman, Jan, 309 

Gorman, Kathy, 185 

Corsica, Beverly, 343 

Corsica, Lois. 185 

Goryanec. Paula. 313 

Gottfned. Horton. 343 

Gottfned, Susan, 343 

Gottlieb. Marsha. 235. 239 

Gottrell. B . 343 

Gottschalk. John. 343 

Gottwals, Michael, 270 

Gougler, Susan, 228, 256, 343 

Gowan, John, 230 

Grady, Carol, 309 

Graeser, Mark, 279 

Graf, Kathryn, 343 

Graff, Gretchen, 191 

Graham, Charles, 343 

Graham, Christine, 343 

Graham, Jennifer. 283 

Graham. Linda. 238 

Graham. William. 234 

Gran. Jeffrey. 285 

Granados. Cecelia. 343 

Grandey, Chirley, 256 

Grant, Donald. 279 

Grant. James. 230. 343 

Grant. Thomas. 291 

Grasso. Paula. 287 

Graylich. Karen, 170, 228 

Graveno, Thomas. 234 

Gravereau. Cheryl. 343 

Graves. Warren, 316 

Gray. Clyde. 243 

Gray. Sherry. 343 

Gray, Susan. 234 

Gray. T,. 129 

Graziani. Louis. 291. 343 

Graziani. Mary Beth. 343 

Greco. Rosalie, 191 

Green, David, 266 

Green, Richard, 318 

Greenbank, Robert. 248. 343 

Greenbaum. Bonita, 343 

Greenberg, Harold, 216, 218. 343 

Greene, Carol. 205. 206. 272 

Greene. Kathy, 184 

Greene, Linda. 240, 343 

Greene, Linda R., 233, 343 

Greene, Lloyd. 270 

Greene. Marcella. 343 

Greer. Jeff. 291 

Gregorich. Mark. 343 

Greguric. Vicki. 207 

Greiner. Buddy. 266 

Greitzer. Susan. 228. 343 

Gresh. Cathleen. 175, 212. 292 

Gret. C. 129 

Greuloch, Connie. 280, 343 


Greunke, Ara Lou. 343 
Griffin. Michael. 207. 300. 343 
Griffith. Deborah. 238 
Gngah. Linda. 254 
Griggs. Vickie. 207 
Grimes, Frances, 343 
Gnmmett, Richard. 225. 237 
Gronsky, Frances. 343 
Grosel, Karen. 207. 280 
Gross. George. 343 
Gross, Joseph 310 
Grosso, Mary Jo, 185 
Group. Kenneth. 275 
Grove. Jack, 231, 343 
Grover, Jim, 225 
Grownsy, Elizabeth, 280. 343 
Grubb. Susan. 343 
Grubich. Janice. 343 
Grucza. Sandra. 343 
Gruda. Michael. 173,277 
Grzelecki, Robert, 298 
Guamieri, Anthony, 343 
Guess. Jerral. 343 
Guess. Jerry. 255 
Guggenheim. Paul. 300 
Guilliuoma. Kathy. 190 
Guinta. S Richard. 310. 343 
Gunning, Pat, 205 
Gura, David, 344 
Gusky, James, 165, 223 
Guyette. Carol, 261 

Haag. Robert. 344 

Haas. Dave. 253 

Haas. Patricia. 280 

Haasjes, J,, 176 

Haberer. Joanne. 344 

Haberkost. Deanne. 233 

Hack, Tricia, 261 

Had. James. 310 

Hadady. D . 176 

Haden, Gregory, 209 

Haefling, Carl. 266 

Halfer, T . 129 

Hagan, Christine, 313 

Hage. Dennis, 344 

Hague, Don, 199 

Hahl, William, 248 

Hair, Raymond, 344 

Hairston, Leonard, 344 

Halbach, William. 310 

Halderman. Jane. 228. 344 

Hale. Barbara. 396 

Hall. Bernard. 4 

Hall. Darrell. 344 

Hall. David. 255 

Hall. Fred, 288 

Hall, Jim. 344 

Hall. Judy, 344 

Hall, Nancy, 241, 344 

Hall. Phyllis. 344 

Hall. Ted, 252 

Hallal, Donna, 309 

Halloran. Mary. 344 

Hallpike. Clark Anson. 226. 334 

Halter. Ken. 220 

Halter, William. 344 

Haluska. Barbara. 344 

Halverstadt. Jeanne. 228. 296, 344 

Hamann, Douglas. 318 

Hamant. J.. 176 

Hamel. Maggie, 193 

Hamer, Bob, 219 

Hamilton, F E , 253 

Hamilton, Lynne, 344 

Hamilton. Marion. 229. 309 

Hamilton. Sally. 231. 344 

Hammen. William. 344 

Hammer. Sue. 344 

Hamrich. Arlene. 344 

Hancock. Barbara, 344 

Hanic, John, 344 

Hanner, Carol, 292, 344 
Hanner, Susan, 202, 221, 344 
Hanners, Connie, 254. 280. 344 
Hannigan, Susan, 287 
Hansen, Nancy, 210. 344 
Hansen. Ruth. 237. 251. 296. 344 
Hanson. Karen. 269 
Harad. Hannah. 185. 221 
Harcelrode. James. 295 
Hardulak. Tom. 230, 344 
Hare, Roberta. 344 
Haren. Anne. 251 
Harkness. Bruce. 4 
Harm. Jeffrey. 266. 344 
Harmych. Karen. 344 
Harner. Lina. 227. 241 
Harper. Phyllis. 265. 344 
Harriman. Cheryl. 202. 208. 215. 

247. 296. 344 
Harris. David. 223 
Harris. Judith. 344 
Harris. Mark. 344 
Harris, Ronnie, 60 
Harris, Shirley, 344 
Harris. Susan, 193, 206, 210 
Harris. William. 344 
Harrison. Dick. 244 
Harrison. George. 344 
Harrison. Ilona. 215. 300. 313 
Harrison. Joyce. 280 
Harrison. Richard. 344 
Harry. Hueston, 252 
Han. Jeffery. 345 
Hart. Suzanne. 151. 345 
Hartman. Alanna. 229. 345 
Hartman, Dave. 248 
Hartman. Linda. 345 
Harvitch, JoAnn, 309 
Hartz. Charles. 345 
Harvey. Linda. 345 
Harwick. Elizabeth. 25 
Haskakis. Nick. 165. 211 
Hast. William. 321 
Hatch. Tamilyn. 201. 208. 251 

Hathaway. Kenneth. 314 

Hatton. Duane. 345 
Haughn. Michael. 165 
Haught, Howard. 169 
Mauser. John. 310 
Hausman. Inwin, 288 
Hausser. G,, 129 
Havener, Ronald. 285 
Haverkos, Robert. 345 
Havran, Kenneth, 345 
Hawk, David, 5 
Hawkins, Gayle, 345 
Hawkins, Jud, 270 
Hawkins. Julianne. 287 
Haymond. Fred 216, 218 
Haynes. T . 245 
Hays. David. 298 
Hays. Jean. 200, 202, 261. 345 
Hayward. D. Gregory. 232 
Haywood. Brian. 276 
Hazard. Carla. 207, 280 
Hazel, Susan, 345 
Hazelwood. R-, 176 
Hazen. Gordon. 260 
Hazucha. Agnes. 184. 210. 212. 

234. 345 
Head. Phyllis. 345 
Healy, Clinton, 248 
Heard, Marguerite, 180, 219 
Hedden, Sue, 346 
Hedges. Marguerite. 280. 346 
Heiberg. Kathleen, 229, 346 
Heidelberg, Cheryl, 346 
Heilman, Lloyd, 199 
Heinisch. Charleen, 204, 207. 280 
Heinlen. Robert. 346 
Heinman, T . 195 
Heinselman. K , 139 
Heisa, Shirley, 346 
Heise, Rainhard, 346 
Helfand, Susan. 272 
Helstein, Vicki, 182 
Hemming, Cathy, 190, 212 
Hendriksen, Carol, 346 
Hendrickson, Bruce. 346 
Hendnckson. Susan. 304 
Hendrix. Becky. 199. 212. 224 
Hendrix, Carol, 346 
Henkel, Gary, 270 
Henry, Chuck, 255 
Henry, D , 195 
Henry, Dorothy, 212 
Henry, James, 204, 206. 346 
Henry. Lynn. 228 
Henry, Roger, 346 
Hensel, Oebra, 170, 269 
Hensley, Claudia, 346 
Henson, Kathleen, 346 
Henzel, Len, 216. 247. 346 
Herald. Bonnie. 170 
Herbert. D,, 155 
Herchek. Pati. 180 
Hercik. Monica, 228 
Heritage, Barbara. 346 
Heritage. George, 219 
Heritage, Melvin. 346 
Herrera, A . 129 
Hernck. Sharon, 296 
Hernngton, Shirley, 292 
Herrman, Robert, 314 
Herron. Bonnie. 287, 346 
Hertel, Kathe, 229, 238 
Herthneck, Judith. 346 
Hertvik, Lori, 287 
Herzberg. Gail. 170 
Herzog. Neal. 243, 346 
Hess, David, 291 
Hetrick, Ester, 346 
Heyl, Cathy, 228, 280. 346 
Heyl. Kathy. 346 
Hibala. S,. 176 
Hicks. Susan. 287 
Higgins. Dave. 182 
Higgins. Eleanor. 6 
HilTJudy. 280 
Hill, Louise, 346 
Hill, Margaret, 346 
Hill. Robert. 225 
Hill, Ronald. 346 
Hille, Clare, 168 
Hiller, Nancy, 346 
Hillery, Kathleen. 346 
Hilligas. Janet, 346 
Himes, Portia, 207, 247, 261, 287 
Himmel, Roger. 288. 346 
Hinchliffe. Cathy. 287 
Hinderer, Robert, 346 
Hindman, Don. 150. 172 
Hindman. John, 295 
Hine. Robert. 346 
Hines. Judy. 346 
Hines, M,, 242 

Hines. Randy. 216. 218. 346. 396 
Hines. William. 346 
Hinman. Kathe. 207, 228, 296 
Hipply. Rebecca, 346 
Hirschman. Louise. 272 
Hirshberg. Craig. 192. 292 
Hirlzinger. Kathy, 151 
Hitch, Ooltie, 304 
HIass, David, 346 
Hluck, K., 155 
Hnas. Allen. 270 
Hnida. Connie. 237. 346 
Hocevar, Peggy. 296 
Hochstetler. Stanley. 346 
Hodar Ken, 219 
Hoden, Gregory, 275 
Hodson. Leslie. 184, 204 
Hoehn, Vicki, 231, 346 
Hofacre, Sheila, 346 
Hotfee, Lois, 346 
Hoffman, Anne, 347 
Hoffman, Donna, 207, 280 
Hoffman, James. 291, 347 
Hoffman, Joanne, 201, 215, 247, 

Hoffman, John. 270 
Hoffman. Judi. 309 
Hoffman. Karen. 347 
Hoffman. Linda. 347 
Hoffman. M, Anne. 347 
Hoffman, Steve, 260 
Hogan Edward. 275 

Hogan, Ellen, 347 

Hogan, Gary. 257 

Hogan. James. 285 

Hohenfeld. Linda. 184 

Hohenstein. E Gary. 291 

Hoinski. Jeffrey. 316 

Holdinsky. George. 347 

Holdren. Lawrence. 314. 347 

Holland. Janice, 347 

Hollenbaugh, H. Ritchey, 347 

Holler, William, 275 

Hollis, D , 195 

Hollosy, Lynn. 307 

Holly. Karen. 224, 268, 347 

Holmes, Douglas, 310 

Holmstrom, Donald, 7 

Holthus. Gary, 314. 347 

Holub. Daniel. 270 

Holy. Marilyn, 228, 249 

Homa, Linda, 228, 347 

Homison. Paul. 321. 347 

Homola. Sharon. 256 

Hon. Ronald. 318 

Honzik. Susan, 347 

Hoogenboom, Gary, 199, 211 

Hoos, Michele, 347 

Hopkins, Mary, 347 

Hopkins, Patricia, 347 

Horn, Lynne, 235, 347 

Horn, Margie, 228 

Hornack, Loralyn, 347 

Hornack, Robert. 254. 347 

Horner. L . 130 

Hornyak. Mark. 347 

Horrigan. Vincent, 314 

Horsefeld, Frances. 7 

Horvath, John, 279 

Hoskinson, Janet, 185 

Horeath, Linda, 347 

Hortsemeyer, Phyllis, 258 

Horwilz, Gail, 347 

Horwitz, Irene, 347 

Hoskinson, Janet, 347 

Host. Robert. 347 

Hotchkiss. Susan. 347 

Hottensmith. David, 242 

Houser, Kermit, 347 

Houston, Roger, 316 

Hovanick, Carol, 187, 212 

Howard, Leslie, 292 

Howe, Becky, 151 

Howe, Bonni, 347 

Howe, Martha, 347 

Howell, Thomas, 347 

Howie, Ginny, 151 

Howie, Hap, 150 

Hoyer, Linda, 194, 212 

Hronek, Richard, 310. 347 

Hruby, Jerry. 198 

Huber. G,. 164 

Huber. Thomas. 295 

Hubler. Thomas. 307 

Huck, Richard, 285 

Huff, David, 252 

Huffman, Candice. 251, 347 

Hufler, Thomas. 347 

Hugh. Joan. 238 

Hughes, Bonnie. 193 

Huggill, H, Craig, 294 

Hugo, James, 253, 291 

Hull, George, 232 

Hull. Russell. 270 

Humphries. Faye, 228 

Huner. Rita, 2(35 

Hunger, Jim, 165, 223 

Hunsicker, Buzz, 241 

Hunston, Donald, 236 

Hunston, Sandra. 228. 256. 347 

Hunt, John, 314 

Hunter, Pamela. 347 

Hunter. Payson. 252 

Hupp. Paula. 174 

Hura, Tracy. 237. 347 

Hurd. Stuart. 253 

Hurst, Paul, 347 

Hurtauk, Stephan. 347 

Hun*itz, Bruce. 288 

Huset. Glynn. 151 

Huss. Sandra. 304. 347 

Huston, Nancy, 193 

Hutchins, Nancy, 313 

Hutchinson, Judith, 347 

Huver. Rita Ann. 309 

Huvler. Karen, 170 

Huzel, James. 155. 291 

Huzvar, Kathryn, 240, 348 

Hyatt. Roger. 348 

Hyde. Ron. 201 

Hyman. Michael. 348 

Hynes. Ann. 304 

Hyslop. Chris. 307 

lacobellis, Patricia. 348 
lafigiola. Teresa. 348 
lapaolo. Ten. 348 
Iden. Duke. 348 
Ifft. Alan. 243. 348 
Ignatz. Dennis. 321. 348 
IHston. Brenda. 212. 280 
Imhof . Bruce. 230, 246 
Imhoff. Lawrence, 348 
Imosersteg, Connie. 185 
Infantino. Fran. 348 
Ingram. Stephen, 173. 288 
Irwin Kathleen. 348 
Isaacs. Douglas. 260. 270 
Ischo. Frances. 151. 280 
Ischo, John, 348 
Isele, George, 310 
Iseman. Jim. 219 
Isen. I . 194 
Isham, Donald. 348 
Ita, Jan, 174 
Iwanusa. Adele, 349 
Izzo, T , 246 

Jack, J. Larry. 156. 253. 349 
Jackson. Katherine. 194 
Jackson. Robert. 291 
Jacobsen, Chris, 223. 248 
Jacon. Frank. 349 
Jahnke. M . 246 
Jakowlew, Monika, 212 
James, Bradford. 248. 349 
James. Edward. 349 
Jancsurak. Kathy. 182 
Jams. Deborah. 194 
Janning. James. 316 
Jaqua, Margaret, 349 
Jarvis, Robert, 253 
Jaskol, Evelyn, 349 
Jastromb, Tony, 317 
Javitch. Linda, 228 
Jedlicka, George, 317 
Jendrickson, Carol, 309 
Jencrisak, Daniel, 349 
Jensen. Catherine. 349 
Jenewein. Glenda. 220 
Jenkins, Bob, 246 
Jenkins. Judy. 182. 228 
Jenkins. Martin. 310 
Jenkins. W.. 246 
Jenyk. Timothy, 266 
Jerrick, Stephen. 314 
Jewell. Robert. 300 
Jividen. Jerry. 349 
John, Paul R , 232 
Johns. Elaine. 287, 349 
Johnson, Becky, 184, 185, 237, 

Johnson. Cathy. 166. 212 
Johnson. Carol Anne. 349 
Johnson. Carolyn. 349 
Johnson, Chns, 223. 255. 349 
Johnson. Claudia. 233, 240, 349 
Johnson, David, 318, 349 
Johnson, Deborah, 296 
Johnson, Donald, 291, 318 
Johnson. Gary. 231, 349 
Johnson, Gregg, 291 
Johnson. Janice. 265 
Johnson. Keith. 243 
Johnson. Linda, 239, 235, 349 
Johnson, Linda. 229 
Johnson. Marianne. 170, 287 
Johnson, Mane, 290 
Johnson. Phillip, 314, 349 
Johnson. Richard, 248, 349 
Johnson, Stanley, 349 
Johnston, Don, 182 
Johnston, Jane, 227 
Johnston, Jane, 227 
Johnston, Nancy, 349 
Johnston, Pamela. 292 
Johnston. Rita, 233 
Jolliff. Thomas. 300 
Jones. A . 246 
Jones. Allen. 349 
Jones. Charles, 310 
Jones, Daniel. 4 
Jones, David, 349 
Jones. Karen, 170 
Jones. Lee. 305 
Jones, Lynn, 250 
Jones, Marlene, 269 
Jones. Rachel Ann. 349 
Jones. Ray. 276 
Jones. Robert, 349 
Jones, Robert. 349 
Jones, Wendy, 349 
Jordan, Paul, 276 
Joseph. Frank, 241 
Joseph, Gary, 277, 349 
Joslyn, Judith, 305 
Joyce, Edward, 246, 318 
Joyce, Joseph. 214. 349 
Joyeux. Chantal. 280. 349 
Jozsa. Marlene. 349 
Judice. Edward. 314 
Judy. Sherry. 233 
Juergens, Linda, 235, 349 
Juggard, Peggy, 349 
Juliano, Joseph, 277 
Julick, Clinton, 150. 277 
Julick, Theresa, 151 
Jung, Thomas, 21 1 
Jurgans. Inars, 349 
Jurgans, Sarma. 349 
Jurica. John. 300 

Kabicek. Woody. 247. 349 
Kabin. Robyn. 208, 272 
Kacerski, Ann, 241 
Kackstetter, Sandra, 287. 349 
Kadowski. Kathryn. 269 
Kagafas. James. 349 
Kahler. Cheryl. 349 
Kail. Cheryl. 229 
Kain. Mark. 349 
Kaiser, Kathleen, 350 
Kaiser. Martha. 269. 350 
Kaklowe. Noreen, 269 
Kalen. Eleanor, 272 
KalniUky, Barbara, 313 
Kalonick, Alice, 193, 229, 350 
Kame. Laune, 205 
Kamerer, Jim. 223 
Kametz. John. 216. 218 
Kaminski, Dennis, 241 
Kaminski. Marci. 168 
Kaminsky. Patricia, 233 
Kamody, Lawrence, 291 
Kammer. Kathleen. 350 
Kamps. Lee, 239 
Kandrac, Linda. 207 
Kane. Cathy. 192. 228 
Kane, Susie. 168 
Kangas. Sue. 296 
Kama, Joyce. 229. 350 

Kanter, Steven. 285 
Kapec. Jeff. 220 
Kapel, James, 350 
Kapenekas. Mary. 233 
Kaplan. Amy. 193 
Kappers. Polly. 305 
Karlan. Dennis. 230. 350 
Karmia. Tina, 168 
Karoue. Edward. 350 


. Diai 

Karst. Ron, 242. 350 

Kartz. Tom. 258 

Kasarda, Dianne. 254. 350 

Kaselak. Dennis. 350 

Kastein. Bonnie. 292. 350 

Katryck. Carol, 296 

Katz, Jack, 277 

Kaufman, John, 350 

Kaugas, Mike, 239 

Kaufman, B., 242 

Kavcar, John, 260. 317 

Kaven. Mary. 269 

Kavinsky. Gregory. 253 

Kavulla. Patnck. 237, 350 

Kawai, Mardy, 254, 261 

Kay. Gail. 350 

Kaye. Robert. 350 

Keck. Susie. 184 

Keefe. Barbara. 269 

Keefe. Karen. 350 

Keene. Sharen. 350 

Keener. Don, 231, 350 

Keener, Phyllis. 227 

Keeney. Dennis, 230, 253. 285 

Keffer. Kenneth, 266 

Kefgen, Robert, 285, 350 

Kegelmyer, James, 165 

Kehner, Bill, 220 

Kehrer. G.. 188 

Keith, Nancy. 229. 350 

Keith. Stephan. 285 

Keithly. Frederic. 219 

Kekic. Mike, 318 

Keleman, L., 188 

Keller, P . 195 

Kelley. Bob. 186 

Kelley. M, Colleen, 350 

Kelley. Pat. 182 

Kelley. Timothy. 291 

Kelly. Marty. 185 

Kelly, Martha, 350 

Kelso, Bruce. 307 

Kelvington, James. 318. 350 

Kemper, Cecelia. 241 

Kendel, Linda, 256 

Kennedy, Betsy, 269 

Kenepp, Jill, 350 

Kennedy, Jacqueline, 350 

Kenney, John, 291 

Kent, Barbara. 350 

Kepler, Barbara. 350 

Keptner, Joanne, 180, 350 

Keptner, Ronald. 350 

Kern, Bonnie. 350 

Kerns, Linda, 227 

Kerr. D,. 246 

Kerr. H. Rick. 314 

Kerr. Juanita, 170, 207 

Kerr. Marilyn. 208. 313 

Kerr. Rosemary. 261 

Keshock. Pat. 182. 210, 212 

Kesling. Cindy. 296 

Kessmeier. Pam. 287 

Ketner. Linda. 350 

Kew, Susan. 212 

Keys. Jams. 350 

Kibler. Daniel, 279 

Kier, Fred, 350 

Kierstead, Margaret, 227, 241 

Kilanowski, Michael. 316 

Kilbourn. Sandra. 350 

Kilbnde. Ronald. 314 

Kilby, Carol, 180 

Kilgore, Barbara, 350 

Kilkenny, Rosemary, 283 

Kilpatrick, Thomas, 165 

Kilty, Kent. 275 

Kim, S,. 350 

Kimball, Duane. 257. 350 

Kinch, Portia. 313, 350 

Kindelan. Nancy. 242 

Kindig. Kim. 350 

Kindsvater. Elissa, 233 

Kindzia, J-. 188 

King. Al. 247. 395 

King. Chnstie. 261. 309 

King. Kevin. 314. 350 

King. Vernon, 276 

King, Wayne. 276 

Kingzett.Mary Lou, 350 

Kintner, Edward, 243 

Kinzel, Becky, 221 

Kiraly, Timothy. 165 

Kirchner, Barb. 184 

Kirk. Kenneth, 307 

Kirsch, Sherry, 313 

Kish, Joanne. 351 

Kish, William, 277 

Kisielewski, Barbara, 242. 351 

, Kan 

. 351 

Kitshin. C-, 157 

Kist. Anita, 261 

Kistler, Jeri, 351 

Kitko, Marcella. 208. 313 

Kitson. Carol, 351 

Klass. Manlyn, 280 

Klein, Jane, 351 

Klein, Lillian. 229 

Kleinberg. Richard. 230 

Kleinberg. Sharon, 351 

Kleinman, Marcy. 296 

Klepcyk, Ronald, 211, 212, 351 

Klicker, Dona, 202, 313 

Klie. Susan, 287 

Klieber. Ten, 182 

Kline, Connie, 351 

Kline. Dave. 227 

Kline. Don. 321 

Kline, Emmet, 300 

Klingel. Libby, 351 


Knapp. Barbara, 235 
Knapp, Diane, 221 
Knapp, Donna, 221 
Knapp, Lee, 205 
Knapp, Lenore, 190, 229 
Knauer, Nancy, 351 
Knaus, S., 194 
Knechtges, Tom, 172 
Knetege, Vivian, 351 
Knee, Patricia, 313 
Knepper, L., 194 
Knienem, Beth, 269 
Knighton, Carol, 265 
Knighton, Joyce, 265, 351 
Knisely, Paul, 307 
Knoch, Beverly, 351 
Knoechel, Patricia, 351 
Knopp, Sarah, 168 
Knowlton, Donald, 300 
Ko[)e, James. 259 
Koch, Martha, 352 
Koch, Roy, 300 
Kocinski, Marleen, 220 
KoehUr, Betty, 191 
Koehler, Sandra, 228, 352 
Koesterer, Kathleen, 309 
Koger, Oily, 208, 215, 254, 

296, 352 
Kohlruss, Diane, 352 
Kohtz, Christine, 305 
Koich, Nick, 307 
Kolakowski, Kathleen, 352 
Kolarek, Susan, 238 
Kolas, Robert, 231 
Kol|Ot, Cindy, 352 
Kollar, Thomas. 301, 352 
Kondo, Maurice, 232 
Konestabo, Barb, 151 
Konvolinka, Glenn, 285 
Konya, Lawrence, 279 
Koons, Suzanne, 352 
Kopcsik, S., 176 
Kopnicky, Victoria, 352 
Koprowski, Eilyn, 313 
Koprucki, Richard, 352 
Korb, Gary, 352 
Korchin, Jettery, 352 
Koren, Rosalie, 239 
Korenewych, Joroslawa, 352 
Kormendi, Sandy, 193, 229, 

235, 239 
Kom, Martin, 165 
Kosiba, L., 164 
Kosko, Myrna, 352 
Koslen, Michael, 352 
Koss, Margaret, 228 
Koster, Sharon, 205, 287 
Koxok, Mark, 288 
Koxula, Chris, 238 
Kotun, Carol, 296 
Koucky, Jan, 352 
Koukol, Karen, 210, 221, 228 
Kountz, Jan, 352 
Koury, John, 301, 352 
Kovach, J., 164 
Kovach, Kathleen, 232 
Kovach, Linda, 208, 309, 352 
Koval, Karen, 206 
Kovar, Allen, 266 
Kovic, Patricia, 309 
Kowall, Catherine, 352 
Kowilich, Joseph, 352 
Koynok, Carol, 256, 352 
Kozech, John, 172 
Kozelka, Kern, 164, 220, 245 
Kozich, John, 211 
Kragel, Robert, 310, 352 
Kraley, Barbara, 221 
Kramer, William, 232, 352 
Krand, Kathleen, 292 
Krane, Janet, 313 
Krantz, Lynn, 202, 352 
Kransotf, Richard, 352 
Kravs, K., 164 

Krawczyk, Diane, 206, 249, 292 
Krawetz, Sue, 216, 352 
Kreiger, J,, 195 
Kreiner, Joseph, 314 
Kreiner, Robert, 352 
Krejci, Mike, 252 
Kreicier, Kathy, 191, 210 
Krejsa, Robert, 352 
Kren, Helene, 352 
Kreps, Sally, 305 
Kress, Paul, 352 
Kretovics, Bill, 182 
Kreusler, Judith, 352 
Krieger, Janice, 212 
Krikos. Helen, 5 
Krikos. Ted, 7 
Kriner, Linda, 305 
Krivonak, Steve, 125 
Kroll, Mark, 277 
Krotky, Diana, 352 
Kruk, John, 352 
Krull, Kala, 352 
Krumel, Rick, 176, 204 
Krumpe, H., 164 
Krutowsky, B., 352 
Krysciak, Allan, 352 
Krysciak, Judy, 234, 352 
Kubas, Joseph, 352 
Kubek, Patricia, 292 
Kubik, Marlene, 280 
Kuchling, Ray, 216, 301 
Kudia, Tom, 219 
Kuenstler, Ellen, 352 
Kuhlman, Jonnie, 353 
Kuhn, David, 352 
Kuhn, Elizabeth, 353 
Kuhn, Nancy, 233 
Kukia, Myron, 216 
Kukovich, Allen, 310 
Kulis, Joseph, 353 
Kuna, Edv»in, 248, 353 
Kung, Fred, 353 
Kunst, Robert, 223 
Kunz, Brian, 295 
Kurian, Sandy, 207 
Kurilla, Paulette, 192 
Kursh, Naomi, 261, 272 
Kurta, Martin, 285 
Kushner, Janice, 308 

Kusnyer, Judith, 353 
Kuss, Jack, 244 
Kusy, Lora, 353 
Kyttler, Teresa, 309 

Labin, Judith, 353 

Lach,-John, 353 

LaCorte, Vincent, 295 

Lagler, Susan, 353 

Lahl, James, 139, 260, 279, 353 

Lahola, Irena, 353 

Lake, Dale, 321 

Lake, Glenn, 353 

Lake, Linda, 280 

Lakeman, William, 275 

Lakso, Thomas, 259 

Lamar, Patrick, 252 

Lamb, George, 353 

Lamb, Karen, 305 

Lambert, Carole, 313 

Lammi, Chuck, 270 

Lamovsky, Sanford, 353 

Lampe, G., 157 

Lampus, Martha, 182 

Landers, Thomas, 243, 353 

Landers, Thomas, 353 

Landgrabe. G.. 246 

Undgraf, Lynda, 229, 353 

Landis, Bruce, 227 

Landis, G. Williams. 270 

Landis. Larry, 182 

Landoll, Cherylann, 238 

Landoll, Sandy, 227 

Landon, Patricia, 296 

Landov/, JoAnne, 272 

Landy, Deborah, 280 

Lane, S,, 194 

Lange, Deborah, 305 

Langer, Barbara, 296 

Lanker, Gary, 353 

Lannan, Stephan, 353 

Lansinger, Pat, 228, 229, 353 

Lanzer, Harlan, 231 

Lanzi, Anthony, 353 

Larrick, John, 353 

Larsen, Lynn, 353 

Larson, Dean, 266 

Larson, L., 129, 295 

Lascheid, MarySue, 313 

Lash, Cory, 353 

Laskey, Mary, 192 

Latham, Suzette, 313 

Laubacher, J., 246 

Laufman, Betty. 168 

Laughrin. Michael, 353 

Lavery, Kathleen, 353 

Lavine, Alan, 288 

Lavinson, Marsha, 272 

Lavis, Katherine, 287 

Lav», Ronald, 288 

Lawrence, Linda, 241 

Uwry, Susan, 235 

Layman, Carol, 353 

Lazarus, William, 216 

Lazenby, John, 291 

Leach, Paul, 239 

Leaman, Ray, 298 

Leaman, Samuel, 353 

Leasure, Robert, 285 

Leder, Brick, 277 

Ledin, Vickie, 182 

Ledyard, Sue, 192, 250 

Lee, Cheryl, 353 

Lee, Cynthia, 313 

Lee, Monte, 255, 353 

Leech, Margery, 215, 224, 251, 
287, 353 

Leek, Paul, 261 

Leeper, Lynda, 251, 305 

Leffier, Debby, 296 

Leffingwell, T., 157 

Lefkot, Victor, 353 

Lehman, David, 307 

Lehmiller, Susan. 269 

Lehtinen. Ruth, 353 

Leininger, Mary, 238 

Leins, Eliza beth,248 

Leishman, Gary, 165 

Lekander, Neil, 353 

Lenarcic, Michael, 236, 353 

Lenard, Carol, 353 

Lenk, Barbara, 216, 353 

Lentz, Carol. 258 

Lentz, Greg, 252 

Leo, Keith, 291 

Leon, Brent, 188, 353 

Leon, Peggy, 280, 353 

Leovic, Karen, 241, 353 

Lerch, Bernard, 353 

Lerman, Joyce, 354 

Lero, Candice, 269 

Leshinski, Barbara, 180, 354 

Lesky, John, 260 

Lester, David, 318 

Letney, Laurie, 207 

Leuschen, Doug, 150 

Leuser, Patricia, 229 

Levengood, Linda, 229, 354 

Levenson, Lynn, 182 

Levine, Marian, 272 

Levine, Sharon, 229, 272 

Levine, Steven, 288 

Levinger, Charles, 295 

Levis, Nancy, 269 

Levy, Brooke, 251, 280 

Lewandswski, Terisia, 202 

Lewis, Dale, 209, 317, 354 

Lewis, Harriett, 283 

Lewis, Judith, 265 

Lewis, Lee, 310 
Lewis, Maria, 272 
Lewis, Richard, 248 
Lewis, Susan, 250 
Lewis, Thomas, 354 
Lezan, Joan, 176, 220 
L'Hommedieu, Jan, 252 
Licitri, Eileen, 313 
Lida, Thomas, 318 
Lidon, Judith, 280 

Lieberman, Arrol, 125, 288 
Lieberman, Perry, 277 
Lieberman, Rick, 220 
Liebman, Bob, 182 
Lift, Martin, 125, 354 
Lifsets, Robbie, 182 
Likar, Mary, 199, 238 
Lile, Kathy. 292 
Lilley. Pixie. 251 
Lillish, William, 219, 354 
Lima, Gail, 168 
Limonselli, Ronald, 125 
Linamen, Vance, 310 
Lincoln, Pamela, 354 
Lindecamp, Mark, 295 
Linehan, Pam, 235 
Linger, Barbara, 256, 354 
Link, Linda, 204 
Linta, John, 354 
Lintala, Dale, 318 
Linton, Jeannine, 313 
Liotta, Alice, 239, 354 
Lipcsik, Joseph, 279 
Lippit, Kathleen, 354 
Lipton, Kathy, 240, 354 
Liske, Donaldine, 249 
Lisle, Linda, 292 
Lisowski. Larry, 231, 354 
Listel. Pamelia, 296 
Litrico, Angelo, 220 
Little, Kathleen, 354 
Little, John, 354 
Little, Ronald, 234, 354 
Livingston, Rodney, 354 
Lloyd, David, 279 
LoCicero, Dons, 238 
Locurto, Patricia, 354 
Lodge, Tom, 223 
Loeb, Stella, 354 
Loew, John, 354 
Logan, Darlene, 354 
Logan, Janet, 235, 239, 354 
Logan, William, 321 

Logvidice, Anthony, 321 

Loitz, Lorraine, 354 

Lombardi. Linda, 205, 292 

Lombardo, J., 194 

London, Wendy, 305 

Long, Charles, 295 

Long, Chene, 204 

Long, Gregory, 252 

Long, James, 248. 354 

Longert. Karen, 354 

Longnecker, Bob, 354 

Longo, Leo, 129, 279 

Looker, Gay, 354 

Loomba, Raj, 226 

Lopiano, Karen, 354 

Lorentz, Gary, 246. 354 

Lotarski. Marilyn, 354 

Lott, Linda, 354 

Loucks, Susan, 239, 354 

Louden, Wendy, 254 

Loudon, Christin, 233 

Lough, Jeff, 211 

Love, Gary, 314 

Love, Sandra, 354 

Loveland, Nancy, 230, 231 

Loveless, Philip, 354 

Lovendahl, Norma, 269 

Lovett, Carole, 269 

Lowe, Cathi, 166 

Lowe, Don, 125 

Lowe, Patricia, 265 

Lowey, James, 317 

Lowey, John, 317 

Lowmiller, Donald. 248. 354 

Lownik. Che^l. 202 

Lowry. Ron. 277 

Lowther. Dale, 321 

Loyer, Margaret, 354 

Loysen, Sarah, 261 

Lubisch, Sandor, 301 

Lubran, Bernard, 354 

Lucas, Kathy, 354 

Lucas, M., 176 

Luce, Wendy, 151 

Luckay, Thomas, 165 

Ludick, Stephen, 139, 260, 270 

Luedemann, Marta, 180 

Luft, James, 354 

Luginbuhl, Peggy, 354 

Luhaney. Joanne, 269 

Lukanc, Jeanne, 280 

Luke, Jefferey, 355 

Luksis, William, 317 

Lunine, Myron, 4 

Lupino, Anthony, 355 

Lupton, Holly, 180, 355 

Lusk, Gregory, 291 

Lutjen, Christian, 355 

Luton, Jennings, 355 

Luttner, Pamela, 233, 240, 355 

Lutz, Judith, 355 

Luxenburg, Herb, 277 

Luxmore, Thomas, 355 

Lyden, Theresa, 207 

Lynch, Gale, 355 

Lynch, John, 186, 200, 211, 236 

Lynch, Kathy, 228 

Lynch. Marion, 355 

Lynch, Michael, 355 

Lyhn, Joseph, 355 

Lyon, James, 355 
Lytle, Richard, 254, 255 

McCarver, Marilyn, 358 
McClain, Sue, 256 
McCloud, Anita, 358 
McCluggage, Douglas, 252 
McCluggage, Ken, 252 
McConnell, Ann, 358 
McConnell, Ron, 358 
McCook, Becky, 358 
McCorkle, Marjorie, 269 
McCormick, Nicola, 212 
McCormick, Ted, 206, 358 
McCoy, Molly, 227, 251, 296 
McCullough, John, 314. 358 
McCullough. Michael. 317 
McCune. James. 314 
McDaniels. Virginia. 216. 358. 395 
McDaniel, L., 358 
McDermott, D., 207 
McDermott, Dennis, 218, 358 
McDermott, Paul. 358 
McDevitt. Carol. 358 
McDivitt. Carol, 358 
McDonald, Suzanne, 358 
McDonnell, Debbie, 168, 250 
McDonough, J., 141 
McDonough, Kathy, 254 
McDougall, George, 219 
McElroy, Richard, 358 
McFadden, Terry, 241 
McFerren, Mary, 256 
McGarry, James. 358 
McGeary, Jean, 228 
McGee, Doug, 220. 358 
McGeorge. Phillip. 321 
McGill. Penny. 280. 258 
McGivney, Mary Jane. 292 
McGlothlin. William. 358 
McGrane. Jack. 206 
McGowan. William. 125. 260, 279 
McGrane, John, 270 
McGrath, James, 4 
McGregor, Irene. 358 
McGrew. Kathleen. 358 
McGucken. Mary Ellen. 358 
McGuire. Linda, 359 
McGuire, Melinda, 292 
Mchenry, Molly, 287 
McHugh, Gary, 291 
Mcllvaine, Karen. 256. 359 
Mcllvnaie, Lynne. 259 
Mclmornay. Kathryn, 231 
Mclntyre, Becky, 254 
Mclntyre, John, 285 
McKay, Louise, 359 
McKay, Patricia, 359 
McKeever, Jeffrey, 359 
McKenzie, Robert, 359 
McKinley, Paul, 359 
McKinnell. Kent, 321 
McLellan, Aleta, 359 
McLeod, Thomas, 310, 359 
McMannis, Lee, 291 
McManus. Kevin, 359 
McMillen, Barclay, 200 
McMillen. Robert, 359 
McMullen, Richard, 165 
McNab. Kathie, 296 
McNanarn, M., 129 
McNeill, M,, 246 
McNett, Ellen, 359 
McPherson, Marsha, 233 
McRoberts. Judith, 309 
McVan, Chuck, 173 
McVey, Bonnie, 234 



McArthur, Emerson, 317 
McBnde, Janet, 358 
McBride, Kathleen, 176, 204, 

251, 305 
McBride, Margaret, 292 
McBnde, Robert, 285 
McBroom, Gerry, 208, 210, 309 
McCabe, John, 358 
McCallum, Betty, 358 
McCann, Bill, 165 
McCarrell, Guy, 291 
McCarthy, Kathleen, 358 

Maccioli, Janet, 296 
Mace, Donna, 256, 355 
Macejko, Cathy, 355 
Macey, Judy, 202 
Machlin, Charles, 276 
Mack, Donna, 210 
Mack, Jeannie, 356 
Mackall, Brenda, 356 
MacKay, Shen, 269 
Mackenzie, Donald, 279 
MacKenzie, Robert, 173 
Macki, Jerry, 356 
Macks, Ron, 125 
Maczak, Dennis, 231 
MacLean, Jacquelyn, 356 
Maden, Margaret, 356 
Maeder, Beverly, 182 
Magee, Renee, 356 
Magee, Robert, 301. 356 
Maggio. Donna, 356 
Magner, Mary, 208, 356 
Maguire, Mimi, 166, 202 
Magyar. Sandy. 238 
Maherns, Thomas, 356 
Mahoney, Sally, 356 
Maibauer, Robert, 239, 356 
Mainmone, Janet, 356 
Mains, Linda, 234, 356 
Maitland, John, 356 
Maiewski, Walter, 266 
Malarshik, Manlyn, 287, 356 
Malcolm, Arnold, 155, 276, 356 
Mallett, Ginger, 254 
Mallinger, Stuart, 356 
MamuTa, Daniel, 356 
Manchester, Karen, 356 
Mancino, Douglas, 275 
Mandel, Karen, 356 
Mandel, Ron, 237 
Manes, Dennis, 291 
Manheimer, Sharon, 356 
Mani, Marcia, 305 
Mankoff, Lawrence, 288 
Manly, Carol, 269, 356 
Manley, Gerald, 357 
Mansfield, Karen, 184 
Manson, Linda, 357 
Mantey, Constance, 357 
Mantz, Linda, 357 
Mapp, Sharon, 194 
Marabito, Robert, 357 
Marand, Cheryl, 357 

Marasco, William, 165, 357 
March, Roland, 357 
Marco, Guy, 5 
Margolis, Marianne, 397 
Margolis, Richard, 218, 247, 

357, 397 
Margolis, Robert, 277 
Marguan, Marianne, 305 
Mariani, Marcia, 247 
Manss, L., 139 
Markovic, Ernest, 357 
Markovich, Dick. 218, 357 
Markovitz, Marsha, 205 
Marks, Richard, 291 
Marks, Robert, 291 
Marks, Robin, 357 
Marks, Tammy, 272 
Marku, Elain, 357 
Markulis, Kathleen, 357 
Markwald, Michael, 357 
Markwalder, Judith, 221, 357 
Maroli, Allan. 270 
Marquard. Lynne, 168 
Marquart, Deborah, 151, 238 
Marquis, Byron, 357 
Marquis, Nancy, 170 
March, Sally, 357 
Marsh, William, 173 
Marshall, Catherine, 247, 296 
Marten, Kenneth, 357 
Martello, James, 357 
Martens, Kathleen, 251, 357 
Martin, Ann, 357 
Martin, Carrie, 233, 309 
Martin, David, 357 
Martin, Dona, 205, 250 
Martin, Mary. 305 
Martin. Pam. 251. 305. 357 
Martin, Pamela R , 357 
Martin, Richard, 243, 357 
Martin, Steven, 314 
Martindale, Yvonne, 357 
Martino, Ronald, 357 
Martinson, Lance, 357 
Martonchik, Margie, 220 
MarLz, Mary Alice, 357 
Maruszan, Judy, 234, 313 
Marx. Paula. 202 
Maryo. John. 230. 357 
Marz, Pamula. 309 
Marzava. Frosso. 357 
Maschke. Thomas. 291 
Masek. Nancy. 357 
Masirovits. Susan. 210. 212. 

215, 224, 357 
Mason, Marilyn, 237, 256, 357 
Mason, Mary, 265 
Massaro, Patricia, 261, 287 
Massie, Susan. 227 
Masters. Melynda. 357 
Masters. Paul, 253, 290 
Mastic, Phillip. 314 
Mastnana, Paul. 298 
Matacic. Barbara. 357 
Matas. John. 259 
Matchett. Frank. 285, 357 
Mathews, Elizabeth, 357 
Mathis, Vearl, 269 
Matlock, Vince, 252 
Matson, Dennis, 358 
Matson, Robert, 5 
Matthews, Gary, 321, 358 
Matthews, Lee, 253 
Mattingly, William, 358 
Mattle, Trudy, 228. 358 
Matzo. Joseph. 358 
Maullar. J,. 164 
Mavrogianis. Steve, 358 
May, Allen, 237, 358 
May, Margaret, 261, 292 
Maye, Angeline, 283 
Mayer, Annette, 358 
Mayer, Thomas, 358 
Mayher, Darina, 358 
Maynor, Barbra, 180, 210, 212, 

218, 358 
Mayo, Rebecca, 166 
Mayse, Timothy, 310 
Mazelis, Edward, 295 
Mazur, Jeffrey, 358 
Mazuzan, G., 188 
Mazzaferri, Browyn, 358 
Mazzei, Martin. 358 
Means. Darlene. 265 
Means. Suzanne. 168 
Mease, William, 236 
Mechir, Madeline, 251, 305, 359 
Medved, Eva, 233 
Meehan, Pamela, 193 
Meeker, Merry, 201, 359 
Meeker, R., 130 
Meeson, D., 129 
Meeting, Jane, 359 
MeHall, John, 359 
Mehl, Robert, 279 
Mehosky. D , 246 
Meier. Gary. 359 
Meizlik. James. 288 
Melching. Jeffery. 321. 359 
Melega. Diane. 359 
Melgun. Maryann, 292 
Melito, Carolyn. 359 
Mellinger. Linda. 359 
Meluch, Lynn, 233, 240 
Mendala, Ruth, 280 
Mendiola, Frank, 172 
Mendiola, Kathy, 204, 207, 287, 

Mendiola, Loretta, 233 
Mendoza, Raul, 279, 359 
Menegay, Susanne, 309 
Mercer, Gary, 359 
Merchant, Art, 259 
Meredith, Richard, 6 
Merilla, Mary Ellen, 229 
Menill, Chnstina, 287 
Mesnick, Richard, 288 
Messam, Greg, 186 
Messina, Joyce, 227 
Metcalf, David, 172, 211 
Metcalfe, D., 155 
Metsker, Mary Lou, 359 
Metyz, Shari, 220 
Metz, Charles, 307 


Metz. Robert. 359 

Metzgef. Judy, 359 

Metier. Barb. 156. 212 

Metzler. Bob. 182 

Meuche. Robert. 314 

Mever. Kathy. 287 

Meyer. Janet. 272 

Michalic. Andy. 317 

Miday. Mark. 243 

Middendorf. Janet. 359 

Mignona. Annette. 202. 29 

Mignona. Janet. 296 

Mihacevicti. John. 209. 35 

Mihalik. Frank. 359 

Miklos. Jack. 310 

Milano. John. 359 

Miles. DavKJ. 359 

Miles. Unda. 191 

Miles. Marilyn, 5 

Miles. Peggy. 218 

Miles. Sally. 208. 308. 359 

Miles. Victor. 223 

Milhacevich. John. 270 

Milkovich. Daniel. 155, 270 

Milkovich. Michael. 155, 317 

Millard, Frances, 233. 359 

Miller. Barbara. 272 

Miller. Carl. 359 

Miller. Carol. 359 

Miller. Cheryl. 359 

Miller. Edward. 317 

Miller, Jack. 277 

Miller. Jacqueline. 7 

Miller. Jayne. 359 

Miller. Jennifer. 207. 287 

Miller. Jen. 359 

Miller. Jill. 168 

Miller. John. 307. 317 

Miller. Joyce. 202. 208. 296 

Miller. Karen. 241 

Miller. Leslie. 313 

Miller. Marlyn. 180. 359 

Miller. Mary. 192 

Miller. Milton. 182. 307 

Miller. Pamela, 287 

Miller, R,, 164 

Miller, Sandra, 280, 360 

Miller, Sharon, 238 

Miller, Stefan, 360 

Miller, Susan. 313. 360 

Miller. Wayne. 271 

Milligan. Connie. 360 

Milhkan. Marve. 360 

Milliron. Sharon. 360 

Millitan. Nancy. 360 

Millman. M , 246 

Mills, Ed , 236 

Mills. Fred. 202. 231.314. 360 

Mills. Margaret. 360 

Mills. Melinda. 261 

Mills. Nancy. 292 

Mills. Peggy. 170 

Mills. Ronald. 310 

Mills. Suzanne. 360 

Milne. Karen. 269 

Milner. Gail. 220 

Miner, Marg, 221, 360 

Mingrone, Gabe, 307 

Mipfnek, Al, 172 

Miracle, Barbara. 176. 292 

Misevic. Deborah. 305. 360 

Mitchal. Saundra. 283 

Mitchell. Carole. 240 

Mitchell. David. 307 

Mitchell. Linda. 239. 296 

Mitchell. William. 276 

Mitsuyasu. James. 360 

Mitten. Tabby. 228 

Mius. Nancy. 261 

Mkandawire, Crispin. 218 

Mladek. Kathy, 184, 224. 249. 360 

Mlaker. Veronica. 360 

Mobby. J. 246 

Mobley. Robert. 318 

Mock. Nancy. 360 

Modugno. Connie. 296. 360 

Moeker. Merry. 305 

Mohan. David. 243 

Mohoric. Franklin. 360 

Moldauer. Carol. 360 

Mole. Martha. 229. 360 

Molerxlyke. Joseph, 307 

Molesky. Steve. 275 

Mollenkopf. Linda. 360 

Molyneaux. Suzanne. 309. 360 

Monastra. Teresa. 360 

Monbeck. William, 360 

Mongell, Phil, 271 

Montgomery, D , 246 

Montgome^, Brenda, 204 

Montrella. Janice, 360 

Moomy, Susan, 191 

Moon, Barbara, 151 

Moonis, Barbara. 151. 360 

Moore. Carl. 227 

Moore. David. 223 

Moore. Gordon. 360 

Moore. Jennifer. 296 

Moore. L.. 157 

Moore. Pamela. 218. 224. 

309, 360 
Moore, Paul, 279 
Moore, Suzanne, 360 
Moqaddam, Sayed, 226 
Moran, Barbara, 313 
Moran, Mary, 280 
Moran, Paul, 244 
Morabito, Peter, 279 
Morbito. Joseph. 232 
Morehouse. Richard. 319 
Moreland. Beverlv. 360 
Moretti. Donna. 261. 360 
Morgan. Craig. 227 
Morgan. Ga7. 271 
Morgan. Katfiie. 360 
Morgan. Keith. 360 
Morgan. Michelle. 309. 360 
Morganstern. William. 291 
Morgenstern. K . 129 
Morin. Sharon. 313 
Morley. Bill. 219 
Morley. James. 360 
Morman. Carole. 360 

Morris. David. 288 
Morris. J.. 129 
Morns. Kenneth. 317 
Morris. Virginia. 360 
Morrish. Edward. 360 
Monison. Barbara. 360 
Morrison. Faye, 360 
Morrison. Vernon. 230. 360 
Morse. Agnes. 202 
Morse. Judy. 360 
Morton. Cynthia. 228 
Morton. Mary Lu. 151 
Moshi. Zeke. 226 
Moskowitz. Paula. 272 
Moss. Cheryl. 283 
Moss. Jennifer. 231. 361 
Mossholder. Daniel. 291 
Mossman. Gay Ann. 361 
Mosso. Barbara. 361 
Motyka. Dennis. 288 
Moulton. Mary. 256. 361 
Mouyard. Madonna, 261. 305 
Moyce. Thomas. 285 
Moyer. Cindy. 216. 218 
Moyer. Sue. 361 
Moyers. David. 361 
Mozaini. Ahmed. 219. 226 
Mozingo. Donald. 301 
Mraz. Pamela. 193. 229. 361 
Mrkal. Dana. 361 
Mrus. J.. 130 
Mrus. Marcy. 313 
Muckley. Susan. 361 
Mulholland. Nancy. 361 
Mullett. Jeff. 361 
Mullin. Susan. 269 
Mullins. Patricia. 265 
Mullman. Cy. 125 
Mumaw. Barbara. 174 
Mundorf. Larry. 361 
Munnell. Charles. 361 
Munson. Bill. 150 
Munson. Thurm. 125 
Munyon. Marsha. 170 
Murawski. Joyce. 269 
Murman. James. 301. 361 
Murphy. Edward. 375 
Murphy. J William. 275 
Murphy. Kevin. 218. 310. 361 
Murphy. Laura. 283 
Murray. Dave. 252 
Murton. Karen. 296 
Musch. Carol. 361 
Musick. Margaret. 184. 361 
Mussey. James. 209. 319 
Muth. Michael. 230. 307, 361 
Muto, Deborah, 193. 292 
Muzik. Lynne. 361 
Myers. Barry. 361 
Myers. Bettyjane. 256 
Myers. Jerry. 361 
Myers. Joseph. 219 
Myers. Linda. 361 
Myers. Louise. 296. 361 
Myers. Lynda. 361 
Myers. Julie. 168 
Myers. Melissa. 151 
Myers. Nancy. 361 
Myers. Rodney. 257 
Myers. Roger. 207 
Myers. Shelbie. 272 
Mysza, Joseph. 361 


Nadeau. Rick. 247 
Nadzam. Kenneth. 285. 362 
Naegeli. Barbara. 362 
Naehnng. Bruce. 362 
Naehnng. Karen. 362 
Naftulin. Jan. 362 
Nagel. Cheryl. 220, 296 
Nagel, Jeanne, 261, 305, 362 
Nagy, Margaret, 362 
Nappi, Anthony, 125, 243 
f^asella, G, 164 
Nathanso, Mary, 292 
Nathanson, Mary. 235. 251 
Naticio. Rudy. 271 
Naukam. Dave. 150 
Naukam. Phihp. 150 
Naunaus. Eric. 295 
Navarre. Jill. 269 
Navratil. Karen. 202 
Nedved. Bomta. 362 
Neff. Douglas. 271 
Neff. Linda. 192. 269. 362 
Neft. Lynn. 243 
Neiburger. Colin. 288 
Neidlinger. Nancy. 227. 241 
Neitzelt. Richard. 314 
Nelson. Barbara. 313 
Nelson. Jeanne. 210. 309 
Nelson. John. 317 
Nelson. Robert. 362 
Nelson. Ronald. 362 
Nemeth. Dian. 176. 233 
Nentwick. Rettecca. 362 
Ness. Thomas. 291 
Netzly. Tonda. 362 
Neubauer. Richard. 362 
Neustadler. Michael. 307 
Neuvirth. Lawrence. 211 
Newcomer. John. 230. 362 
Newell. Mary. 241, 292, 362 
Newhard. Mary. 362 
Newill, Neva. 362 
Newman. Jodtne. 305 
Nichols. David. 363 
Nocholson. Marvolene. 283 
Nicodenx>. John. 314. 363 
Nicodemus. Tom. 321 
Nicolosi. Carole. 363 
Nicolra. Jane, 151 
Nied. Gary. 363 
Nieroda. Henry. 230 
Nighswander. Tim. 218 
Nigohan. Stephen. 198 
Nikles. John. 363 
Niksa. S , 246 

. Jan. 363 
Nobel. Leslie. 296 
Nolle. Karle. 275 
Norman. Terrence. 219 
Norrick, Beverly. 241 
Norns. Ed. 141 
North. William. 248. 363 
North. Robert. 279 
Northcott. William. 363 
Nottingham. Don. 317 
Nourse. Diane. 363 
Novak. Diane. 363 
Novak. John. 245. 317 
Novotny. Lee. 254. 280 
Nowak. Betty. 238 
Nowak. Nancy. 228 
Nowlin. Steele. 220 
Noyes. Linda. 182. 206. 210 
Null. Susan. 254. 305. 363 
Nunamaker. Susan. 296 
Nurch, David. 266 
Nurrenbrock, Nancy. 363 
Nyatta. Ayub. 226 

Oberholtzer. Margaret. 363 

Oblander. Terry. 216. 218 

Obra. Saleh. 219. 226 

OBnen. Kathleen. 229. 313. 36, 

Obringer. Timothy. 295. 363 

Ockunzzi. John. 363 

Ockunzzi. Thomas. 363 

Ockunzzi. William. 314. 363 

O'Connell. Patrick. 363 

OConner, Maureen. 363 

O'Dell. David. 363 

ODell. William. 363 

Oetzel. Rita. 363 

OFarrell. Dorothy. 304 

Offenbaker. Valerie. 363 

O'Flynn. Mark. 173 

O'Keefe. William, 363 

Oldenburg, Bart, 263. 363 

Oldford. Dorothy. 193 

Oldford. D. J .205. 236 

Oldham. Bill. 363 

Oleff, Mane. 168 

Olin. Carol. 363 

Oliver. Jeffrey. 211. 301 

Oliver, Richard, 314 

Olsen. Fred. 363 

Olson, Beverly, 296 

O'Mellan. Marilyn. 363 

Ondecker. Michael. 363 

Ondreiko, Terry. 231. 363 

Ong. Suzanne. 363 

Onyak. Richard, 165 

Opelt. Pam. 201. 215. 305, 363 

Opfermann. Linda. 280 

Ord. Carol. 292 

Orlowe. Deborah. 238. 240. 292 

Oroszy. Judith, 363 

Orr. Richard. 363 

Ortiz, Patrick, 271 

Osella. W . 246 

Ostetrico. Ida. 363 

Overlow. Cathy. 228 

Overtasher, Jim, 150 

Owen. Delores, 228 

Owens, Daniel, 291 

Owsley. Richard, 266 

Ozmun. Rodney. 363 

Pachipka. Ann Mane, 363 
Pachuta, John, 363 
Pack, Carol. 363 
Pack, Janie, 363 
Pacula, Eugene. 364 
Padovani, Eva. 364 
Page. Gregory. 307 
Page. Richard, 364 
Page. Sue. 229 
Pahner. Sue. 202. 210 
Palazzi, Mary Ann. 364 
Palcic. Robert. 314. 364 
Pallagi. Douglas. 216. 247 
Pallinger. Ellen. 364 
Palmer. Carolyn. 364 
Palmer. Jerry. 279. 364 
Palmer. Joan. 313 
Palmer, Maurice, 314 
Palmer. Peter. 295 
Palmer. Susan. 296 
Palmer. T,. 246 
Palosi. Karen. 364 
Palton. Thomas. 267 
Pamer. Betty. 364 
Pandin. Wanda. 364 
Panning. Martha. 191. 280 
Pantis. Catherine. 292 
Pandoli. John. 314 
Pantsos. Jc'in, 294 
Paoloni, Mary Louise 364 
Papadeonise, John, 266, 364 
Papalas, Louis, 209, 321. 364 
Rape. David. 291 
Papenfuss. Karen. 256, 364 
Paplinski. Bill, 219 
Pappas, Karen. 292 
Paranchik. Candy. 280 
Paren. Diane. 296 
Park. Marilyn. 287 
Parke. Barbara. 364 
Parker. B.. 194 
Parker, Barbara, 212 
Parker, Deborah, 265 
Parker, Joseph, 255. 364 
Parker. R . 364 
Parker. Suzie. 204. 281 
Parkhurst. James. 364 
Parkhurst. Janine. 364 
Parks. Eleanor. 364 
Parks. Phihp, 364 
Parks. Robert. 279 
Partlow, Charles. 364 

Parton. Tom. 364 

Pascarella. Thomas. 364 

Pascoe. Sharon. 202. 364 

Pasiechnik, Claudia. 168 

Paskert. Dick. 125. 243 

Paskey. Ronald. 244. 364 

Pasteur. Darla. 204 

Pastoric. Thomas. 129. 279 

Patla. Garry. 267 

Patrus. Gene. 255 

Patten. Charles. 219. 364 

Patterson. Clyde. 225. 234 

Patterson. J . 155 

Patterson. Judith. 364 

Patterson. Richard. 257 

Patton. Ron. 364 

Patton. Terry. 307 

Paukovich. Joseph. 279 

Paul. Gary, 291 

Paul, K., 176 

Paul. Peter, 295 

Paul, Stephen, 199, 295 

Paulsen, Richard. 209. 318 

Pauley, Karen. 287 

Pauley, Linda, 313 

Paulos, C , 155 

Paulson, Linda, 292 

Pavelka. Alice. 208. 313 

Pavesich. John. 364 

Pavelka. Alice. 364 

Paveiko, Andrew, 364 

Pavlich, Karen, 364 

Pavlinac. Judith. 204, 229 

Pavlish, Thomas. 364 

Pawlak. Dennis. 285 

Pawlak. Tina. 182 

Payne. Donna, 265 

Pearce. Michael. 298 

Pearle. Charles. 364 

Pearlman. Gart, 364 

Pearson. Bruce. 319 

Peaspanen. Jeanette. 364 

Pechnuk. Valenan. 253 

Pederson. Terry. 309 

Peebles. Tim. 242 

Peeling. Elizabeth, 364 

Peiffer. Frederic. 319 

Peiper. Jeftery. 364 

Pekarsik. Steve. 364 

Penrod. Dan. 186 

Penrod. Robert. 211 

Percenti. Kathleen, 364 

Pergola, Pamela. 287 

Perko. Robert. 279 

Pepkin. Charlie, 206 

Percenti, Kathy, 228 

Perlman. Julie. 281 

Perry. Gail. 283, 365 

Perry, Joseph. 271, 365 

Perry. Patricia. 365 

Persky. Jerry. 288 

Pescatore, B,, 157 

Pesce, James. 365 

Pestrak. Thomas. 365 

Pete. Gary L . 232 

Peters. Cheryl. 365 

Peters. Jan. 232. 365 

Peters. L. Lee. 310 

Peterson. Dale, 267 

Peterson, Linda, 202 

Peterson, Nancy. 184 

Peterson. Richard. 365 

Peterson, Sandra, 365 

Peterson, Sally. 208. 280 

Patkovsek. Sherry, 365 

Petrella. Ellen, 365 

Petrilla, Linda, 313 

Petrini. Maryann, 365 

Petrisek, Raymond, 295 

Petrus, Eugene. 254, 365 

Petti, Dianna. 365 

Pettit, George, 365 

Petty. Gary, 365 

Petty. Patricia. 365 

Pfaft. Karl. 365 

Pfeifer. Terry. 248. 366 

Phelan. Michael. 125. 279 

Phelps. Richard. 172, 223 

Phelps, Thomas. 365 

Philabaum. Linda. 228 

Phillips. Betty. 228 

Phillips. Katherine. 365 

Phillips. N . 245 

Phillips. Stephen, 279 

Phoenix. Richard. 319 

Picciano. Lucy. 365 

Picciano. Tom, 248 

Piccinllo, Franklin, 365 

Pickard, Kim, 246 

^ickens, Ray, 365 

=ickett, Robert, 198. 199, 214, 225 

kicking, Connie. 247 

Pidwell. Richard. 365 

Pierce. Diana. 365 

Pike, Ed, 167 

°ildner, Anne. 365 

^ilney, Michael. 173 

r-inault. Laural. 365 

Pinkerton. J Clark. 260. 365 

Pinkley. Ann. 292 

Piotrowski. James. 365 

Pipmen. Bruce, 288 

Piscopo. R . 155 

Pistone, Kathleen, 365 

Pittenger, Eileen. 229 

Pittman. L . 129 

Pivonka. Pat. 269 

Platman. James. 279 

Plautz. Robert. 365 

Playko. Leonard. 230. 365 

Plunkett, Dick, 218 

Poe, Judith, 365 

Poellet, Mary Ellen, 280 

.Johl. Judy. 365 

Polack. Joseph. 223 

Polen. Kyle. 202. 254. 296 

Polen, Ray. 365 

Polichnowski. Ronald. 365 

Pohwka. Olga. 6 

Pollack. Harvey. 365 

Pollock. Stephen, 211 

Polonowski, Carol, 365 

Pontia. Connie. 292 

Pontius. Karen. 184 

Pontius. Philip. 365 

Popa. John. 285 

Popa. Leslie. 365 

Popelika. Gerald. 366 

Poplestein. Richard. 366 

Popotf. Jim. 157. 260 

Poppe. Anne. 184 

Porte. Janet. 366 

Poplakitski. John. 356 

Porter. Sandy. 220 

Portis. Charles. 276 

Portno. Richard. 288 

Portolos. Jim. 223 

Post. Robert. 285 

Potokar. Kenneth. 230. 307. 366 

Potratz. P . 176 

Potter, Elizabeth, 366 

Potter. Joyce. 366 

Potter. Mark. 366 

Potter. Terry. 236 

Pottmeyer. John. 220 

Potts, Roby, 366 

Poulos, Harry, 307 

Poulson, Linda. 251, 366 

Poulton, Helen. 295 

Pound. Mary. 241 

Powell. Robert. 243 

Power. Freda. 366 

Powers. Michael. 314 

Poynter. Linda. 269 

Prach. Joanne, 269 

Praisner, Mark, 310 

Praznik. Marilyn, 356 

Preslan, Paige, 269 

Preusch, Barbara, 366 

Previte, Joan. 281 

Pnce. Polly. 366 

Price. Robert. 285 

Prietje. Leonard. 367 

Pnngle. Elbert. 275 

Proctor. Cathy. 202 

Prosek. James. 319 

Protus. Marsha. 221 

Proudfoot. Laurel, 233. 240 

Provenza. Linda. 367 

Przybyla. Carol. 229 

Rak. Joseph. 357 

Puddington. Dave. 243 

Pudelski. Rosemary. 269 

Pugliese. Francine. 357 

Puleo. Karen. 233 

Punka. Diane. 367 

Purses. Pan. 367 

Purvis. Thomas. 295 

Puzder. Joan. 151. 367 

Puzder. Marlene. 151 

Pyers. Carol. 230. 248. 309. 357 

Pyle. Gary, 357 

Rabatin, Elizabeth. 357 

Rabe. Robert, 223 

Rabell, Gerald, 367 

Radel, Edward. 311 

Rader. Bennet. 367 

Rader. Elizabeth. 170 

Radsbalk. Pamela. 309 

Ratal. Ronald. 367 

Raffa. Patrick. 271 

Raidl. James. 367 

Rainier, Michelle, 202. 205, 280 

Rainone, Donald, 367 

Rakusin, Phyllis, 221, 238 

Ramsey, Jerry, 367 

Randolph, S., 242 

Rango. Dick. 126. 243 

RanftI, Sandy. 233 

Ranzenberger. Michele. 251. 309. 

Rapp. John. 279, 367 
Rapp, Peter, 291, 367 
Rassie, Joanne. 357 
Rastetter. Art. 223. 255. 367 
Rataiczak. Fran. 221 
Rath. John. 367 
Ratner. Jane. 184 
Raubenolt. Myrna. 367 
Rausch. J . 246 
Rautenstrauch. Robert. 230 
Ray. Carolyn. 283 
Ray. Dave, 125, 260 
Ray, Ronald, 252 
Raye. Russell, 277 
Rayl, Richard, 248, 357 
Raymond, Kevin, 307 
Raymondi. Jackie, 367 
Raynes. Barb. 202. 296 
Reagan. Beth. 168 
Reardon. Stokely. 271 
Reanck. JoAnn. 170 
Rech. Nancy. 357 
Redaelli. Carmen. 31 1 
Redaelli. Georgianna. 310 
Redhead. Paul. 125, 367 
Redick. Gary. 167 
Redmond. Roger, 367 
Reed, Carol, 367 
Reed. Cheryl. 357 
Reed. Connie. 367 
Reed. David. 319 
Reed. James. 291 
Reed. Peggy. 280 
Reed. Susan, 233 
Reeder, Earl, 295, 357 
Reeder, Lynda, 191 
Reeder, Mary. 168. 212 
Reese. Connie. 229 
Refe. Sandra. 367 
Regula. Louise. 241 
Reichert. James. 271 
Reichert, P.. 176 
Reicosky. David. 214. 225, 239. 



Reilly, Beth. 305, 367 
Reinnart. Charlotte, 367 
Reiser, Linda, 170, 223 
Reitz. George, 367 
Reitz, Janra, 313 
Rekaibah, Abdullah, 219 
Relic, John, 296 

Remerowski, Kay, 191, 239, 367 
Remesch, Mike, 125 
Rendinell, Joan, 367 
Repp, Patricia, 287 
Restivo, Roy, 291 
Revilock, Will S., 232 
Rewaud, Gary, 271 
Reynolds, Janet, 208, 312, 367 
Reynolds, Rayneen, 368 
Reynolds, Thomas, 176, 301 
Rezin, Andy, 167, 202 
Rhode, Robert, 230, 293 
Rhodes, Jerry, 220 
Rhynard, Pat, 256 
Ricciard, F., 246 
Riccardi, Karl, 211, 314 
Ricci, Laura, 280, 368 
Richard, Virginia, 368 
Richards, Freddie, 368 
Richardson. Rosaltha, 292 
Richardson, Raj, 252 
Richburg. Orin, 159 
Richmond, Anthony, 368 
Rickard, David, 230, 231, 368 
Rickett, Kathy, 205, 228 
Ricketts, Sandra, 368 
Rickman, Janet, 187 
Richmond, Anthony, 278 
Riddle, Nelson, 182 
Riedel, Cheryl, 205 
Rienerth, Gail, 368 
Riffle, Jams, 368 
Riffle, John, 241 
Rifkin, Michael, 277, 368 
Rigby, Thomas, 368 
Rigby, William, 216, 247. 368 
Rigsby. Thomas. 231. 368 
Riley. Kathleen. 227. 241. 368 
Rinda. Carol, 229, 368 
Rion, James, 321 
Ristow, Randall, 368 
Ritchie, Ann, 368 
Ritchie, Edith, 265 
Ritchie, Karen, 368 
Ritter, Nancy, 212 
Ritter, Susan, 368 
Rivituso, Frank, 368 
Roberts, Jeffrey, 368 
Robert, Linda, 194 
Roberts, Jane, 313 
Roberts, William, 271 
Robin, Mariee, 208, 273 
Robinson, Dorthea, 237, 368 
Robinson, G., 194 
Robinson, Jay, 368 
Robinson, Jerome, 368 
Robinson, Marilyn, 368 
Robson, Carol, 368 
Rocco, Rebecca, 368 
Rocine, Victor, 279 
Roddewig, Bonnie, 368 
Rodenburg, William, 291, 368 
Rodgers, Sharon, 254. 287. 368 
Rodgers. Tim, 271 
Rodkey, Jim, 186, 291 
Rodson, Ray, 252 
Rodriguez, Ella, 368 
Roe, Cheryl, 280 
Roecker, Edward, 285 
Roehl, Judith, 296 
Roepke, Robert, 314 
Rogalski, Mike, 182 
Rogalski, Patricia, 368 
Rogers, Lee, 188, 276 
Rogers, Michael, 368 
Rogers, Tamara, 368, 396 
Rogovin, J., 176 
Rohanic, Rosemary, 368 
Rohn, Thomas, 253, 368 
Rohrbaugh, Linda, 368 
Rohrbough, R., 242 
Rohrich, R., 246 

Roisy, John, 298 

Rolfe, Laura, 185 

Roloff, Susan, 195 

Roman, Claudia, 182 

Romanelli, Connie, 237, 368 

Romano, John, 247 

Romeo, James, 164, 211 

Ronay, Barb, 185 

Root, Noel, 368 

Rose, Charles, 254 

Roseau, Steven, 288 

Roselle, Russell, 317 

Rosenbaum, Cynthia, 273 

Rosenberg, Andrew, 254, 255, 368 

Rosentierg, Jeffery, 368 

Rosenberg, Marilyn, 229, 368 

Rosenberger, John, 173, 369 

Rosenblutfi. Steven, 288, 369 

Rosenfeld, R., 164 

Rosenstein, Helen, 180, 229, 369 

Rosenzweig, Steven, 369 

Roska, David, 369 

Roskens, Ronald, 225 

Ross, Bonnie, 236 

Ross, David, 275 

Ross, Doris, 314 

Ross, Dorothy, 273 

Ross, Elaine, 296 

Ross, J.. 129 

Ross. Robert, 201, 209, 307 

Rosser, Kathleen, 369 

Rossetti, Jon, 243, 369 

Roth, Richard, 298 

Rothblatt, Harriet, 280 

Rothblatt, Nancy, 281 

Rothenberg, Mark, 252 

Rowan, Richard, 291 

Rowe, Lorraine, 151 

Roxbury, Kathleen, 369 

Rubenson, Janis, 273 

Rucker, Dale, 211 

Rudd, Robin, 210, 212, 215, 369 

Rudick, Philip, 232, 369 

Rudison, David, 295 

Rudloff, Randy, 202, 319 

Rue, Charles, 230, 369 

Rufle, Judy, 268, 369 

Rufle, Sandy, 269 

Ruffing, Karen, 205 

Ruggiero, Rosemary. 369 

Rumenik. Donna. 210. 250. 369 

Ruminsky. Judith. 229. 369 

Runnels. Patricia. 170 

Rupel. Robert. 314 

Rupert. Jennifer, 174, 309, 369 

Rush, Laurence, 369 

Rusillo, Bruce, 314 

Rusnak, Suzanne, 369 

Russell, B,, 246 

Russell, Caria, 369 

Russell, June, 292 

Russell, Sandy, 207 

Russman, Sandy, 207 

Russo. Anna Mane. 369 

Rust. David. 252 

Rust. G.. 155 

Rusfay. Charles. 232 

Ryan. Margie, 229 

Ryan, Mary, 369 

Rybar, Jayne, 251, 369 

Rybar, Mary Lee, 251, 297, 321 

Ryberg, Diane, 369 

Ryzak, Renee, 281 

Sacco, Margaret, 369 

Sackett, Chuck, 204 

Sackey, Deanna, 370 

Sadeski, Gail, 233 

Sadlier. Carol, 180, 229, 370 

Sage, Brenda, 305 

Sage, Mary Jane, 370 

Sagnia, Sidia, 226 

Salay, David, 211, 370 

Salchli, Jams, 370 

Sallot, Jeff, 216. 218. 247. 396 

Sallot. Lynne. 202. 218. 247. 396 

Sample. Martha. 242. 247, 293, 

Samples, Suellen, 254, 261, 297 
Sampson, Judy, 207, 370 
Sams, Diane, 199, 202, 370 
Samsa, Joann, 207, 212, 370 
Samson, K,, 176 
Sanders, H, Earl, 150 
Sanderson, Janet, 370 
Sandy, Donald, 319 
Sansotta, Donald, 295 
Santischi, Linda, 166, 305 
Sapir, Doreen, 216 
Saracusa, Donald, 295 
Sardy, Raymond, 317 
Sargi, Thomas, 291 
Sarosy, Diane, 194. 212 
Sarp. N.. 129 
Sarroco. Patricia. 370 
Saskin. Richard. 319 
Sasso. Mary. 370 
Saternow. Lynn. 155, 370 
Satrom, James, 314 
Sattlemeyer, William. 370 
Saucke. Stanley. 370 
Sauer. Diane. 293 
Saunders, Barbara, 287, 370 
Saunders, Donna, 370 
Saunders, Robert, 295 
Sauter, Karen, 370 
Savarian, Michael, 314 
Savaris, Anna, 370 
Savastano, Tom, 205 
Savenko, Victor, 291 
Sawhill, Andrew. 291 
Saxe. Dennis. 252 
Saxton. Deborah. 305 
Sayle. Barbara. 216. 370 
Saylor. Steve. 307 
Scadding. Fred. 7 
Scaeffler. Linda. 309 
Scaeuer, Sandy, 293 
Scatterday. Frances. 280 
Scavdis. Antomos. 370 
Scaal. Alan. 321 
Schaar. Robert. 295 
Schackne. Joel. 139, 209, 230. 

288, 370 
SchadI, Sue, 168 
Schaefer. D.. 176 
Schaefer. Rose. 370 
Schaeffer. Michael. 279 
Schaffert. Glen, 248, 370 
Schargorodski, L , 195 
Schumann, David, 370 


, Elle 


Schellentrager, Ja 
Scheller, Roland, 271, 370 
Schenk, Susan, 370 
Scherr, Mary Ann, 78 
Scheuermann, Deborah, 261 
Schialdone. Carole. 168 
Schiavoni. Charles. 370 
Schibley. Rudd, 301 
Schiesser, Craig, 241 
Schilit, Steven, 370 
Schill, Linda, 233 
Schlapkohl, Dan, 172 
Schlayer, Evelyn, 370 
Schleicher, Edward, 370 
Schmader, Mary, 370 
Schmatz, Kathi, 192 
Schmauch, Valerie, 256 
Schmeltzer, Jim, 244 
Schmidt, Diane, 236 
Schmidt, Jon, 370 
Schmiedl, Thomas, 306 
Schmitt, Douglas, 295 
Schmift, Mary, 286, 370 
Schmitt, Mimi, 215, 224 
Schmitz, Frances. 309 
Schneider. Karen. 309 
Schneider. Margie. 206 
Schneider. Marilyn. 313 
Schneider. Reinhard. 234, 370 
Schneider, W., 188 
Schnur, Marpne, 239, 370 
Schoeck, David, 255, 319, 370 

Schoenberg, Carole, 370 
Schoenberg, Susan, 273, 370 
Schoewe. Edith. 370 
Schofield. Geoffrey. 291 
Schoof. Diane. 228 
Schonauer. Kathenne. 370 
Schorr. Robert. 314 
Schorsten. Bruce. 199. 204. 279 
Schorsten. Gregg. 209, 230, 

314, 370 
Schott, Ruth. 270 
Schrager. Harvey. 173. 211 
Schray. Connie, 370 
Schray. Connie. 371 
Schreck. Janet. 256 
Schroeder. Marilyn, 185 
Schroeder. Martin, 241 
Schroeder, Robert, 279 
Schuerger. Terry. 293. 371 
Schuette. Cris. 207 
Schulay. Ronald. 371 
Schuler. James. 371 
Schuller. Georgianne. 305 
Schulte. Susan. 371 
Schultz. Barbara. 273 
Schultz. Jan. 273 
Schultz. Jennifer. 305 
Schultz. John. 371 
Schultz. Kathleen. 293 
Schultz, Walter, 290, 371 
Schuiz, Robert, 243, 371 
Schurr, Lee, 237, 371 
Schuster, Judith, 371 
Schutt, Richard, 295 
Schuyler, Cynthia, 287 
Schwarm, S., 176 
Schwartz. Blair. 301 
Schwartz. Judith. 371 
Schwartz. Lanny. 279 
Schwartz. Lil. 151 
Schwartz, Murphy, 167 
Schwartz, Nancy, 176, 233 
Schwartz, Phyllis, 371 
Schwartz, Sue, 273 
Scerbak. Gregory, 277 
Scoggins, Robert, 31° 
Scott, Candice, 233 
Scott. D , 246 
Scott. Donald, 307 
Scott, Jim, 204 
Scott, Robert, 371 
Scott, Suzanne, 234, 371 
Scott, Timothy, 204, 371 


, Davi 

. 291 

Sears. David. 371 
Seath. Pat. 371 
Seek. Karen. 305. 371 
Sedlak. Lynette. 256 
Segal. Marlene, 272 
Seibert. Deborah. 170 
Seidel. Robert. 275 
Seifert. Patricia. 371 
Seifried. Beth. 215. 224. 251. 

304. 371 
Seigert. Robert, 371 
Seiple, James, 311 
Sekkes, Robert, 275 
Selepec, Katharine, 371 
Sell, Patricia, 371 
Sell, Suzanne, 269 
Sellers, Martin, 371 
Selvaggio, Mary Jane, ISO, 371 
Semple, Donna, 255 
Sendry. Douglas. 371 
Sengpiel. Timothy, 252. 371 
Senich, Andrea. 192 
Senita. Steve. 271. 371 
Senseman. David. 291 
Senser. Arlene. 371 
Senuta. Carolyn. 238 
Senyes. Gloria. 371 
Serio. Diana. 371 
Serne. William. 298 
Serrian. Samuel. 319 
Servos. Diane. 245. 371 
Setar. John. 243 
Severt. Howard, 6 
Sexton, Samuel, 371 
Shabra, Barbara, 228, 371 
Shafer, Susan, 227, 241 
Shaffer, Jan, 309, 371 
Shatter, Patricia, 287, 371 
Shahan, Carolyn, 224, 237, 371 
Shallenberger, Karl, 319 
Shamp, Jean, 170, 238 
Shanahan, William, 271 
Shank, Rollin, 165, 211, 236 
Shankman, Marilyn, 228, 371 
Shankman, Nancy. 228 
Shannon. Carolyn. 305 
Shannon. Sally. 170. 210 
Shapiro. Karl. 25 
Shapiro. Michael. 237. 248, 288, 

Sharkus, Jan, 228 
Sharma, Shiren, 237 
Sharp, Carole, 232 
Sharp, Sally, 371 
Sharp, Sam, 243 
Shaw, Bertha, 286 
Shaw, Carolyn, 371 
Shaw, C, 176 
Shaw, Martin, 314 
Shearer, David, 371 
Shearey, Renee, 182, 212 
Shearrow, Sally, 372 
Sheetz, Sandra, 372 
Sheffler, Wayne, 7 
Sheldrake, Dave, 202 
Sheller, Gene, 275 
Shelton, Donna, 265 
Shenk, Leslie, 372 
Shapard, Richard, 372 
Shaperd, Janice, 180, 210, 372 
Sheppard, Geoffrey, 372 
Sherlock, George, 321 
Sherwin, Edward, 288 
Shetler, William, 307 
Shields, Carolyn, 372 
Shift, Stephan, 372 
Shitflet, Gary, 314, 372 
Shiflet, Linda, 238 
Shingleton, Cheryl, 240, 372 
Shingleton, Joyce, 170 
Shipa, Patricia, 372 

Shirilla, Barbara, 297 
Shisler, Willard, 291 
Shively, Kenyon, 372 
Shoaff, Allen, 372 
Shoemaker, Dick, 372 
Shoham, Randi, 185 
Shook, Sharon, 229, 372 
Shope, GayNell, 191, 372 
Shorr, Mark, 288 
Shoup, Thomas, 291, 372 
Showalter, Suellen, 372 
Shreffler, Carolyn, 309 
Shroll, Don, 372 
Shubert, Thomas, 301, 372 
Shuck, Douglas, 321, 372 
Shuffle, Ellen, 180, 372 
Shuler, Deborah, 372 
Shutts, Jack, 314 
Siano, P., 194 
Sibbel, John, 7 
Sibits, Dave, 167 
Sidor, Joe, 173 
Siebel, Paul, 173, 227 
Siebenaler, Rita, 372 
Sieber, Ruth Ann, 372 
Siegel, Barbara, 297 
Siekaniec, Daniel, 279 
Siemtx)rski, Carol, 372 
Sigman, William, 246, 277 
Sikes, Cynthia, 269 
Silver, Lew, 259 
Silverstein, Michael, 288 
Silverstene, Harlan, 291 
Simeral, Mark, 169 
Simich, Stephen, 372 

, Mitchell, 288 
, Clorena, 372 
, Grace, 284 
Simon, Michael, 252 
Simpson, Lawrence, 199, 276 
Simshauser, Linda, 372 
Sinchak, Stephan, 271 
Sinclair, Anna, 268 
Singer, Robert, 129, 150, 260, 37. 
Sink, Oscar, 372 
Sipe, Sandra, 233 
Sipka, Milan, 267 
Sirey, William, 206, 275 
Siringer, Warren, 255 
Sirkins, Adrienne, 273, 372 
Sisler, Cindy, 309, 372 
Sissons, Hazel, 298 
Sitler, Bob, 244 
Sitler, Ruth, 244 

Skamer, Tedra, 372 
Skebe, Bonnie, 372 
Skelding, Gary, 314 
Skally, Mandy, 269 
Skillin, R,, 155 
Skinner, Richard, 231 
Sklenar, Trucy, 229, 372 

Skordelis, Michael, 169 

Skorman, Gary, 205, 243 

Skowron, Barbara, 309 

Skraba, JoAnn, 228 

Skrietts, Rosemarie, 256 

Sladky, Donna, 372 

Slaubaugh, Paul, 244 

JIaven, Karen, 237, 372 

Slimak, Paula, 372 

Sliney, Terry, 212 

Slivka, Donna, 372 

Slonska, Jeffrey, 307 

3luke, Barbara, 293 

3malle, Louise, 372 

Smeltz, Susan, 166, 212 

Smith, Claire, 372 

Smith, Clifford, 271 

Smith, Cynthia, 234 

Smith, Deborah, 268, 373 

Smith, Donald. 373 

Smith, Doug, 373 

Smith, Evelyn, 265, 373 

Smith, Gayle, 151, 238 

Smith, Gilbert, 279 

Smith, Gregory, 243, 271 

Smith, Hunter, 182 

Smith, James, 373 

Smith, Janice, 305 

Smith, Jeffrey, 285, 373 

Smith, Karen, 238, 256 

Smith, Kathryn, 287, 373 

Smith, Ken, 223, 373 

Smith, Leatha, 297, 373 

Smith, Leslie, 287 

Smith, Lora, 193, 256, 373 

Smith, Mariorie, 313 

Smith, Mark, 248 

Smith, Marta, 373 

Smith, Mary Ann, 202, 256, 373 

Smith, Michael, 373 

Smith, Nikki, 187 

Smith, Richard, 373 

Smith, Richard, 374 

Smith, Rosemary, 374 

Smith, Sharon, 256 

Smith, Shirly, 374 

Smith, Stephanie, 283 

Smith, Susie, 184 

Smith, Teresa Ann, 238 

Smith, Wendy, 184, 185 

Smolinski, Wally, 216 

Smurthwaite, Robert, 223, 374 

Smuts, M., 176 

Smykil, Kim, 205 

Snack, John, 374 

Snitcher, Sally, 170 

Snow, Alan, 374 

Snowberger, Connie, 374 

Snowden, Bonnie, 374 

Snyder, Barbara, 374 

Snyder, Becky, 374 

Snyder, Dennis, 157, 231, 374 

Snyder, Jerome, 306 

Snyder, Peggy, 374 

Snyder, Robert, 374 

Snyder, Tamatha, 374 

Sobczak, Linda, 233, 309 

Sochor, Pat, 182 

Sochor, Tom, 150 

Soehner, Garry, 209, 291 

Soentgen, Rebecca, 287, 374 

Sofanko, Thomas, 374 

Sohn, Debbie, 193, 212, 229 
Sohn, Wendy, 205, 228, 374 
Sokol, Gerald, 295 
Sokolowski, Anthony, 321, 374 
Solendky, John, 374 
Sollien, Vicki, 269 
Solomon, L,, 188 
Soltesz, George, 374 
Soltis, Dennis, 300 
Sommers, Gary, 374 
Sommerville, William, 307 
Sondles, Robert, 374 
Sorce, Patricia, 166, 246 
Soss, Herbert, 223 
Souss, John, 241 
Spahn, Cynthia, 228, 374 
Spahr, Ken, 219 
Sparks, Kathy, 374 
Speck, Herman, 375 
Speidel, Dean, 255 
Spencer, C , 176 
Spencer, Darlene, 375 
Spencer, Donald, 319 
Spergin, Thomas, 298 
Sperling, Patricia, 239 
Spiegel, Barry, 277 
Spiegelberg, Frank, 314 
Spirer, Marjorie, 375 
Spiga, Alberta Faye, 238 
Spilios, Linda, 235 
Spiller, Gregory, 288 
Spickler, James, 288 
Spindle, Debbie, 207 
Spnng, Gerald, 231 
Spinner, George, 271 
Spitz, Jessica, 281, 375 
Sponseller, Terry, 375 
Spring, Gerald, 375 
Springer, Karen, 375 
Squire, Joan, 296, 375 
Stacy, Dons, 176, 233 
Stadnik, Diane, 229, 375 
Staftilino, Frede, 295 
Stafford, Kathy, 199 
Stahler, Linda, 235 
Staley, Janet, 228 
Stalley, Douglas, 375 
Stallworth, Sandanette, 166 
Stalny, Michael, 257 
Stambaugh, Bruce, 375 
Stamets, Jon, 301 
Stangasser, Stan, 150 
Stanik, Mark, 173 
Stankowski, Susan, 238 
Stankus. Janet, 238 
Stanley, Linda, 228 
Stansberry, Karen, 311, 375 
Stantz, Elaine, 229, 375 
Stapleton, Letitia, 305 
Stapleton, Nancy, 375 
Stapleton, Tish, 250 
Starin, Carol, 375 
Stasky, John, 375 
Starkey, Karen, 269 
Starkey, Terry, 167 
Starkie, Randy, 279 
Starr, Rita, 297 
Starky, John, 209. 290 

St. Clair, William, 253 

Stauton, Cathy, 283 

Stavana, Jack, 182 

Stavana, Joanna, 231, 375 

Stearns, Nancy, 375 

Steele, Gary, 209, 285 

Steen, J,, 157 

Stefancic, Ronald, 285 

Stefanko, Edward, 267 

Strefeler, John, 239 

Steffen, Sheila, 234 

Stefl, Pat. 321 

Stem. Anita. 375 

Stem. Carol. 210. 247, 375 

Stem, Rae, 375 

Stekloff, Gerald, 375 

Stell, Dave, 230 

Steller, Joseph, 232 

Stemler, Jeff, 307 

Stephan, Tom, 247, 301 

Stephany, Gail, 375 

Stephens, Nancy, 218, 375 

Stephens, William, 4 

Stephenson, Linda, 228 

Stephenson, Jim Bob, 242 

Stern, Meg, 273 

Sterregard, Tora, 220 

Sterrett, Linda, 375 

Stevans, Dave, 244 

Steven, Eleanor, 236, 375 

Stevens, Anthony, 375 

Stevens, Bruce, 317 

Stevens, David, 255 

Stevens, Sheryl, 228, 375 

Stevens, Tony, 202 

Stevenson, Jane, 293 

Stevenson, R,, 246 

Steverson, Carolyn, 283 

Stewart, Bob, 172 

Stewart, Charlene, 375 

Stewart, Ellen, 25 

Stewart, Janet, 216, 375 

Stewart, Jane, 375 

Stewart, Linda, 375 

Stewart, Mike, 211 

Stewart, Sally, 375 

Stezuk, Patricia, 269, 375 

Stigliano, Vincent, 375 

Stikes, Edna, 375 

Shilisano, Kathy, 235, 375 

Stilwell, Wende, 313 

Stironek, D., 125 

Stobbs, Sharon, 375 

Stockdale, Susie, 254, 281 

Stockum, George, 275 

Stoffer, Ronald, 311 

Stoiotf, David, 314 

Stokes, Samuel, 173, 375 

Stone, D. Lawrence, 321 

Stone, John, 277, 375 

Stone, Linda, 229, 375 

Stone, Paula, 216 

Stone, Steve, 125, 288 

Stone, Susan, 375 

Stoneking, Michael, 279 


straight. Roy. 315. 376 
Strait. Brian. 376 
Strang. Jim. 218 
Stratman. MarK. 220 
Strauss. Robert. 229. 243 
Stremo. John. 376 
Strefeler. John. 376 
Streit. Sherri. 286 
Strieker, Kathy. 228 
Strickmaker. Douglas. 271 
Strimple. Bonnie. 376 
Stnmple. Janet. 4 
Strinka. George. 376 
Strong. Mary Jo. 376 
Stueber. Robin. 228. 297 
Stuehr. John. 376 
Stuehr. Lauren. 269 
Stuewe. Richard. 376 
Stump, Gary. 376 
Stumph. Dolores. 376 
Stumph. Dolores. 376 
Stuver. Sharon, 201. 281. 376 
Suber. Julius. 199 
Suchan. Diane. 313 
Sucic. Nick. 267 
Sudduth. William. 376 
Sudyk, Lucinda. 376 
Sueko. Charles. 307 
Suleskp. Renee. 228. 376 
Sulser. M, Richard, 307 
Sullivan, B., 157 
Sullivan. Maureen. 376 
Sumita. Sandra. 202. 205. 376 
Surace. Frank. 279 
Sussman. Dennis. 275 
Sutherin. Triss. 233. 376 
Sutherland. J . 194 
Sutter. Cindy. 207 
Suner. Jannell. 376 
Sutton. Kathy. 229 
S»»3ger, Linda, 151, 293 
Swander, Mary, 216 
Swanson, Nancy, 309 
Swasey, Kenneth, 376 
Swettenham. Bill, 129, 271, 376 
Swed, Pam. 376 
Sweanngen. Lynn. 168 
Sweeney, David, 291 
Sweeney, Deborah, 240 
Sweeny, Paul, 376 
Swegan, Donna, 376 
Swegan, Jerry, 219, 376 
Swegart, John, 315 
Swette, Kathleen, 376 
Switt, Everett, 165, 236 
Swigart, Sharon. 228 
Swiger. Lee. 301 
Swinney. Sherry. 210. 297 
Swinehart. Crysann. 256 
Swonger. Bob. 376 
Swonick. Pat. 151 
Swope. Jams. 376 
Swope. Rodney. 376 
Swope. Ronald. 376 
Swope. S . 246 
Symons. James. 291 
Sypherd. Sharon, 376 
Szabo, Ava, 376 
Szaraz Lynn, 238. 293 
Szilagyi. Jane. 376 
Szymanski. Eileen. 240. 376 

Taddeo. Trell. 279 

Taggart. Judith. 376 

Takacs. Gloria. 376 

Takayama. Chiyo. 175. 228. 376 

Taksel. Kenneth. 288 

Talbert. Carol. 376 

Talbott. Karen. 376 

Tallant. Joseph. 376 

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Thompson, Carole, 305 

Thompson, Ernest, 199 

Thompson, James, 295 

Thompson, Janet, 281 

Thompson, John, 321 

Thompson, Lucile, 7 

Thompson. Martha. 377 

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Thorn. William. 165 

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Thrush, William. 271 

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Tibbitts, James, 231. 377 

Tiburski. Walt. 377 

Tieman. Mike. 377 

Tiemo. Anthony, 317 

Tighe. C. 129 

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Timchak. Patty. 293 

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Todaro, Bonnie, 210, 269. 377 

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Toellner. John. 377 

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Tolliver. Lafayette. 276 

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Wenger. Cott. 267. 381 

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Werner. Joanne. 234 

Werner. Jon. 381 

Werner. Richard. 381 

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White. Ronald. 381 

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Whitehouse. Al. 209. 253 

Whitehouse. Leonard, 291 

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Whiting. Jon. 295 

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Whitmore. Karen. 382 

Whyte. William. 315 

Wiant. Janet. 229. 382 

Wiant. Keith. 173 

Wideman. Marvin. 129. 209. 319. 

Widmer. Hannelore. 235 
Wiland. Cathy. 269 
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Wilcox. Laurel. 234 
Wilcox. Leslie. 293 
Wiles. Carolyn. 297 
Wiley. Pamela. 170 
Wilis. Marty. 297 
Wile. Jeffrey. 301 
Wilkes. Christine. 228. 382 
Wilkin. Brenda. 175. 261 
Wilkinson. Christine. 382 
Wilkinson. Lyn, 174. 256. 261 
Willey. Carolyn. 287. 382 
Williams. Beverly. 208. 265 
Williams. Catherine. 22/. 382 
Williams. David. 315 
Williams. Edward. 230. 231. 382 
Williams. Gene. 182 
Williams. Janet. 239. 382 
Williams. Laurie. 305 
Williams. Linda. 305 
Williams. Lugenia. 382 
Williams. R.. 155 
Williams. Michele. 382 
Williams. Rosemary, 382 
Williams. Stephanie. 256 
Williams. Sylvia. 281 
Williamson. Cindi. 305 
Willis. Marty. 202 

Willman, H. Thomas, 298. 382 

Willoughby. Douglas. 319 

Wills. D.. 246 

Wilson, Allen. 382 

Wilson. Joyce. 151 

Wilson, Lovie, 233 

Wilson, Ruth, 281, 382 

Winant, Janet. 382 

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Wineberg. Michael. 382 

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Winney. Gary. 382 

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Winston. R . 195 

Winter. Linda. 174 

Winters. Craig. 382 

Winyard. Catherine. 191. 229. 382 

Winzeler, Candice. 195. 212 

Wise. Janette. 247. 281 

Wise. Raymond. 382 

Wise. Steve. 165 

Witt. Mary. 382 

Witten. Janet. 256 

Witten. Marlene. 382 

Wittenauer. Sandra. 382 

Witwer. Dianne. 239 

Wolcott. Louis. 315 

Wolfe. Barbara. 382 

Wolfe. John. 276 

Wolfe. Richard. 311. 382 

Wolfe. Roberta, 382 

Wolfe. Shuey. 252 

Wolfe. Tom. 173 

Wolin. Harnet. 168 

Wollet. Jeanette. 220 

Wolk. Mario. 269 

Wolslager. Barbara. 269 

Wood. Dick. 259 

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Wood. Joe. 285 

Wood. Martin. 248. 382 

Wood. Stephanie. 241. 283 

Wood. William. 382 

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Woodcock. David, 275 

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Woodring. Dave. 150 

Woods. Christine. 287 

Woods. Donna. 382 

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Worley. Kathleen. 382 

Worthington. Kathleen. 227 

Worthington. Sue. 193. 210, 

212, 229 
Wozniak, Dave, 232 
Wren. Nancy. 312. 382 
Wright, Charles, 291. 382 
Wright. David. 291 
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Wright. Richard. 382 
Wright. Roxie. 182 
Wright. William. 186. 307. 382 
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Young. Jean, 383 
Young, Jeffrey. 317 
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Young, Mandy. 191 
Young. Nancy. 205 
Young. Sally. 218. 224. 383 
Young. Thomas. 383 
Young. Wanda, 191, 229 
Youngblood, Daniel, 231, 383 
Youngblood. Pat, 383 
Youngmann, Cheryl. 205 
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Yovanno. Eloise. 383 
Yuhas. Deborah. 383 
Yuknavich. Jan. 215. 224. 254, 

287. 383 
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Yurysta. Michael, 383 

Zaccaro. Linda, 229, 383 
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Zagaon. Roy. 288 


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Sports writer extraordinaire, goes to 
Dick Markovich, a former sports edi- 
tor for The Stater, who, pressed by a 
deadline, wrote a 24" story on a 
rained out baseball game that lasted 
all of three innings. 

Dr. Robert Matson for a deft hand 
and a quick brush when dealing with 
the Kent State seal last May 16. Tradi- 
tion has it that whoever treads on the 
seal must clean it. It is doubtful Mat- 
son treaded on the seal but it was a 
good publicity stunt anyway. 


goes to the sharpshooters of Stopher 
Hal! for shooting at the peace dem- 
onstrations on the Commons last 
spring during the Day of Conscious- 


By M. ). Kukia 


Ad appearing in first week of Fall quarter 
'68. "Roommate wanted, either sex. $8 a 
week, across from Library, call Jeff 673- 
xxxx Hip." 


Dr. John J. Kamerick, for- 
mer Vice-President and 
Provost of KSU, made pres- 
ident of North Texas State 

Dr. Erick N. Rackham, for- 
mer Executive Dean of Ed- 
ucational Student Services, 
appointed president of 
McKendree College in La- 
banon. III. 

Dr. Phillip R. Schriver, for- 
mer dean of Kent's College 
of Arts and Sciences, is 
now president of Miami 


Streaking (the sport of running 
naked as fast as one can across open 
areas) came to Kent late one spring 
night when the girls of 201 Prentice 
were called to the window by a 
group of guys presumably from 
Johnson Hall. 

The girls were informed that some 
guy was going to run past the dorm 
naked and for them to pass the word. 
Thinking it a joke, the girls told their 
nextdoor neighbors. 

The girls' laughter turned to stares 
when it turned out to be no joke as 
the naked runner went streaking by. 
The girls were speechless for a sec- 
ond, then regained their poise and 
called after him, "Do it again, a little 
bit slower." 

IS THAT YOU, 5P0548? 

Bill McCann (nicknamed Wild 
Bill) paid up his 19 overdue parking 
tickets, totaling $83, all at once in 
late Winter. McCann, who became 
known during the quarter as 5P0548, 
his license number, said his troubles 
started when a girl in Parking and 
Traffic told him he would be permit- 
ted to park in the Johnson Hall lot till 
the end of the quarter. She was 

To SDS for misuse of the word am- 

Dean Matson for telling the students 
protesting recruiting by the Oakland 
police department in the SAC build- 
ing that he would return in 15 min- 
utes with word from the Administra- 
tion on the protest. Matson came 
back three and a half hours later. 

DISPLAY AD OF THE YEAR: Roberta Peters is Coming 


The way Ohio College students put pressure on the State Leg- 
islature against the Board of Regents for Education. 

Building a new 50,000 seat stadium when you can't fill the old 

Using the University Ambulance to pass out parking tickets. 

Phi Sigma Kappa's an- 



Wit ^s 



nual Brother Ogg (a 

H^^HSUi L^.J^H^ 

^m ^ni 


retired milk truck) 



[■ 'ki 

stuff broke all records 



this year when 60 girls 


t' y 


in an all-sorority ef- 


fort stuffed them- 


selves into the milk 



truck. That's a lot of 







The KSU golf team, under the direction of coach 
Jay Fischer last spring, won the MAC golf Cham- 
pionship. This was the first championship any 
team had won in four years. The athletic depart- 
ment thanked Fischer by firing him. Thanks any- 
way. Jay. 

A good laugh was had by all when this headline appeared on 
an inside page of the Stater, "Welsh Gets Rubber Check." The 
story pertained to a Kent graduate student, Alan Welsh, who 
received a scholarship from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. 



■\ A Mbiighl 

Thomas Auld 

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journalism Faculty 

Beniamm McCinnis 

Douglas Moore 

Robert Myers 

Hazel Peoples 

Murvin Perry 

lill Rowan 

Paul Schlemmer 

Gerald Schneider 

Donald Schwarlzmiller 

lames Shaw 

Donald Shook 

Gerson Sirot 

Student Activities Board 

Student Publications 

Policy Committee 

University Police 

Mac Upshaw 

Robert I White 

This \ear's book actually began more than a \ear and a half ago. This was when our first plans were 
made. (In an operation this big an early start is a must. In fact, the staff of the 1970 Burr is already well into 
production.) But how was the 1969 Chestnut Burr put together? I can't say. It was just done - one picture 
and one word and one page at a time. 

The staff I assembled for the job was perhaps one of the most talented group of student photographers 
and writers to be found anywhere in the nation. But talent, as I was soon to learn, was not enough. 

Fortunately there was one spark plug for this talent trust, my associate editor (and now my wife), Lynne 
Sallot. She was the gal who kept the machine running. Lynne took on the most tedious aspects of pro- 
duction and made them her special province. She personally executed more than one-third of this book. 

Cinny McDaniels, my copy editor, also proved to be a good secretary. I could always count on her to 
take care of the paper work which can bog down an editor. 

My photo editor and chief photographer, Al King and Larry Basar, are outstanding photographers. With 
a bit more ambition and drive they will surely make good on the professional talent market. 

George Dietz came back after an outstanding year in 1968 to serve as my chief lab technician. I thank 
him for all of his efforts. 

This book could not have been produced without the help of Richard Margolis, last year's editor and 
Charlie Brill, our adviser. Their help was invaluable. 

A special mention should be made of |im Gillet, a volunteer staff writer who continued to send in his 
copy although he was in Mexico during the winter quarter. 

One of the very pleasant events of this year was the addition of four new freshmen to the staff. I am 
sure tbey will go on to greater achievements. They are |im Rogers, Fran Deacon, Toni Kurman and Barb 

I am afraid I must stop here. Space does not permit me to mention the rest of the staff. Their pictures 
are on the preceding pages. Take my word for it, they all have potential. But more importantly, they are 
all good people. 

In all, it was a good staff. A lot ol them came up with great ideas. A very few of them |ust did a hell of a 
lot of work. We needed both. 

So here is your yearbook KSU. It is a year and a halt's worth of blood (a drop or two), sweat (gallons of 
it) and tears (only when the proofs were late). Look through it and find your mug (isn't that the real rea- 
son you bought it?) and if you happen to stumble upon page 400 ten years from now try to remember 
those nameless, faceless people who were the staff of the 1969 CHESTNUT BURR. 

)eff Sallot, editor 
May 19, 1969 

Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, printed exactly 9,000 copies of the 1969 CHESTNUT BURR. 
The paper used was 80 lb. Kashmir. 

Body type was Optima. Display type was Futura Bold. Special type was Legend. 

The cover was designed by Mr. Robert Veze and manufactured by Kingscraft, a division of Kingsport Press, King- 
sport, Tennessee. 

All senior portraits were by Mr. Whit Delaplane of Delma Studios, New York City. 

Greek portraits were by Vantine Studios of Hamilton, New York, and the CHESTNUT BURR photo staff. 
All dormitory and organization photos were by the CHESTNUT BURR photo staff. 
All page layouts were executed by the staff of the 1969 CHESTNUT BURR. 

The contents of this book are copyrighted by Mr. Jeffry Sallot, editor of the 1969 CHESTNUT BURR. 
And a good time was had by all.